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Intradco Global Specialists in international livestock transport

Intradco Global puts the welfare of your cattle and sheep first and foremost. We offer a fully bespoke service for short and long-haul flights, giving airlines and clients the ability and confidence to operate within the complex market of animal transport. We handle all live animal shipments with care and in full compliance with IATA’s Live Animals Regulations. Our expert knowledge covers: • Vaccinations • Permits • Transporter authorisation • Certificates of competence • Animal Transport Certificates (ATCs)

Pre-flight preparation We undertake an extensive pre-planning regime ahead of every flight to ensure all aspects are taken care of. We coordinate with handling agents and airlines, and supply stalls and penning. When loading and unloading, we work in tandem with the local ground staff to ensure the correct measures are in order. The Intradco Global team will work with you to make sure vaccinations are completed ahead of the flight, and that all paperwork and permits are in place.

Transportation taken care of

Our equipment includes:

We work closely with airlines and handling agents alike to manage all aspects of the transportation. Our global flight support division is on hand 24/7, 365 days of the year to assist you with:

• Disposable wooden crates: These crates are assembled by our specialist team before each flight. They provide hygienic transportation and are disposed of after each charter, eliminating the risk of disease and illness spreading between animals.

• Arranging permits • International protocol for transportation of your cattle and sheep • Ground handling and clearances • Flight planning • Any potential challenges that may arise

Specialist livestock equipment Intradco Global stalls and penning are a popular choice with many leading airlines because of their innovative design and functionality, providing occupants with clean, safe, and secure transportation. We work closely with airlines to ensure each aircraft is configured for the customised pens. Our expert team can select the correct aircraft and provide custom-built Intradco Global equipment to accommodate the individual size, weight, and capacity of your livestock.

• Cattle stalls: Intradco Global’s cattle stall equipment is strong, robust and quick to assemble and dismantle. The cattle stalls can contain up to five cows during flight, and feature a removable panel door for easy loading and unloading. Their optimised ventilation ensures a safe, animal-friendly method of transporting cattle to destinations worldwide. Non-slip floors and interiors without rough edges are all included as standard. All cattle stalls can be dismantled and placed flat against each other for cost-effective return shipping. • Livestock crates: Intradco Global assists clients with sourcing and manufacturing bespoke wooden livestock crates for all aircraft configurations – including single, double and three-tier stackable options. We handle all live animal shipments with care and in full compliance with IATA’s Live Animals Regulations.

On-the-ground team Our team of experts will be present at departure, organising the arrival of the animals by trucks, working with the help of the local veterinarian to make sure that all animals are fit for travel, offloading and conveying them into the previously built crates, making sure the watering system is functioning and assisting ground handling agents on the tarmac.

Unparalleled global coverage We have built trusted relationships with leading cargo airlines to provide unparalleled global access to hundreds of scheduled services. With offices located in strategic positions worldwide, we are able to offer truly global coverage.

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