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The besT offers for carp, pike and barbel Tackle

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n 30Plus Centium DFX Rods

n 30Plus Robo 4-Arm Chair Package

n 30Plus Original Robo Chair Package

n 30Plus Eazi-Carry Robo Chair Package

The Robo 4-Arm Chair is big, luxurious and extremely comfortable, featuring a fully padded head support and fold-away arm rests. The included StarGrip Accessory system makes it truly versatile. The chair has a weight capacity of 22 stone and has a leg height when fully extended of 22”. Package also includes a one-way arm, a specimen tray, a feeder arm, two top-notch rests, a 35cm stick, an alarm adaptor, as well as the StarGrip system itself.

This roaming chair is the one that started it all! It is super light-weight and, thanks to the unique StarGrip accessory system, extremely versatile. It has a weight capacity of 20 stone and has a leg height when fully extended of 17”. Comes in a superb package with two one-way arms, a feeder arm, a 21cm thread stick, two top notch rod rests, a specimen tray and two bait boxes, as well as the StarGrip system itself.

The third model in the Robo Chair range, the Eazi-Carry Chair is lighter and more compact than previous models, and comes with two core parts of the StarGrip system ready-attached. It weighs just 8.2lbs and has a maximum weight capacity of 18 stone. When fully extended the legs are 16.5” tall. This package includes the Eazi Carry Chair as well as a two-way arm, periscope feeder arm, 21cm thread stick and two rod rests.

50527 Full RRP: £174.00 Our Price: £124.99

50559 Full RRP: £135.99 Our Price: £99.99

50600 Full RRP: £89.99 Our Price: £64.99

This hi-carbon carp rod has super-stiff action and will cast to ‘xtreme’ distances. DFX stands for Distance Fishing Xtreme and you will be amazed by the casting distances you can attain. Packed with quality features throughout, this 2-piece 12ft rod has an original Fuji reel seat, anti-frap tip guide to help eliminate ‘snap-offs’ and incorporates new 100-Weave Carbon Core Technology that allows power to be concentrated in key areas. This rod sets new standards in carp fishing and we genuinely believe you will not find a better range than the CentiumDFX for the price tag. Available in four test curves: 2.75lb – 18lb Mainline, 15lb Rig Length 3.00lb – 18lb Mainline, 15lb Rig Length 3.25lb – 20lb Mainline, 18lb Rig Length 3.75lb – 25lb Mainline, 20lb Rig Length The 3.75lb model also includes a one foot (30cm) marker band for if used as a marker/spom rod. Test Curve: 2.75lb 3.00lb 3.25lb 3.75lb

Code 20083 20084 20085 20086

Full RRP £149.99 £159.99 £169.99 £179.99

n 30Plus Landing Net & Handle Combos

n 30Plus Handles

With new improved design features, including stainless steel fittings and carbon effect arms, these camo nets are ideal for specimen anglers and come in four differently-sized models, all supplied in a FREE storage sleeve.

These strong, lightweight handles are of excellent construction, with slim design, brass threads and a quality finish to match. The CentiumDFX Handle has stainless steel end thread and incorporates new 100-Weave Carbon Core Technology, allowing power to be concentrated exactly where it is required. All four models are supplied in a FREE storage sleeve.

Save even more money by buying your net and handle in one of our combo’s. The Specimen combo combines the 1.6m handle and 26” net. The Barbel/Stalking Combo combines the 1.6m handle and 30” net. The Carp/Pike Combo combines the 1.8m XS Robo Arm handle and the 36” net. The Mega Carp Combo combines the 1.8m XS Robo Arm handle and the 42” net. Quality gear at unbelievably low prices!

