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Even a few years ago when the recording technology underwent a metamorphosis people all over the world sang out praises for the growing convenience with which music was being produced. Following the digital boom however the scene has undergone a further development. No longer do you need to queue up in front of a studio to get your little track recorded. No longer do you need to coax your parents to lend you the money for the hi-tech studio equipment you would need to turn your practice pad into a swanky recording patch. And it's all because of the wonder box we have all come to know and love as the Personal Computer. Thanks to the PC you can now not just record but also edit your own musical creations right in the comfort of your own home. All you need for the process is a proper 'music production software' (not exactly a rare breed and available easily on a number of free download sites on the net) and some great hardware. If your budget is permissive get yourself a proper software package for as little as a few hundred dollars. Also, acquire a good, professional-quality audio interface (which will set you back by about $100 but no more) and get your own virtual recording studio right in your garage! If the large variety of recording software's available in the market appears a tad bit bewildering relax, play safe and go for the best. Cubase, ProTools, Sonar, Sound Forge etc. are some of the names to reckon with in this field. Once your track is recorded, mixed and edited, get ready for the final step of your quest distribution. Simply upload your track on to the net. A number of sites and P2P operations allow you to upload files so take full advantage of this opportunity and show the world what you are really made of. Once the uploading has been done use community sites such as Orkut or Facebook to advertise your creation amongst friends and others. While you are at it, encourage them to simply download music (the music being yours in this case, and the downloading being completely legal for a change). Who knows quite how the recording industry will be affected by this recent trend. But whether it crumbles or manages to survive and flourish, you will definitely earn your own name amidst all the action. And for all you know maybe the guy next door will be humming your song while in the shower very soon!

The author is passionate about music and everything to do with it. A wannabe disc jockey

[], she keeps up with the latest in music production software. She has a recording studio set up in her garage.

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