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Chapel Hill Country Club Junior Golf 2017 Program

Table of Contents Welcome to 2017 Jr. Golf

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Junior Golf Schedule

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Golf Rules and Regulations

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Chapel Hill Junior Golf Academy

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Spring Clinics

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Summer Camps

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Parent – Junior Tournaments

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Play with the Staff

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Junior Club Championship

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Personal Coaching Packages

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2017 Junior Golf Program Dear Parents, Welcome to the Junior Golf Program. This year is filled with many exciting instructional programs and events. Our staff has updated the schedule to include all juniors from the age of 6 to 17. The highlights for this year include: four day camps, weekend junior clinics, the Chapel Hill Junior Golf Academy (CHJGA), Junior Club Championship, Parent – Child Events, and our personal coaching instructional package. The Chapel Hill Golf Professional Staff takes great pride in the quality of its Junior Golf Program. Our goal is to introduce the game to juniors who have not played before, build upon the knowledge of the juniors that have played before, and make the game of golf enjoyable to our junior golfers so that they can get a lifetime of enjoyment out of the game and if interested compete at the highest levels of the game. We look forward to a summer filled with great camaraderie and building memories that will last a lifetime.

Joseph Alden, PGA Head Golf Professional Chapel Hill Country Club


Junior Golf Schedule February Friday, February 17th Friday, February 24th

CHJGA Parent Information Meeting CHJGA Parent Information Meeting

March Friday, March 3rd Friday, March 10th Saturday, March 11th Tuesday, March 14th Saturday, March 18th Saturday, March 25th

CHJGA Parent Information Meeting CHJGA Parent Information Meeting Junior Clinic CHJGA Spring Semester Starts Junior Clinic Junior Clinic

April Saturday, April 1st Saturday, April 8th

Junior Clinic Junior Clinic

May Parent – Child

Sunday, May 7th

June Tuesday, June 20th to Friday, June 23rd Sunday, June 25th

Jr. Camp Parent – Child

July Tuesday, July 11th to Friday, July 14th Sunday, July 16th Friday, July 21st Friday, July 28th

Jr. Camp Parent – Child CHJGA Parent Information Meeting CHJGA Parent Information Meeting

August Tuesday, August 1st to Friday, August 4th Sunday, August 6th Tuesday, August 8th

Jr. Camp Parent – Child CHJGA Fall Semester Starts

September Parent – Child

Sunday, September 17th


Golf Rules and Regulations Dress Code All junior golfers should have a neat and presentable appearance at all times. Junior golfers must abide by the following dress code standards: Footwear: Golf shoes or sneakers must be worn at all times with laces tied. Shoes should be in good condition and neat in appearance. Pants: Tailored pants or shorts must be worn. Pants should be without rips, stains or exterior pockets. Denim pants and gym shorts/pants will not be acceptable. Shorts should be no shorter than just above the knee line. Shirts: Collared shirts must be worn and must be tucked in at all times. Shirts may not be ripped, stained or made of denim. Headwear: All hats should be worn with the bill of the hat facing forward. Hats are to be removed from your head when you enter the Clubhouse. Safety & Etiquette Golf Course Prior to Play:     

All juniors MUST follow the dress code at all times. Parents of juniors are to make all tee times. Get permission from golf shop before play. Inform staff of all players in the group. Junior players are to be on 1st tee 5 minutes prior to assigned tee time. 5

Under no circumstances can juniors drive a golf cart. You must be 16 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license to drive a golf cart.

During Play:               

Always walk, don’t run on the putting green While others in your group are hitting, stand still and remain quiet. Play ready golf. Maintain Proper Pace of Play Behave in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Always rake bunkers, fill all divots with sand, and fix all ball marks. Never play a shot until the group in front of your group is out of range. Don’t stand close to players hitting shots. Shout “FORE” if your ball travels towards other players. Always be aware of adults and faster groups and let them play through Help other players look for their golf balls. Shouting or loud behavior is not permitted. Keep golf bags and push carts off greens and their surrounding areas. When putting, leave your bag towards the next tee. Never leave trash on the golf course.


Chapel Hill Junior Golf Academy

Welcome to the Chapel Hill Junior Golf Academy (CHJGA). Our mission is to provide a 12-year golf development plan for your junior golfer to take them as far as they want in the sport. The Academy is structured using the Operation 36 Junior Development Platform. The platform is used by facilities across the nation and consists of a team of coaches and parents working together to support the junior in their journey towards shooting par or better for 9 holes. Each junior that enrolls in the Academy will be issued a bag tag and profile in our new Op 36 Mobile App. The Op 36 Platform consists of 6 levels and has a 12-badge curriculum that Academy Director, Joe Alden, will deliver throughout the Academy Semesters. When the junior can demonstrate objectives to coaches they will earn badges on their bag tag and will be able to track and log the progress in the mobile app. Golf Actions are tracked in a social activity feed and points are earned for achieving badges and playing/practicing outside of class. To graduate from the Academy the juniors must progress through all 6 levels and ultimately shoot par or better for 9 holes from their full tee box! Parent Information Meetings will be held in the Columbia Room of the Clubhouse to cover all aspects of the Program. Juniors are encouraged to attend the meeting with their parents. The Meetings will be held from 5:00pm to 6:00pm on February 17th, 24th, March 3rd, and 10th for the Spring Semester and July 21st, 28th, and August 4th for the Fall Semester. Sign-ups and packages offered will be discussed and conducted at the meetings.


