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Universities’ in Leeds Chaplaincy Report 2012/13


Introduction Our aim in this report is to highlight the work we undertake and to celebrate our achievements over the past academic year.

Who we are The Leeds Universities’ Chaplaincy Team serves staff and students across both the University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University. This includes approx. 60,500 students and 12,400 staff. The Chaplaincy offers spiritual and pastoral support to students and staff. We provide drop-in pastoral and spiritual care, space for meditation or reflection and opportunities for worship and spiritual development. The team works under the auspices of the West Yorkshire Ecumenical Council (WYEC), a body comprising a number of Christian denominations which have covenanted to work together to provide a Chaplaincy service at these Universities. This responsibility is discharged through the work of the Chaplaincy Trust which has Trustees from both Universities and most of the denominations in WYEC.

What we do As part of our service level agreement with the Universities we offer:  pastoral care  spirituality  values and ethics  community building This year we have highlighted a number of our one off events. For more information on our weekly events please refer to our website:


Preface It is hardly believable that only a year ago the team said goodbye to Cecil White, who was, amongst other things, our predecessor as Coordinating Chaplain. While happy for him and his beloved Bury St Edmunds, we were conscious of losing a key member of the team. In a sense, he has been replaced by three people; Peter Clarkson, continues the contribution of the URC to our team’s ministry, while Caroline and I were jointly appointed as co-ordinating chaplains. Although, a year on, some mysteries remain (not least the question of where to put the hyphens in the word “co-co-ordinating”), I have enjoyed the privilege of being more closely involved in the unfolding story of our ministry to the two universities in Leeds. This Annual Report focuses more on “one-off” events rather than more regular activities, but there is always the caveat that many one-off events become regular events, often at the request of those we serve. This is a testimony to the continued relevance of our team’s ministry to the staff and students of the two universities. That ministry changes as the universities change and differs as they differ, whilst offering at its core a sense that “the changes and chances of this fleeting world”, as the Book of Common Prayer so poetically put it, are not the only, nor indeed the ultimate reality. Our values overlap with the values of both institutions but they do not sit totally within them. If they did, we would lack the very qualities that are expected of us. Even so, there is a ripe harvest to be gained in concentrating on those areas of overlap, enough there to keep us profitably occupied. Similarly, in enhancing and developing the ministry of a Chaplaincy team which represents a great variety of gifts and treasures as well as a huge theological diversity, we find ourselves again looking towards the areas where our individual purposes overlap or intersect . We have, as a team, been reviewing the four key areas of our Service Level Agreements, gaining a sense of what they mean to us individually and collectively. More recently we have been considering what “outreach” should entail in the Chaplaincy context. Such discussions have, I believe, enhanced the unity of the team by making us more comfortable with our differences. Through such unity, we can minister from our own diversity to the diversity of the communities we serve. Robin Fishwick (Co)Co-ordinating Chaplain 3

The Team( as of July 2013) Our Chaplaincy team is made up of a mixture of volunteer and stipendiary Chaplains drawn from nine denominations.

Chaplains Rev. Prof Michelle Briggs (Anglican) Rev. Peter Clarkson (United Reformed Church) Robin Fishwick (Society of Friends) Deaconess Seija Frears (Lutheran) Rev. David Humphries (Baptist) Fr. Peter Kravos (Catholic) Laurence Pusey (Baptist) Rev. Caroline Ryder (Methodist) Anna Spiegel (Baptist) Rev. Matt Ward (Anglican) Chris Whichelo (Society of Friends)

Associate Chaplains Pastor Kim Chan (Leeds Chinese Christian Church) Pastor Johnny Chan (Leeds Chinese Christian Church)

Chaplaincy Trust staff Sharon Almond (Chaplaincy Service Manager) Ellie Whitmore-Titterton (Student Outreach Worker)

Trustees (as of July 2013) Barry Miller (Trust Chair) Felicity Hildred (Company Secretary)