Model 26” Robo 30” XS-T 36” XS-T 42” XS-T

Model 1.6m Stalking Stikk 1.8m XS Robo Arm 1.8m/2.1m Krane-2 1.8m CentiumDFX

Combo Specimen Barbel/Stalking Carp/Pike Mega Carp

n 30Plus Landing Nets

Code 20341 20344 20357 20902

Full RRP £19.99 £29.99 £39.99 £49.99

Our Price £11.99 £17.99 £19.99 £25.99

Our Price £95.99 £99.99 £105.99 £109.99

Code 20610 20612 20620 20611

j 30Plus Kodex X-S Alarm

A brand new, high quality alarm which incorporates a host of innovative features, including personalised interchangeable fascia and light latch facilities. It has an extremely sensitive five setting dial adjustment for sensitivity, tone and volume, and the electronics are totally encapsulated to eliminate water and condensation ingress. A stainless snag bar is included. 20789 Full RRP: £34.99 Our Price: £19.99

AVAILABLE NOW AT Scunthorpe: 21-27 Beechway, Ashby, Scunthorpe, DN16 2HF Hull: 208-212 Hull Road, Hessle, Hull, HU13 9NH

Full RRP £16.99 £19.99 £32.50 £59.99

Our Price £10.99 £14.99 £22.50 £39.99

Code 50315 50316 50209 50255

Full RRP £39.98 £42.98 £59.98 £75.99

Our Price £19.99 £26.99 £29.99 £38.99

n 30Plus Landing Kraft Buoyend Pontoon

To complement the 30Plus range of landing net handles and to aid in the landing of large carp, the ‘Landing Kraft’ Bouyend Pontoon simply slips over the thread on the handle section. Screw it on and fasten to the net head. When playing a large carp the entire net can be laid on the surface of the water, in the knowledge that it will supported by the pontoon, ready for when needed. 20849 Full RRP: £6.99 Our Price: £5.99

j 30Plus Karpults

This robust catapult, which is finished with a unique camouflage pattern, is available in two models - for boilies and particles. The frame is extremely light yet ultra-strong, being moulded from fibre reinforced polymer, and is built to take strain from serious carp anglers. The wide frame ensures ‘hand-slap’ is eliminated. Boilie Karpult 2250 Our Price: £6.99

0871 716 1678

Particle Karpult 2251 Our Price: £6.99

n 30Plus Buzz Rest

A super-strong polymer design two-way buzz rest with brass threads, compatible with StarGrip 360 arms and 30Plus Robo chairs. The push-button angle lock allows you to rotate it to your exact preference. 1380 Our Price Only: £5.99


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The CentiumDFX rods incorporate 100-Weave Carbon Core Technology.

SPECIMEN Edition 1

Bobbins have to be versatile and add-on weights are essential to beat drag.

pVa: MesH or soLid bags?



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Use a shock leader and elastic marker.

How to tie an elas M tic marker




ready rigs… LLy rigs: ready do tHeyrea work? do tHey

High quality, technologically advanced lure rods which will handle lures up to the 90g casting-weight mark. They are strong and stiff to handle large predators but have enough flex for a high degree of casting control. Available in 7' and 8' models. 7’ MODEl 20052 RRP: £35.99 Our Price: £25.99 8’ MODEl 20053 RRP: £38.99 Our Price: £28.99

f 30Plus Lure Pack

Assorted 30Plus lures pack, comprising two Reflex Spinners, two XS Rattlers, two Spinner Baits, a Big Eye Spoon and two spinner traces. Fantastic!

f 30Plus Pike Rigs& Traces Pack

Seven assorted high quality 30Plus pike rigs and four spinner traces for an amazing price.

f 30Plus Meltz PVA Pack

94899 RRP: £19.99 Our Price: £10.99

These 30Plus surface controllers have been developed with special wings/vanes at the base. These wings make the controller dive shallower when hitting the water, which means they settle quicker and create fewer disturbances. They also help stabilise the controller in windy conditions, but the really clever bit is that the wings create a brake effect when the fish takes the bait, helping to quick-set the hook. A brilliant idea. Revolutionary new controllers that, with their special wings, actually help set the hook. Code Type Our Price 1382 10g £2.99 1383 15g £2.99

Skills, Stealth

and Secrets Revea led


Skills, Ste alth

and Sec rets Rev ealed


Check out the 16 page 30Plus consumer catalogue, packed full of specimen hints and tips from top anglers, including Adam Tilford’s tips for catching monster barbel (above-right). Scan this QR code with your smart phone to see a digital copy, or pick one up in-store.