3 Pillars of Learning: Playing: The Operation 36 Golf Matches are designed to teach juniors how to play the game from a hole-out perspective. With the main focus on scoring, juniors progress through 6 progressive yardage divisions and compete against themselves by trying to shoot 36 or better for 9 holes. Divisions: Division 1: 25 Yards Division 2: 50 yards Division 3: 100 Yards Division 4: 150 Yards Division 5: 200 Yards Division 6: Full Tee Box

Coaching: The Academy Classes are weekly 60-minute sessions for ages 6 to 18. The classes are designed to provide an educational platform for juniors to learn the game and track progress using the Operation 36 Learning System. To graduate from Operation 36 Academy juniors must earn all 72 badges and shoot par or better! Badges: Technical Skills: Posture, Power, Grip, Ball Flight, Alignment, Putting, Green Reading Knowledge & Fitness: 8

Mastery, Honor, Fitness Performance: Work Ethic and Performance

Practicing: The Supervised Practice Classes are the study hall of golf. The juniors practice alongside a coach in an effort to learn to develop good habits and golf skills. Coaches provide feedback and structure to each junior over a 60-minute session.

Schedule: Sunday:

Operation 36 Matches

4:00 Shotgun


No Activities / Club Closed


Ignition Academy (Age 7-10)

3:45 to 4:45 5:00 to 6:00


Fuel Academy (Age 10-13)

3:45 to 4:45 5:00 to 6:00


Performance Academy (Age 13+)

3:45 to 4:45


No Activities / Make-Up Days if necessary


Supervised Practice

11:00 to 12:00

*All class times must have a minimum of 4 juniors *Classes with less than 4 juniors will be moved to another class time *Classes will have no more than 6 students to 1 coach


Spring Clinics Saturdays (March 11, 18, 25, April 1, 8) Time:

Ages 6 to 9 – 10am to 10:30am Ages 10 & up – 1:30pm to 2pm


$15 per clinic


Maximum class size of 6 per clinic


Contact the Golf Shop at (919) 932-2857 or Email Joe Alden at


Clinics will focus on putting, chipping, and full swing. Classes will be interactive and will be a focused on the basics of golf to prepare juniors for the summer camps and Academy.


Saturday, March 11th Saturday, March 18th Saturday, March 25th Saturday, April 1st Saturday, April 8th

Putting Chipping Pitching Irons Drivers

Summer Camps Dates:

June 20th to 23rd July 11th to 14th July 25th to 28th


9:00am to 2:00pm Registration will begin at 8:45am daily


$350 Cancellations within 3 days will be billed a 50% fee 10


Maximum of 12 Juniors


Contact the Golf Shop at (919) 932-2857 Email Joe Alden at


The camps will focus on short game, long game, and on-course instruction that will enable juniors to improve their game and lower their scores. All juniors will receive gifts along with daily snacks, lunch, and prizes.


Guests will be allowed to participate based on openings. Members will have priority. Guests will be accepted one week prior to the start of the camp if there are openings based on first to register.

Parent – Junior Tournaments Dates:

May 7th, June 25th, July 16th, August 6th, Sept. 17th


Contact the Golf Shop at (919) 932-2857 Email Joe Alden at


2 – person Team Scramble Parents may play with more than one child


Based on Age


$20 per player


Prizes and food at pool after play


Play with the Staff Members of the staff will have weekly play days where juniors can play 9 holes of golf. Dates and times will be announced and signups will be in the Golf Shop. Dates:

Weekly, TBD

Junior Club Championship Date:

August 26h


Individual Stroke Play


18 Hole Championship 9 Hole Championship 6 Hole Championship


No charge for Juniors who participated in at least one CHCC Junior Event. $25 for any Junior that did not participate in a CHCC Junior Event.


6 Hole Divison – 600 yards 9 Hole Divison – 1575 yards 18 Hole Division  Boys – White Tees  Girls – Red Tees


Personal Coaching Packages Joe Alden, PGA Head Golf Professional Mark Ingalls, PGA Assistant Golf Professional

Lesson Rates: $35 $95 $150 $280

Half Hour Three (3) Half Hour Lessons Five (5) Half Hour Lessons Ten (10) Half Hour Lessons






103 Lancaster Drive · Chapel Hill, NC 27517 · (919) 932-2857


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