Denominational Trustees Owen Hartley (Yorkshire Synod of United Reformed Church) Joyce Hill (Diocese of Ripon and Leeds) Nigel Howarth (Yorkshire Baptist Association) Michael Kelly (Diocese of Leeds) Marianna Potterton (Lutheran Church in Great Britain) David Waller (Leeds District of the Methodist Church) Vacant (Leeds Area Meeting of the Society of Friends) Vacant (The Yorkshire Division of the Salvation Army) 4

University Trustees Andrew Parkinson (University of Leeds) Darron Dixon-Hardy (University of Leeds Staff) Rachel Muers (University of Leeds) Sally Glen (Leeds Metropolitan University) Vacant (Leeds Metropolitan University)

Chair’s Report In reading the pages of this report you will see just what an amazing range of events and activities are provided by the Chaplaincy team at our two Universities. Each month seems to offer something new and exciting. As well as the constant (24/7) ongoing support for all members of the community, the many innovative happenings of the past year indicate the dedication and commitment of the whole Chaplaincy team. We have welcomed new colleagues into the team: Ellie (Student Outreach Worker) who even had time to get married during the year and Peter (URC Chaplain) both of whom are staying on for a second year. Our new Chaplaincy Service Manager – Sharon Almond – has made a tremendous contribution to the work of the team. The Trust spent some time in seeking ways in which all of the Chaplains could focus on the work of ‘being a chaplain’ without undue concern about administrative matters. We felt the creation of this new post would support the chaplains. What we had not envisaged was being able to make such an excellent appointment. Sharon helps both the chaplains and the Trustees. The Trust itself has continued to work well and has been enhanced by two new members: Owen Hartley (URC representative) and Felicity Hildred (Company Secretary). At the beginning of the academic year Philip Arundel announced his retirement as Company Secretary. Philip had served the Chaplaincy for many years and had seen its development into the Emmanuel Centre. We were then fortunate to secure Felicity’s help and she, like the Trustees, is fully committed to the work. And one more change....this is my final Chair’s report. After a little over four years in the role and having seen some significant development I am taking on other responsibilities. I am indebted to all 5

Those who, in the Chaplaincy and on the Trust, have provided support and dedication to the work. Professor Alan Deacon (who will be known to many at the University of Leeds) has been appointed by WYEC as Chair. I wish him and everyone associated with the Chaplaincy every blessing in continuing this important ministry. Rev. Barry Miller, Chair of Trustees

First Year Reports First Year Chaplain Report Peter Clarkson (United Reformed Church) I joined the Universities’ Ecumenical Chaplaincy Team in September 2012 at the same time as Sharon and just a little later than Ellie. The last URC Chaplain the Rev’d Cecil White had left in July 2012 after 4 years dedicated service, and I was asked by the URC to fill in at the Chaplaincy on a part time basis. Since September I have been working at the Chaplaincy each Tuesday and Wednesday. The rest of my time I serve as Minister to Wigton Moor URC where I have been now for 16 years. The new 50/50 split has generally worked well although there have been some challenges in the way I have balanced my time. Wigton Moor URC have been very supportive and enthusiastic about my work for the Chaplaincy as they can see that I am growing as a person and increasing in my experience and gifting as a pastoral minister. Due to my current role at the Chaplaincy being part time, I have stuck to a model of mainly seeking to support Matt and Caroline as they head the teams in each of the Universities. It has been great to be actively involved in all team Meetings, leading Communion Services, and serving at the Met Desk. The challenges that have been most stimulating have included supporting roles at the Biomedical Memorial Service, the Medics Module and Employability Fortnight. Most of all I have enjoyed getting alongside students who come in to see a Chaplain, and also getting to know my fellow Chaplains as we seek to work creatively and effectively together. I look forward to beginning a second year on what is a good, well-balanced ecumenical team. 6