80153 RRP: £17.99 Our Price: £14.50

f 30Plus Hooker Controllers

If the bottom is weedy I do not pin down the line at distance, but will always do so if on gravel or silt. It is then essential to make sure you

k at tHe we take a Loo ting tHe Latest gear, Hit sHops soon…

s to HeLp yoU adVice & tactic, barbeL and pike catcH big carp


Top Tip

reaLLy work?

n 30Plus Radar Lure Rod

Specim en com pan have a new larg y 30Plus are brin banner e . Centium unhooking ma ging out som e great well-pa t and reta is their dde new gea top-end is the slin d with a poc range of iner-sling und r and er their ket for g. It has gear. The too Centium a press stud safe new adjustable ls, but what rea mat is large and retaine lly caught clip-up r, it is rea ty clip on the our atte side zip safety feature lly well ntion s. Used s though as a we at the top and t-out. igh slin g and

include is sleeves anti-tangl being , buffer e beads, micro-s shrink tub han e, soft clever 6m k stops and som these item m safety rig bea e really ds. All s will be stealth ava ilable in of colours. four Full det beads ails of have not the yet bee but we ’re n reveal ed, the nak told they will ed cho be per fect for d and leadco re set ups .


90-180Cm TO hOOk


120 assorted sizes and styles of PVA Meltz bags. The pack includes perforated and solid versions. There are 20 within each packet and you get six different packets to cover all situations. 80141 Full RRP: £11.94 Our Price: £8.99

r 30Plus Seven Strand Wire

Incredible value spools. 20m plus an extra 3m free, taking it to 23m total. Ultra reliable wire which is used by many of the leading pike anglers in the country.


20lb - 741 28lb - 742 Our Price: £4.50


f 30Plus Meltz PVA Continuous

The PVA Meltz Continuous range has a fine-micro mesh which is smooth to the touch, anti-ladder and has the perfect melt-down rate. It leaves virtually no residue, even where the knot is made. The Continuous Tube gives you a long-lasting 6m length. The loading system is first-class, and it comes complete with a sturdy rammer. Code 1786 1787 1784 1785 80135

Type PVA 40mm Cont. 6m in Tube + rammer PVA 20mm Cont. 6m in Tube + rammer Refill Spool of PVA 40mm Cont. 6m Refill Spool of PVA 20mm Cont. 6m COMBO: 40mm Cont. 6m in Tube + rammer + 6m Refill Spool 80134 COMBO: 20mm Cont. 6m in Tube + rammer + 6m Refill Spool

Full RRP £11.99 £11.99 £7.99 £7.99 £19.98

Our Price £9.99 £9.99 £6.99 £6.99 £15.99

£19.98 £15.99

r 30Plus Chair, Strap, Bag Combo

Get the 30Plus Robo Eazi-Carry Chair (Full Package) plus the 30Plus Eazi-Carry Strap and 30Plus Kodex Carry Bag, all together at a great promotional price. 50611 Full RRP: £149.97 Our Price: £99.99


Top Tip

Used by adam Tilford To caTch This 17lb 6oz monsTer barbel



5oz feeder


A 30Plus Barbel Tunnel version, filled with crushed boilies. Wrap a solid Meltz PVA bag around it and twist the end.

ackle ran ge de anti-ta is being ngle ads, shr ink and som tube, soft e rig bea really ds. All of availab le in fou r details of the been rev eal ill be per ed, fect for eadcor e set ups .

lead clip


30plus advanced rig

This consists of 15mm pop-up bait on top of the same size bottom bait. Boilies are Pina Colada from Individual Baits.

Ready made hooklength comprises of 15lb fluorocarbon and a size 6 Genomic hook.

n 30Plus Tunnel Feeders

n 30Plus Kodex Barbel Twin-Tip

Now the most popular barbel feeder, they are perfect for barbel rig set-ups. They hold bottom superbly well and are quick and easy to fill. Three models available. Type 71339 71340 71341

weight 2oz 3oz 5oz

This lets the feeder come off on the take, leaving you free to play the fish. This is connected to 3ft of leadcore.

