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Advertising online has become a trend today as the economy is down and businesses are looking for ways to still make their customers feel their presence, at a lesser cost. It is not actually a problem on how to advertise online as there are many tools and methods available on the internet at varying costs and even some for free. However, like any other advertising techniques and methods, they all have their positive aspects and downsides.   Among the most common and popular ways to advertise online are the search engine marketing, pay per click marketing, contextual advertising, article marketing, affiliate marketing and many other forms of online advertising methods. For now, we will focus on how to advertise online through affiliate marketing.   Advertising in affiliate marketing is carried out by affiliates. To see the larger picture of affiliate marketing, the players include the merchant, or the one who owns the product, the affiliate and the customers. Affiliates will take the responsibility of advertising the product to potential customers online and send these interested individuals to the merchant's website where they can purchase the goods or services. Affiliates will then be compensated through commissions and in some cases, through pay per click or pay per action. In some affiliate marketing, merchants may only require the visitor to click or to sign up for them to pay the affiliate.   If you want to make money through affiliate marketing, one important requisite is your flow of traffic. Like most online advertising, you need to have traffic to your site, and not just any traffic but a huge group of online visitors that are interested in your niche. To be successful in being an affiliate, advertising your product as well as advertising your site is essential. This is where affiliate marketing overlaps other forms of online advertising. Below are ways on how to advertise online and get your potential customers get to your site.   Pay per click marketing - if you don't want to spend much money on advertising your site and eventually the merchant's products, you can engage in pay per click marketing. You can do it in websites that are related to yours, so that you can get your targeted traffic, or you can do it in search engines. Google AdWord is an example. Although the latter might cost you more than the former, it gives you overwhelming results almost right away.   Article marketing - this one might not cost you more but it will require more time and effort. However, this advertising technique may work for you longer than the other methods. What you need to do is write informative articles that are related to your site or to your niche and submit these to several directories in the internet. These articles will contain links to your site that will direct interested individuals to visit your site.  

Social networking and forums - if you don't want to spend a single cent on promoting your site, you can also advertise on social networking sites and forums. You can actually promote your site free through these tools. The downside - it may take you long to get the volume of traffic you want, and it needs a big chunk of your time. If you want faster results, search engine marketing is also a choice, although it might cost you a lot than other advertising methods.   If you master these ways on how to advertise online and bring goof traffic to your site, affiliate marketing would be an easy way for you to make lots of money online.

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