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Are you a flight simulator enthusiast, or have you ever wanted to try out a flight sim game to see what the hype is all about? Well, Pro Flight Simulator leads the flight sim product market with its numerous options, realistic and accurate modeling, level of control and customizable experience and how it measures up to the alternatives. 1. Countless options and choices One of the most attractive things about the Pro Flight Simulator product is the vast number of choices you have across every aspect of the game. Not only can you choose from over 120 completely different planes (including Concords, F16s, Migs, airliners and more), but you also have your choice of over 200 different airports to land at that you select! There are also nice multiplayer options available if you'd like to share the experience with others or use the multiplayer option to enhance your own experience. 2. Realistic A major factor of this game that puts it ahead of the competition is how realistic and accurate the entire experience is. The modeled world in which you will fly the plane of your choice is fully developed with accurate scenery, landmarks and much more and is in fact powered by Google Maps. Additionally, the solar system is accurately mapped so you'll experience real-life and real time climate patters around the world. And that's not all. The terrain is also real to life, and plane reactions, movements and planetary alignments are accurate as well. 3. You are in control meaning a completely customized experience The options and realism of this game are fantastic, but so is the level of control and customized experience. You will find yourself behind the controls of a plane that you selected and you can even fly around your neighborhood and control your speed and turns so you can really push the limits. Pro Flight Simulator makes you the pilot so you should be prepared to make the decisions that real pilots make. In the case of an emergency landing, you'll be the one receiving instructions, and it will be up to you to follow those instructions to land safely - a situation faced by real pilots! 4. Better than the alternatives This flying experience is better than the alternatives! Don't own your own plane, and don't have the time of money enroll in flight school? No longer a problem! This game allows you to achieve the flying experience on your own time, in a plane of your choice, from the comforts of your own home. Also, with Pro Flight Simulator, you will not need to worry about weather conditions throwing a wrench in your plans. Compared to the other flight sims out there (Microsoft Flight Sim, X-Plane, Flight Sim Pro) this is truly the BEST virtual flying experience on the market and in many cases even better than the real thing.

About the Author Chris is a former pilot and flight simulator enthusiast. He's flown all kinds of airplanes and really enjoys flight simulator games that are challenging and realistic. For more information about Chris or Pro Flight Simulator, visit his blog ProFlight Simulator HQ.

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==== ==== If you would like more information on Flight Simulation Software simply visit us ==== ====

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