First Year Reports Student Outreach Report Ellie Whitmore-Titterton (Student Outreach Worker) This report highlights Ellie’s work over the first year of her employment as Student Outreach Worker. August 2012 seems like a long time ago. Although it’s only been a year it feels much longer. And that’s because so much has happened. I have met so many students that I lost count around February. I’ve given out hundreds of cups of tea and coffee. Loaded the dishwasher more times than I can remember and in between all of that I've been knitting and nattering, Brass Banding, Bible Studying, campaigning for justice, taking part in Taize services, run bake sales, a canned food drive and a pub quiz. And in the middle of all of that I got married. There has been a lot of stuff going on and I wouldn’t change any of it. Some events have taken a while to find their feet while others have become popular activities with the students. Some groups have changed their image a bit. Just.Act is becoming more a spiritual support group looking at supporting students involved with social justice issues rather than running campaigns. The students have run Taize evenings which have proved popular with both religious and non religious students, particularly during the exam period when people needed some time simply to sit and rest. Going to different student groups has been a great way of meeting different students from across the Universities. From the ladies (and some men) of knitting to the musicians of Brass Band where you could be sat next to a geologist one week or a dentist the next. I have learnt more about what the students are going through and how they view the university and the Chaplaincy service than if I sat in my office stalking them on Facebook! Next year is already looking to be as busy. With more student groups to go to, looking into multi-faith work at the Met and planning a full year of activities there never seems to be a dull moment for the Student Outreach Worker. 7

Review of the Year September Events were planned for the Freshers’ weeks at both Universities. At Leeds Met Headingley Campus we had tea and coffee outreach throughout the week along with a stand at the Freshers’ Fair held in the Sports Hall. At City Campus we had a stand at the Freshers’ Fair held in the Met Bar foyer. At both we held a treasure hunt; students had to guess where the treasure was hidden and leave a flag with their name and email on our island map – this was a great conversation starter and enabled us to send further information on Chaplaincy events and services. We also had a daily presence at the Rosebowl through the Services for Students stand. At the University of Leeds we had tea and coffee outreach and a stand at the Freshers’ Fair. A hand print collage event was also held in the in the Emmanuel Centre. At all our events we were able to hand out candles and our new Chaplaincy card which was well received by students and staff. International Students also started to arrive during September and a number of events were planned to welcome students old and new. This included a stand at the International Fair, performances of the Culture Shock Comedy Drama and the weekly programme of events at the International Students’ Club. We also provide weekly group activities at which international students and staff can meet together for friendship and refreshment as well as exploring the Bible. 8

Culture Shock Comedy Drama The new academic year started well for the International Students’ Club which was able to perform the popular Culture Shock Comedy Drama five times. This was watched by more than 1000 students. Following each drama, we had good follow-up discussions with the students we met as the culture shock issues raised provided a good starting point for conversation. See the International page of the Chaplaincy website for a clip of the drama International.htm

October City Campus Drop-in In October we started a new weekly drop in at the Wellbeing Centre at Leeds Met City Campus. This hourly drop in on a Tuesday has enabled us to make use of our base at City Campus and to support our counselling colleagues by providing support to students and staff who may be in need of pastoral support. We will continue to develop this next year as we become more integrated into the Services for Students Wellbeing Team. International Gospel Concert The Gospel Concert gathered some 80 people enjoying international music and life stories from four continents. This included songs and stories from China, European songs by Robin Fishwick, African songs and a story by ‘Angelic Voices’ and a new bonus continent from America by Anna Spiegel. 9

Light Night Once again members of Café Church and others worked to transform the Emmanuel Centre into a one night only art gallery. This year’s theme explored ‘the Word became flesh’. Four different spaces were used. In the entrance stairwell Verity English played with typography and language and gradually revealed the text to visitors as they moved through the space. The congregation space was transformed by a set of large scale sonographs (baby scans) that filled the glass floor. These images created by Hannah Stacey, were lit from beneath and glowed gently to light the space. On looking more carefully each one had Bible verses about the coming of Jesus – the Word made flesh written into it.


