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Once you've been bitten by the bug and have a knack for model railway trains, the funnest part is thinking about a permanent setup and how you want your unique display. See, it's one thing to have a display set of model railway trains that you might put out for Christmas or something you use in the front year seasonally. But it's quite another when your setup will have a dedicated space and you can focus on how you want to create your locomotive world. You're free to select the size of the arrangement, theme, season, and so on. All of this eventual masterpiece will start with the foundation of your model railway trains, which we refer to as the benchwork. The benchwork is available conveniently as a kit, although these can be generated from scratch also. I've seen them constructed from a simple layer of plywood affixed atop some cabinetry. Of course, when you get the kit, you have the added luxury of a pre-fab unit that is all-inclusive and easy to install. This is handy because some people default to just putting a piece of plywood on some stands, and the store-bought unit will definitely be much more stable. Another consideration is that a kit will give you the option to take it apart at some point, whether to move it or store it. That's not to say you cannot build your own unit with an eye towards disassembly of your model railway trains. Now, though putting together your own benchwork will take much more work that putting together the pieces of a kit, you can build everything you want the way you want. You can have a design in mind for your model railway trains, and pick the size. Consider whether you want to be able to "add on." You could find that too much ain't enough later on! This is just like what happens to aquarium owners. Just think it through and you can leave open the possibility of growth. Assess the room you have to work with, relative to what you hope to accomplish. If you have plenty of room, you may be free to pick about any size setup. People have done all shapes, like circles, ovals, as well as rectangles and so on. Note that kits often have twenty-eight inch legs. Of course, when building your own platform for model railway trains, you can do whatever suits you. Customize it to suit yourself. Using a heavy duty surface is always a good idea. Some people skimp and use 3/8 inch plywood, but I would go with ½ inch. Try to envision what you want your model railway trains to look like as you effect your plan. Some people get real fancy with different levels. Just put some forethought into it well in advance. Also think about how you can use illusions to alter the appearance of your layout. See, you can place larger shrubbery up close, while placing smaller items towards the back. Just think through how to keep things in scale and perspective as you work towards mountainous regions. Another thing to keep in mind is what the overarching theme of your scenery is. For instance, you may have a logging operation, so you can have a sawmill or lumberyard amidst the forested

areas. Some items will be neutral, and give wide flexibility. Don't overlook all the options including roads, fields, bridges, streams, oceans, lakes, meadows, and so on. Your model railway trains can meander around large metroplexes or can zip by sleepy little towns. Just keep in mind that all the fine details can make or break the scenery for your model railway trains. Accessories include all manner of light poles, fencing, shrubbery, signage, wildlife and so on. Water is always an essential touch, so work in various types of waterways and bring your model railway trains to life! If you watched Mr. Rogers like I did when I was a kid, here's your chance to put his layout to shame!

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Model Railway Trains & Mr Roger's Shame  

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