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2017 Program

CHJGA Table of Contents Welcome to 2017 CHJGA

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CHJGA Schedule

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Parent Information Meetings

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Academy Rules and Regulations

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Programming Framework

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Mobile App

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Spark Program

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Dear Parents, Welcome to the Chapel Hill Junior Golf Academy (CHJGA). Our mission is to provide a 12-year golf development plan for your junior golfer to take them as far as they want in the sport. The Academy is structured using the Operation 36 Junior Development Platform. The platform is used by facilities across the nation and consists of a team of coaches and parents working together to support the junior in their journey towards shooting par or better for 9 holes. Each junior that enrolls in the Academy will be issued a bag tag and profile in our new Op 36 Mobile App. The Op 36 Platform consists of 6 levels and has a 12-badge curriculum that Academy Director, Joe Alden, will deliver throughout the Academy Semesters. When the junior can demonstrate objectives to coaches they will earn badges on their bag tag and will be able to track and log the progress in the mobile app. Golf Actions are tracked in a social activity feed and points are earned for achieving badges and playing/practicing outside of class. To graduate from the Academy the juniors must progress through all 6 levels and ultimately shoot par or better for 9 holes from their full tee box!

Joseph Alden, PGA Head Golf Professional Chapel Hill Country Club 3

CHJGA Schedule Spring Semester: Parent Information Meetings February 17th, 24th, March 3rd, 10th Ignition, Fuel, and Performance Classes March 14th to June 8th Spark Classes April 6th to May 25th Operation 36 Matches March 26th, April 9th, 30th, May 21st, June 11th Fall Semester: Parent Information Meetings July 21st, 28th, August 4th Ignition, Fuel, and Performance Classes August 8th to November 2nd Spark Classes August 24th to October 12th Operation 36 Matches August 20th, September 10th, 24th, October 15th, 29th 4


Operation 36 Matches

4:00 Shotgun


No Activities / Club Closed


Ignition Academy (Age 7-10)

3:45 to 4:45 5:00 to 6:00


Fuel Academy (Age 10-13)

3:45 to 4:45 5:00 to 6:00


Spark Academy (Age 3-6) Performance Academy (Age 13+)

2:00 to 2:45 3:45 to 4:45


No Activities / Make-Up Days if necessary


Supervised Practice

11:00 to 12:00

Parent Information Meetings Parent Information Meetings will be held in the Columbia Room of the Clubhouse to cover all aspects of the Program. Juniors are encouraged to attend the meeting with their parents. The Meetings will be held from 5:00pm to 6:00pm on February 17th, 24th, March 3rd, and 10th for the Spring Semester and July 21st, 28th, and August 4th for the Fall Semester. Sign-ups and packages offered will be discussed and conducted at the meetings.


Academy Rules and Regulations Respecting Coaches & Each Other     

Treat each other how you would like to be treated Hands and feet must be kept to ourselves When coaches and guests are talking we listen politely Bullying or picking on others is not tolerated We are a team and are here to support one another

Respecting the Facility & Equipment    

Walk on putting greens so we do not damage greens We pick up trash and leave the facility better than we found it We listen to the golf course staff if they ask us to do something We treat CHJGA Equipment as if it was our own

Equipment Safety    

Never swing equipment towards anyone We hold the club head in hands when walking between stations We stay in our stations until directed by coaches to move When riding in golf carts we stay seated at all times with our hands and feet inside the golf cart

Staying Hydrated & Healthy     

No soda or sugar based drinks during class (water is preferred) We will take mandatory water breaks to stay hydrated Try your best to go to the bathroom before class starts We alert coaches if we are feeling ill so they can help us right away Be sure to have all medical supplies if you require special medicine

Coming Prepared to Class   

Bring your golf bag and make sure that your Bag Tag is attached We recommend bringing your own water bottle each week Wear appropriate sneakers to class each week Be sure to wear golf appropriate clothing to class