The Chapel had a collection of photographic portraits hung along its length. Each was of a person with a text that had shaped their life projected onto their body. The beautiful images were the work of Ollie Honeywood and Verity Marsh, but wouldn’t have been possible without the involvement of a collection of brave models. The Wilson room housed a miniature library that invited visitors to sit in the tiny space surrounded by books and read, or just ponder the impact of the word on our lives.

A seminar room held the final treat – a drop in art session with an invitation to ‘draw what you hear’. Sat on a chair at the front various members of Café Church read a range of texts and stories that played with words, sounds and the images they create for us. Although just a single night event we attracted several hundred visitors to the Emmanuel Centre, some from the university community, many from beyond. Café Church’s twist on Light Night invites reflection on spiritual themes, as well as introducing people to the Chaplaincy space. For those who take part (and this year we had a team of students from Leeds, Leeds Met and Leeds College of Art) it is a great opportunity to play with the space, to create together and to challenge their thinking and faith. If you want to see more a film was made of the evening and can be viewed at 11

November Christmas Crafts A Christmas Craft session was run at Bodington Hall. This Christmas craft and card making event was open to students and staff. Eight international students attended the session. All the students found it really relaxing and two of the students said it was the most fun they had had in ages!

The Fair-trade and Christmas Craft Fair was held in November in Parkinson Court at the University of Leeds. We had a stand at the fair at which we promoted a range of fairtrade gift ideas for Christmas along with alternative presents through Present Aid. We also offered spiced mulled apple juice from our stall. Robin’s recipe for the spiced mulled apple juice was added to the website and enabled us to highlight our events and services to a wider range of students and staff who after tasting the mulled apple juice were keen to make this for themselves. In fact the mulled apple juice was so successful that we ran out by lunchtime! Week of Guided Prayer This week provides a retreat in daily life which fit around the working day. This was an individually guided retreat which included workshops on ways of praying, discernment and decision making and images of God. It can change a person’s life and be a source of renewal. 30 students and staff members were involved in the week. This was an increase on previous years and we hope to build on this success by running a similar week next year. 12

December Carol Service The Chaplaincy provided the annual University of Leeds Carol Service in December. The Chaplaincy was supported by the Leeds University Union Music Society Brass Band, the Medics Choir and the Staff Festival Choir. Approx. 250 students and staff attended the service which was held in the Great Hall. The reflection was provided by PAFRAS - Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers. PAFRAS works with asylum seekers, refugees and local communities in Leeds and the surrounding area and focuses on providing humanitarian support for asylum seekers who are homeless, without food or money and prevented from improving their situation by government policy. PAFRAS runs a twice weekly drop-in at which they provide a hot meal and casework support amongst other services. They currently receive an average of just under 700 visits each month. The ÂŁ324 collection from the service was donated to PAFRAS and was very welcome at this busy time of year. Christmas Card December saw the unveiling of the Chaplaincy Christmas Card. This was the first time we had developed an electronic version of our card as an alternative to the printed version (using the image on the front cover of this report). Both versions were well received by recipients, with the musical accompaniment on the e-card (provided by our Quaker Chaplain Robin) adding an extra bit of Christmas cheer. Staff Open House The Staff Open House was held in December and a number of staff from both Universities joined us for mince pies, mulled wine and spiced mulled apple juice.


