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The 21st century has been an era of technological advancement, and this is most evident in the exponential growth of the Internet. As such, nearly every kind of service or activity can now be transacted over the web including advertising - which is quickly shifting focus from more traditional means like print, TV and radio to its contemporary version - online advertising. Online advertising in a nutshell The term itself is pretty self explanatory, if you think about it. It's advertising done online - the kind that involves not TV, or radio or print media to promote products and services, but taps into the power of the Internet to get their message to the right recipients. Advertising via the web takes full advantage of the Internet's boundless scope and immeasurable potential to reach not just the target market but also anyone and everyone who is electronically connected, making it an advertising medium that many companies are exploring and developing at an incredibly rapid pace. It's the trend Though research data has yet to clearly illustrate the true effects of online advertising, it has already grown in scope and influence continuing to eat up a greater portion of the advertising dollar. Recent trends point to more and more people shifting focus from popular media such as TV, radio and newspaper to the fast-paced world of the Internet, where information-gathering, communication and socialization zips by at a rate of gazillions of megabytes of data per second. This trend is causing more of those advertising dollars to be poured into online advertising. In fact, in a period of five years, between 2006 and 2010, the budget for this mode of advertising has doubled in size, from 6 percent of all money spent on advertising to 12 percent or more. This is already pointing to a clear and fundamental shift in the way advertising money is being spent and is going to be spent in the years to come. Advantages Advertising over the Internet has become a major draw for companies looking to push their products and services into consumer consciousness. First, marketing over the Internet reaches a greater number of young adult males - a prime demographic that advertisers need to target.

Second, ads over the Internet have the functionality of hypertext linking, which allows advertisers to transport consumers directly to the company's site - especially useful for sites that sell products. Finally, companies have the option to go for pay-per-click ads. This means that the company does not have to pay any advertising fees if users do not click on the ad, making this kind of advertisement a truly cost-effective method.

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