DISCIPLINE PROCESS 1st Incident: Warning The coach will inform the junior that they have been issued their first warning. 2nd Incident: Sit Out The coach will inform the junior that they will sit out the next station. 3rd Incident: Call Home If there are 3 or more incidents in one class, the junior will have to call his/her parent/guardian to come pick him/her up from class. MAKEUP POLICY Coach Joe will offer two make-up days per semester your junior can attend. You must email to confirm they will be attending the make-up date. If a class is cancelled due to weather then a separate make-up day will be announced for that class. TESTING Earning badges is an integral part of CHJGA Programs. Classes are reserved for teaching the badges. To earn the badges, Juniors may test at the conclusion of class. There will be mandatory testing days where Juniors will be required to test for a badge. No more than two badges may be tested for on any given day. Testing will not be done at any other time. Juniors should be prepared before testing and know the major objectives of the badge and be able to demonstrate the badge effectively.


Programming Framework


Playing: The Operation 36 Golf Matches are designed to teach juniors how to play the game from a hole-out perspective. With the main focus on scoring, juniors progress through 6 progressive yardage divisions and compete against themselves by trying to shoot 36 or better for 9 holes.


Coaching: The Academy Classes are weekly 60-minute sessions for ages 6 to 18. The classes are designed to provide an educational platform for juniors to learn the game and track progress using the Operation 36 Learning System. To graduate from Operation 36 Academy juniors must earn all 72 badges and shoot par or better!


Practicing: The Supervised Practice Classes are the study hall of golf. The juniors practice alongside a coach in an effort to learn to develop good habits and golf skills. Coaches provide feedback and structure to each junior over a 60-minute session. Supervised Practice will enable the junior to accelerate the learning process by having a Coach supervising and providing proper feedback while setting up training environments and tasks to dramatically lower the time to obtain a junior’s goal.

Mobile App The mobile app will allow juniors to track their progress throughout the program along with tracking their friends and other juniors using the Operation 36 platform across the country. The mobile app will also be a beneficial tool before and after class. Juniors will be encouraged to watch the corresponding video to the subject that will be learned in class. Then, after class while practicing, the juniors will be able to refer back to the video to keep them on track and focused on the proper way to execute the subject’s learning objective.



Packages Birdie $425 / Semester

Players $525/ Semester

Mini-Tour $625/ Semester

Tour $725 / Semester

Estimated Days / Week





Academy Classes 6·1

60 Minute Class 1 Day / Week

Student/Coach Ratio Op 36 Match Parents Caddie

60 Minute 60 Minute 60 Minute Class Class Class 1 Day / 1 Day / 1 Day / Week Week Week 9 Hole Match 5/ Semester

9 Hole Match 5/ Semester

9 Hole Match 5/ Semester

Supervised Practice 8·1 Student/Coach Ratio

60 Minute 60 Minute Session Session 1 Day / 1 Day / Week Week

Private Lesson 1·1 Student/Coach Ratio

45 Minute Session 5 per Semester

*Private Lessons are available for $35 for 30 minutes *Multiple Junior Discounts (10% off 2nd Junior, 20% off 3rd Junior) *Tuition is billed in advance of the semester *Private Lessons in Tour Package are redeemable anytime within 12 months *Classes must have a minimum of 4 students or may be cancelled


Spark Program The Spark Program is an 8-week program that is less structured without the mobile app and badges/levels curriculum. The Spark Program is designed to prepare our juniors for the Operation 36 platform. The same wording and parts of the Operation 36 platform will be utilized to make a seamless transition for the juniors from the Spark Program to the Ignition Academy. Areas of focus will be the following: Safety Etiquette and Rules Parts of the Golf Course Putting Chipping Full Swing Fitness Games and activities will be used as part of the training variations to create enjoyment for the juniors. The goal will be to create an atmosphere of learning and fun so that the juniors will be a step ahead when they reach the age for the Operation 36 platform. Classes will be held on Thursdays from 2:00pm to 2:45pm for 8 weeks. The cost for the program will be $175 per Junior. There will be no multiple junior discounts for the Spark Program.




103 Lancaster Drive · Chapel Hill, NC 27517 · (919) 932-2857


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