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Lionel Train model railways, founded in 1900, were one of the first big companies to take advantage of the popularity of the railroads that allowed individuals to travel across the United States, giving them freedoms that they had never known before. The railroads had everyone in awe and were greatly admired far and wide. Children only wanted one toy - a train. Every household in the United States had one and they were usually of the Lionel Train model railways variety! Joshua Lionel Cowen and his family had only arrived in the United States just after the Civil War, not being natives themselves. The railroads had just been laid and were marvelled by all of the natives and immigrants alike. Cowen himself liked to observe that trains and slowly found out as much information as he could. He decided to take advantage of their popularity and regard in the public eye and began to create his own toy trains. They proved to be a big seller and soon enabled him to move out of his cramped New York offices. He employed a few fantastic craftsmen and made the most wonderful creations with them. Nobody ever thought the idea would take off as much as it did, let alone thinking that Lionel Train model railways would ever have the popularity or longevity that they have at the moment. The detail of Lionel Train model railways has amazed people right from the start and this allowed multiple expansions of the business within the first few years of its founding. This went on until the 1960s when popular trends and crazes were to move away from the train and onto other transportation systems such as the aeroplane and automobile! The technology that humanity possessed had grown tenfold and society evolved with it. Unfortunately, for a time, Lionel Train model railways [] were no longer popular and business really took a downturn for them. Train toys, and especially Lionel Train model railways, still sold well, but nowhere near as well as they had been selling before technology dictated otherwise. The 1960s did not quite get rid of Lionel Train model railways as a business, but was not far off. In the last decade or so though, trains have undergone a revival. They have begun to pick up where they left off and gain significant popularity again. Sales have picked up and Lionel Train model railways are now much sought after amongst the model making public. Lionel Train model railways are no longer mass-produced, but that just seems to fuel the public need for them. As a result, the prices have skyrocketed. However, it just goes to show that true quality always prevails!

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The Magic That Is Lionel Train Model Railways  

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