Intradco Global - Specialists in international swine transport

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Intradco Global Specialists in international swine transport

Intradco Global puts the welfare of your swine first and foremost. We offer a fully bespoke service for short and long-haul flights, giving airlines and clients the ability and confidence to operate within the complex market of animal transport. We handle all live animal shipments with care and in full compliance with IATA’s Live Animals Regulations. Our expert knowledge covers: • Vaccinations • Permits • Transporter authorisation • Certificates of competence • Animal Transport Certificates (ATCs)

Expert in-flight team We have a team of highly qualified experts on hand throughout the whole transportation process, ensuring all animals are well looked after. We can provide a specialist vet for long-haul journeys and an in-flight team to accompany your animals throughout the transportation process. Our dedicated team travel with the animals to monitor their condition and ensure they arrive safely and in good health.

On-the-ground team

Safe and secure equipment

Our team of experts will be present at departure, organising the arrival of the animals by trucks, working with the help of the local veterinarian to make sure that all animals are fit for travel, offloading and conveying them into the previously built crates, making sure the watering system is functioning and assisting ground handling agents on the tarmac.

Intradco Global provides a safe and secure environment for our animals throughout each journey and have developed a range of bespoke holding stalls and penning systems to provide safe, clean and comfortable transportation for your swine.

Flying pigs to China China and APAC markets are the key import market for live pigs, but it also poses particular challenges for air freight and charter solutions. Intradco Global’s Europe, Canada, America and China teams are well placed to service all major supply routes for international genetic pig transport. We have built relationships with airlines and ground handling companies that service particular Chinese airports including: • Guiyang

• Urumchi

• Kunming

• Harbin

• Wuhan

• Zhengzhou

Unparalleled global coverage We have built trusted relationships with leading cargo airlines to provide unparalleled global access to hundreds of scheduled services. With offices located in strategic positions worldwide, we are able to offer truly global coverage.

We assist our clients by sourcing and manufacturing bespoke wooden livestock crates for all aircraft configurations – including single, double and three-tier stackable options.

Creating ideal conditions Our commercial and operational teams have an in-depth understanding of the correct conditions that are safe to transport live pigs, and the different environmental conditions that different aircraft can create. In conjunction with our partner airlines, we agree with the detailed load planning studies that consider temperature, Co2 and humidity levels.

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