Our Price £1.55 £1.80 £2.35

A great value pack comprising six packets of assorted Big Fish rigs (twelve rigs in total). Plus FREE 30Plus Viz Bait Drill.

The 30Plus Kodex Twin Tip is a 21st century spin on the hugely successful Avon style twin tip barbel rod. With this model you actually get three tip options! 12’ (3.6m) in the length, this rod has two tops; a stronger non-spliced top, and a top that holds two quivers. The stronger non spliced top is rated to 6oz allowing it to handle the largest of feeders. It has a progressive through action, but with plenty of power in the mid-section, enabling you to really feel and play the barbel rather than just hauling it in. Other features include; Cork handle which is as long as an abbreviated handle on carp rods, this helps with the cast and when playing the fish; Full Radial carbon; F.Factor SC guides; Screw reel seat; laser etched butt detail. Main line recommendation 15lb; hook length 12lb.

80163 RRP: £20.99 Our Price: £14.99

20029 Full RRP: £99.99 Our Price: £79.99

n 30Plus Big Fish Rigs Pack

f 30Plus Meltz PVA Bags

o mesh s the due, even ves you a st-class,

The PVA Meltz Bag range has been on trial with 30Plus consultants for over six months, to ensure the film used to make the bags is both strong and securely sealed, but also melts down at a quick rate that allows for perfect presentation. They are ‘Eazi-Open’, don’t stick together, and leave virtually no residue. Twenty in each packet.

P Our Price £9.99 £9.99 £6.99 £6.99 £15.99

Code 1930 1934 1935 2372 2373 2374


Type Plain Streamline (60x180mm) Plain Multi (85x150mm) Plain Mini (55x105mm) Perforated Streamline (60x180mm) Perforated Multi (85x150mm) Perforated Mini (55x105mm)

Our Price £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99 £1.99

n 30Plus Viz Tools Pack

n 30Plus Karpult Pack

Two strong and lightweight carp catapults particle and boilie versions, plus IQ Caty Bag. Perfect for general and surface sessions.

Five assorted tools for making carp and barbel rigs. Includes a drill, barbed, latched and short and long needles. All the handles are high visibility and will glow at night!

94799 Full RRP: £22.29 Our Price: £15.99

96454 Full RRP: £9.95 Our Price: £6.99

r 30Plus Centium SG Un-hooking Mat

r 30Plus Advanced Carp Rigs Pack

r 30Plus Carp Rigs Pack

Designed for carp in excess of 30lb. It is very well padded, easy clean and water resistant. There is a fully padded kneeling area, a separate zip compartment for tools and antibiotic, and four reinforced holes to allow the mat to be pinned down. Dimensions: 1180mm x 750mm excluding kneeling/ tools area.

10 individual Advanced Rigs from 30Plus (5 packets; 2 rigs in each packet), complete in a classy 30Plus Stalking Rigz Wallet. This fantastic advanced rigs pack include Combi, Fluoro and Stinger rig models. We are also throwing in one extra free rig, taking the total number of rigs to 11.

10 assorted carp rigs from 30Plus, as well as 1 packet of 30Plus lead core leaders (which itself contains two individual lead core leaders), a 30Plus viz drill, and a classy 30Plus Stalking Rigz Wallet. We are also throwing in one extra free rig, taking the total number of rigs to 11. Unbeatable value for money.

20871 Full RRP: £39.99 Our Price: £29.99

80148 Full RRP: £22.50 Our Price: £16.99

94950 Full RRP: £23.99 Our Price: £19.99

The besT offers for carp, pike and barbel Tackle

In association with...

j 30Plus Eazi-Carry Strap

f 30Plus CentiumDFX Wireless Alarm System

The revolutionary 30Plus Eazi-Carry Strap is totally versatile, fully padded and will make roaming easy. The strap clips onto chairs and bedchairs, allowing you to safely carry them on your back, leaving your hands free to carry tackle to and from the bank. Compatible with all 30Plus Robo chairs, as well as the Kodex luggage range.

