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Recording studio software allows anyone with a computer to create professional digital music with multitrack production quality in the privacy of their own home. Proper software is without a doubt necessary equipment in your audio production. Here's a runthrough of the industry's top recording studio software and some free options for beginners... Audio software. Cakewalk Sonar (PC) from Twelve Tone Systems. This software offers both a simple interface and a high level of production power. It's a great piece of software for those who have used free production tools like the ones discussed later. I Cakewalk initially before moving on to ProTools, and the learning curve was not nearly as steep with Cakewalk. ProTools (PC or Mac) from DigiDesign. This is the highest quality audio recording software on the market today, and one of the most expensive. Also, it's not as easy to learn as some of the other software. However, if you want the best and are willing to invest the time and money, look no further than ProTools. Logic Audio (Mac) from Apple. Offers a comprehensive package with a full audio workstation and MIDI sequencer capabilities. Like most Apple workstations, it's very easy to pick up. Cubase (PC/Mac) from Steinberg Media. Professional producers enjoy this software for its robust composing and recording funtionalities. This recording studio software is top notch. Digital Performer (Mac) from Marc of The Unicorn (MOTU). Intuitive and easy to use for video as well as audio. Provides similar functionsin editing, mixing and mastering as ProTools. Recording Studio Software for Loops If you are a DJ and looking to make beats, consider these software. Acid Pro (PC) from Sony. The ProTools of this field. Fruity Loops from Image Line Software. A favorite among DJs worldwide. Free Recording Studio Software Unfortunately, many aspiring producers shell out thousands of dollars on audio recording software, only to lose heart at the intense learning curve. I recommend you take a test drive with the

following free software to learn the basics. Once you find your knowledge and passion require it, move on to the high end models previously discussed. The two software I recommend are Audacity and Kristal Audio Engine. Both offer 16 audio tracks, recording, editing and mixing features. While there are hundreds of free alternatives, I recommend these two for their ease of use for the novice. You can pick it up and start recording music within an hour or two.

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==== ==== If You Would Like More Information Or To Go Directly To The Image-Line Shop Then Please Visit Us; ==== ====

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