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Everyday more and more people look to the Internet for many different reasons, the main reason being to generate some type of income. Out of those people there are only a very very small percentage that actually succeed online, whatever their goals may be. If you think that most people fail because they don't have the necessary skills required then you're wrong. Succeeding online with a website is not hard but there are things you must know in order to do so. Why People don't Succeed There are many reasons why most people seem to fail when they attempt to make a website. A big one is that a lot of people start creating a website with the idea that it's going to be quick, easy and make them a lot of money. Making money online is far from quick and easy is not the right way to describe it. The majority of these people won't even get their website finished and the ones that do start to wonder why they aren't making any money yet. The saying "Build it and they will come" does not apply to websites at all, building a website is only the beginning, getting visitors is the next step which can be a long slow process. Take Constant Action Another reason people fail is the old saying "I'll do it tomorrow" or "I'll start tomorrow", then tomorrow comes and again "I'll start tomorrow" after awhile it's been months and you haven't started. The key to finishing something is to "Do it today", I have seen many people get a good start on their website then it gets left untouched for weeks, this behavior almost always leads to failure. Work towards your goals everyday (even if it's only a small task each day) and you slowly but surely build you way to the finish. Once you have finished building your website you need to do the same amount or even more work towards building traffic. The amount of Traffic you have can pretty much determine the success of your website. A Website will earn no money at all if you don't have any visitors, income will scale with Traffic. So even once you have finished building your website you need to take constant action towards building traffic. Don't Build for Money Another mistake to avoid, building your website around generating money will ultimately make your website fail or do poorly. You don't want to build your website with the only thought in your head be to make money. Think about this; they way you make money is by your visitors performing a certain action, if you design your website fully towards making money it won't be very appealing to your visitors and you will most likely receive less of that "certain action". You will have more visitors leaving your website before performing that "certain action" which makes you money.

You want to design your website around your visitors, this will increase the amount of money you are capable of earning and also grow your website a lot faster. When your website is designed for your visitors, they tend to stay longer, like your website more and are more willing to buy a product you recommend or click ads on your website. Also if you genuinely help your visitors they are more likely to tell their friends about your website and other website are more likely to link to your site. From that you should be able to see that your chances of succeeding/making money will increase if you build your website for your visitors, not money. Understanding the Struggle Lastly the key to success with your website is to understand the struggle and how long it can actually take to become successful. You can't expect your website to become successful and make you millions within a few months after you finish building it, a lot of people finish their website and see no money coming in or visitors and just say "This doesn't work" and give up. You need to understand that it can take quite a bit of unpaid/no result work before you start seeing a return and increase in visitors. Stick with it and work on your website everyday and you will eventually start seeing the results you want, it may take a few weeks to start seeing some results but it can also take a few months or more. The more work you put into it will affect the amount of time it takes to grow. Think about this; when you actually do start getting an income and your traffic is growing if you keep working at it, it can only increase. Your Traffic and income will only increase each week, as long as you keep working towards it. How would it feel to get a pay rise every week for the rest of your life, trust me it's a good feeling. A quick note: Always learn, keep reading information about building traffic and about the niche of your website. Keep expanding and improving your own website, once you reach a goal set new ones and work towards those.

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