January Meeting with the University of Leeds Vice Chancellor We are fortunate to meet with the Vice-Chancellor as a team twice a year. These meetings are always a valuable opportunity to listen and reflect together upon some of the major issues in the life of the University, to gain the VC’s perspective and at times to offer ours to him. We are very grateful to Prof. Michael Arthur for his openness and time. We wish him God’s blessing as he moves to UCL and hope that similar good relations can be established with the new Vice-Chancellor at the University of Leeds. Employability Fortnight Employability and Enterprise Fortnight was a new initiative launched this year at Leeds Met. Over 300 sessions were available to students and were designed to give them the opportunity to enhance their CVs through workshops and guest lectures. The Chaplaincy ran two workshops entitled 'Discover your S.H.A.P.E.' The aim was to help students appreciate how each of us is uniquely created. As well as using a practical self-development tool, there was also an opportunity for personal reflection and meditation. 16 students attended the sessions, half being international students, and the feedback showed many appreciated the space and stimulus to thinking about issues around identity and how their life experiences impact who they are. Mind, Body and Spirit ‘Feel more energised and focused by setting aside some intentional relaxation space for yourself.’ Mind, Body and Spirit sessions were started again on Monday lunchtimes in the Claire Chapel. Due to the amount of people wanting to attend, the number of sessions was increased to two lunchtime sessions on a Monday and one on a Friday.


February Pancake Outreach On Shrove Tuesday Chaplaincy staff armed with frying pans and pancakes challenged the students of Leeds to see how many pancakes they could toss in 30 seconds. Tom Hurst the winning student managed an amazing 57 tosses in 30 seconds – that’s almost 2 per second! Walk in My Shoes We live in a multi-faith society. Yet few of us know what Hindu worship involves, how Sikh temples are laid out or how hard it can be to find Kosher and Halal food in Morrisons. Walk in My Shoes is an interfaith event for students and staff from Leeds University. We participate in pairs and visit each other’s places of worship, look at religious books, food and everyday life. Learning so much as almost to walk in the other persons shoes, seeing what their faith is like while sharing yours with them. The event is run each year from February until March and this year we had participation from Muslim, Jewish and Christian traditions. Fair Trade Fair As part of the University of Leeds Fair Trade Fair we had a stall promoting fair trade good as well as promoting the Chaplaincy to students and staff. It was good to have an educational stall with an activity as a change from the majority of stalls which were selling goods. As stalls were selling fair trade goods our ‘what items have fair trade options’ quiz worked well as we could then point people in the direction of stalls selling the goods which we had highlighted. The quiz worked well and enabled us to start discussion with students and staff about the work of the Chaplaincy. 15

March Soup Lunches During Lent we held soup lunches after mid-week communion. This was open to those who attend communion but also to any other students and staff who wanted to come along. We had good numbers for the first lunch with a mix of communion attendees and others. There was a range of information available for people including event info, lent prayer diaries and information from Christian Aid and the Enough Food for Everyone campaign. The world produces enough food for everyone, but more than three million children die every year because they can’t get enough to eat. The campaign is trying to get world leaders to take four steps during 2013 which could change the world for millions of children and mean the beginning of the end for global hunger. International Students’ Club ISC has continued to meet every Wednesday for 50 weeks of the year. There are between 25 and 80+ participants each Wednesday evening welcomed by over 10 volunteers from local churches and the Chaplaincy. After the Club an optional discussion groups takes place to explore Christianity. In March during the Easter break a minibus trip was organised to York for sightseeing and visiting Seija’s home. Usually these kind of visits are the only times the overseas students will see a British home so they are very much appreciated. 16

Great Banana Giveaway We gave out 500 bananas as part of the Great Banana Giveaway which was over double what we handed out last year. As well as giving out bananas to highlight fair trade products we had two large posters advertising the event along with fair trade leaflets which were handed out with the bananas. It is hoped that the event will continue next year with ways of improving the giveaway including the possibility of getting a banana outfit for one of the chaplains to wear! Staff Benefits Fair The Staff Benefits Fair promotes a range of services to staff at the University of Leeds. Our stall was used to promote the range of events we have which cater solely for staff or a combination of students and staff. This included a particular emphasis on Spirituality@work, Mind Body and Spirit relaxation classes and the worship opportunities we have in the Chapel. As a draw to the stall we gave out salad growing kits which would enable staff to sow and grow at their desks – 100 of these were given out along with information about the Chaplaincy. Leeds Met Staff seed giveaway In the last week of March, members of the Chaplaincy team visited staff at Leeds Met City Campus and gave out more of our salad growing kits and some Easter chocolate treats too. As students were away for Easter many staff had a little more time to chat and find out more about the work of the Chaplaincy. Sleep-out Refreshments A sleep-out was held outside Leeds University Union. It was a cold night with 20 people sleeping out but approx.100 people involved in the event. It was estimated that we gave out 90 hot drinks. A significant number of people thanked us for attending and helping out with warm drinks on such a cold night. 17