The CentiumDFX wireless alarm system uses the very latest ‘rolling code’ technology to ensure that your receiver stays in contact with your alarms and no-one else’s. With a wireless range of over 100m, you can set up to four alarms to one receiver. The system is robust, reliable, practical and sensitive to the smallest of movements on your line. Further features include stainless thread with adjusta-lock, anti-slip soft-touch rod channel, 4mm stainless snag bars, clip-in betalight facility, five settings on the alarm for volume, tone and extreme sensitivity, interchangeable fascia and light latch options and much more.

20873 Full RRP: £13.99 Our Price: £11.99

Code 30830 30820 30821 30822

Alarm Receiver 2 Alarms + Receiver 3 Alarms + Receiver + Case

Full RRP £59.99 £54.99 £174.97 £244.95

r 30Plus Kodex Luggage

r 30Plus Kodex End Tackle

A new range of luggage for today’s discerning specimen and carp angler. Every item has been designed by the 30Plus consultant team to manage and organise your kit to maximum efficiency. The items can also be used in conjunction with each other, for instance the padded rod sleeves can be used independently, in multiples or in combination with the rod quivers. The carry bags are also Eazi-Carry compatible. Whether you are a dedicated carper or a specimen all-rounder, a static or roaming angler, the Kodex range covers your needs.

Choose 30Plus Kodex end tackle and improve your PB. The vast range of items work most effectively in conjunction with each other and have been specifically designed to keep your rig concealed from wary carp with a matt-black anti-glare finish. Advice and diagrams are shown on the packets.

Code 20877 20851 20846 20867 20859 20843 20865 20868 20842 20858 20840 20841 20869 20852 20848 20854

Item Two Rod Quiver Five Rod Quiver Padded Rod Carry Sleeve Total Protection Padded Holdall Short Session Carry Bag (20l) long Session Carry Bag (40l) Chair & Accessory Bag Short Session Case long Session Case Short Session Rigs Wallet Rigs & Accessories Case Padded Pit Reel Pouch Rod Sock Protektors (2pc set) Cool Bag Bait Bucket Fresh Bait Bag

Full RRP £34.99 £39.99 £24.99 £59.99 £34.99 £45.99 £37.50 £8.99 £9.99 £7.99 £17.99 £10.99 £11.99 £24.99 £13.99 £15.99

Code 873 875 874 911 908 909 1903 1901 1904 1915 1905 1916

Our Price £24.99 £29.99 £19.99 £44.99 £24.99 £35.99 £29.99 £7.50 £8.50 £5.99 £11.99 £7.99 £8.99 £14.99 £9.99 £12.50

Item Tail Rubbers Brown (10pcs) Tail Rubbers Black (10pcs) Tail Rubbers Green (10pcs) lead Clips Brown (10pcs) lead Clips Black (10pcs) lead Clips Green (10pcs) Round-Eyed Swivel No.8 (25pcs) large Eye Speci-Swivel (15pcs) Total-Flex Ring Swivel No.8 (12pcs) Total-Flex Ring Swivel No.11 (12pcs) Stikk Hooklink Clip Small (20pcs) Stikk Hooklink Clip Medium (20pcs)

Our Price Only £2.75 Only £2.75 Only £2.75 Only £2.75 Only £2.75 Only £2.75 Only £2.99 Only £3.50 Only £3.50 Only £3.50 Only £3.25 Only £3.25

Code 1912 2227 2228 1929 1900 1914 1911 1902 1779 888 1943 853

Item Rig Rings Oval (30pcs) Rig Rings Round 3.1mm (30pcs) Rig Rings Round 3.7mm (30pcs) Maggot Clip (12pcs) Ring-Hook link Clip (20pcs) loop link Pear Shape (15pcs) Quick-Speed Universal link (22pcs) Micro Rig Swivel (25pcs) Float Controller Stops (30pcs) Buffa Shock Rig Beads (30pcs) Eazi latex Bait Bands (18pcs) Jeli Stops (500pcs)

f 30Plus Multi Chair Leg Adaptor

f 30Plus Viz Tools

Reaching down or across to pick up your rod can cause a delay in striking and missed bites. This chair leg adaptor enables you to drop your hand directly over the rod the instant you get a bite. Easy to attach, this brilliant gadget will fit any round-legged chair and will not stop the chair from folding down for transportation. You can then add accessories such as feeder arms, trays and rod rests to create a personalised fishing station.

Five different tools to cover all of your baiting needs. Each has a luminous handle for easy night visibility. Code 1782 870 1655 861 862

20508 Full RRP: £10.99 Our Price: £9.99

Our Price Only £3.50 Only £3.50 Only £3.50 Only £3.50 Only £3.50 Only £3.50 Only £3.50 Only £2.99 Only 99p Only £1.50 Only £1.25 Only £2.99

Item Viz Bait Drill Viz Barbed Boilie Needle Viz Stringer Hook Needle Viz latch Needle – Boilie/Short Viz latch Needle – Stringer/long

f 30Plus Kodex Feather-Lite Bobbins

f 30Plus Unhooking Mats

f 30Plus Weigh Slings

The brand new Kodex Feather-Lite Bobbins are purpose designed for fishing slack or semi-slack lines up to 70 yards (65m), whilst your line lies perfectly flat over the counters of the lake bed. They are so light they will create virtually zero line tension and will drop/fall like a feather, allowing for super-sensitive bite registration.

With thick padding and antibiotic cavity these unhooking mats from 30Plus are suitable for big carp, catfish and specimen fish. They are very fish-friendly and offer great value for money.

These weigh slings are very sturdy, robust, fish-friendly and have unique design features. The Centium sling has secure clip adjustable closures and press stud option on the side zips for security.

Code 2443 2441 2442 2440

Colour Blue Green Yellow Red

Our Price Only £7.99 Only £7.99 Only £7.99 Only £7.99

Code 1590 1589 1588 1587

Full RRP £29.99 £39.99

Our Price Only £19.99 Only £19.99

Code 753 752 20876

Item Specimen Sling (86x56cm) Barbel Sling (87x44cm) Centium Retainer/Sling (110x52cm)

Colour Blue Green Yellow Red

Our Price Only £9.99 Only £9.99 Only £9.99 Only £9.99

Our Price Only £6.50 Only £6.50 Only £29.99

Chapmans Angling

Scunthorpe: 21-27 Beechway, Ashby, Scunthorpe, DN16 2HF Hull: 208-212 Hull Road, Hessle, Hull, HU13 9NH FREE Telephone: 0871 716 1678 B u zz Rest Email:            with any order ov er £75* Web:

n 30Plus IQ Backleads

P&P conditions: Free delivery on orders over £150 (minimum order value is £10)

These revolutionary new backleads are setting the world alight. Check them out and see what makes them so special. 3 per packet.

P&P rates: Small Items: (ie hooks, swivels, etc): £1.99 Medium Items: (reels, rod rests, etc): £4.50 Large Items: (rods, chairs, luggage, clothing, etc): £7.99

737 10g Only 2.99

Full RRP £7.99 £7.99 £39.99

Our Price Only £1.99 Only £1.99 Only £1.99 Only £1.99 Only £1.99

Available in-store and online at...

f 30Plus Kodex Chain Bobbins

Versatile, top-quality indicators with betalight slot for hi-visibility and various weight options (10g, 13g, 17g, 20g). Compatible with ANY alarm including Kodex and CentiumDFX alarms.

Code Item 20874 Specimen Mat (77x49cm) 20875 landing Kraft Mat (100x70cm)

Our Price £49.99 £44.99 £119.99 £159.99

739 20g Only £3.49 *Freebie applicable while stocks last and where the £75 order value is made up entirely of items shown in this brochure

Finance now available on orders totalling over £280. Apply online or in-store. Call for more details.