April Healthy Week Healthy week is an annual University of Leeds and LUU initiative, aiming to encourage both staff and students to discover new ways of improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and state of mind. This year’s Healthy Week was all about making a promise to improve your health. You might wish to sleep better, lose weight, learn to swim, feel energised, run a 5k, do a triathlon, eat less fat…

At the Chaplaincy we organised a number of lunchtime events over the week using the theme ‘make the most of your lunch-break’. Events included spirituality@work, Breathe, midweek communion, a walk with reflections and Mind,Body and Spirit relaxation classes. The events were well attended by regulars and newcomers to the Chaplaincy, with everyone who attended signing up to find out more about the events we run. During this week we also unveiled our new promotional coasters linking in with the ‘make the most of your lunch-break’ theme. 18

May Christian Aid Week A number of events were run during Christian Aid week, this included: A pub quiz held in the Old Bar in Leeds University Union with teams made up of students and Chaplaincy staff. A cake sale held in the Emmanuel Centre was well received, especially by students and invigilators coming into the building for exams. Word soon got around the campus about the quality of the cakes – in particular the Bakewell slices! There was a display in the chapel all week highlighting Christian Aid week and further information was provided as part of mid-week communion. Just.Act held a service in the Claire Chapel. As this fell within exam week it provided a time for people to get away from the stress of exams. £65 was raised during Christian Aid week – thanks to everyone who was involved.

June Summer Ball On the night of the University of Leeds Summer Ball we supported Street Angels who had an over-night presence on campus. Using the Emmanuel Centre as a base we provided refreshments to the Angels and accompanied their presence on campus. There were lots of conversations with students, staff and security on the night. It was a positive collaboration between the Students’ Union, Street Angels and the Chaplaincy and our involvement was welcomed.

July Staff Festival The Staff Festival is a thank you to all staff at the University of Leeds for their hard work and a chance to relax with colleagues, partners and families on campus. This year’s festival was themed around Nature. The Chaplaincy stall included apple bobbing with the fastest ‘bobber’ recording a time of 4 seconds. It was a hot day and the stall provided a great way to cool down, and a free apple for everyone. 19

Finance report The following charts give an indication of our income streams and areas of expenditure, to the end of August 2013. Our thanks go to all those institutions, bodies and individuals who support our work financially.

Income Churches*

University of Leeds

Leeds metropolitan University

Claire Jarvis Trust Grants

Other Grants and donations

Room lettings

Teaching income

0% 2% 3%




* includes actual income plus the cost of providing stipended staff



Finance report

Expenditure Staff and related costs Resources (inc office, worship, hospitality etc) Buildings and portering Business related & Legal Fees

6% 11%




The Universities Chaplaincy is based at four sites: Emmanuel Centre at the entrance to the University of Leeds; Priestley Hall, Leeds Metropolitan University, Headingley Campus; The Rosebowl, Leeds Metropolitan University, City Campus; 5 St Mark’s Avenue, near the University of Leeds (Catholic Chaplaincy). For more information on the work of the Chaplaincy: e: t: 0113 343 5071 Find us on Facebook: Universities Chaplaincy in Leeds

Cover photograph of the Emmanuel Centre by 22

Universities' chaplaincy in leeds annual report 2012 13  
Universities' chaplaincy in leeds annual report 2012 13