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The Lazy Marketer's Passive Income Guidebook Your Guide to the Easiest Way I've Found to Make Money Online

Disclaimer: This is a free report. You may give it away to anyone you please. You may offer it as an incentive or free offer. You may not alter it in any way. You may not sell it for any price. There are some links to free products and offers. There are also links to paid products or offers. In that case I may receive a commission (or not). I use every product that I've recommended...and that's why I recommend them to you...because I like them. I make no claims that you will make money. I do believe that anyone who follows this method has a reasonable chance to make some money. The results of my work are not typical. Your results may not be the same. You may do worse. I hope you do better.

1/17/12 From: The Creek House Vernon, FL Dear Friend,

WHAT'S YOUR DREAM? Why did you get into internet marketing? I can tell you why I did. And it wasn't so I could work harder and make less money. I'm a lot like you I bet. We were drawn to this business because of the possibilities. Quit your the world...sit on the shores of a Rio beach...ogle the Brazilian Butts...sip on your Margarita. It's nestled snugly in your Custom Made Cup Holder Mouse. As you sip and ogle you nonchalantly click SEND on your PUSH BUTTON PESO system. Then you drift off into a blissful nap only to awaken to the beep...beep...beep of a dump truck full of cash backing into your driveway. Well, have you found that cup holder mouse? Have you ogled those BB's? Have you really found a true Push Button Peso system? If you haven't figured this out yet, IM is hard work. I know I know... it's not Georgia chain gang hard work...or even slow cubicle death by a thousand emails hard work...but it ain't easy peasy soft and sweet, either.

I'm not knocking it. We're in the best business going. No other business has the potential for quick success we have. No other business has a virtually unlimited number of money making possibilities. And all from the comfort of your own underwear. But you've gotta admit it's work. And until you reach a level of income where you can outsource the drudgery ‌'s all on YOUR shoulders, baby! I'm an affiliate marketer. That's my main gig. I do OK. Doing better every month. I spend a lot of effort trying to stay focused and productive. Oh, every once in a while I go off on tangents. Trying to make a quick buck here and there. It usually costs me because I've taken focus off my affiliate campaigns. I went off on one of these tangents a few months back. When I tell you what it is you'll probably groan and say

"Why did I waste my time with this FROG LICKIN' FOOL?" But please humor a fool for a few minutes. Here's how it happened. I had a WSO sitting on my hard drive but hadn't really done anything with it. Actually it was a subject that fascinated me but I kept putting it off until I "had the time" to do it right. (I bet you've heard that one before.) Well, I might as well spit it out now. Here goes...please don't leave... I've always been fascinated by the Adsense business model. There, I

said it.

...sound of crickets chirping... Okay, now that we're down to just a handful of fellow frog lickers we can get down to business. I want to make this very clear. I'm not talking about adding Adsense to your existing sites so you can make a few extra bucks...a YEAR. I'm not even talking about a made for Adsense site with affiliate promotions galore. I'm talking about sites designed to deliver maximum performance from Adsense ads and nothing else. I first got excited about this business model when I saw a seminar featuring a guy, we'll call him Roberto, who had dozens of sites making an average of $50 dollars a day. He didn't even quit his "real" job...because he loves his real job. He was making insane money from a damn hobby! What? You want to know his real job? We'll get to that shortly. By the way, do you know how many $50/day sites you'd need to make a cool million a year...?...about 55! But let's get real for a minute. Let's not try to wrap our heads around a million just yet. How many sites do you think it would take to make a hundred grand a year...?...about five! Do you think that's doable? Okay let's think worst case here. What if your site only makes $10 a day? What if you only need fifty grand a year to quit your job? Then

it's gonna take about fifteen sites making that kind of dough.

Well, we can play fantasy calculator all day but let's get back to Roberto. Now, Roberto didn't build these sites. Roberto didn't create content for the sites. Roberto didn't lay a hand on any of these sites. All the work was outsourced. All he did was the job he already loves doing. Roberto...

drum roll please... a project manager. Big yawn here, right? I know that project management sounds like some sort of a dull corporate moniker for drudge work. But stick with me. It does get interesting. What he did was create a project consisting of individual tasks. He then outsourced these tasks to teams of people who were trained to do that task. Once each task was completed a money making website was born. Kind of like an assembly line. He even calculated the point at which the process became self funding. You see, as each website went live it eventually started making money. This was consistent enough to calculate. At a certain point in the process, a few months down the road, the income from the sites was able to pay for the outsourcing. At that point the whole project was paying for itself. For his million dollar project the break even point was a few months in and about

$60,000 dollars spent. Then, the project became "self funding" until it eventually made profit...and a million plus bucks a year is no profit to sneeze at. Now, I didn't just try to get your hopes up just to dash them. I know you don't have that kind of cash laying around. I know you don't have the time to train a team of out sourcers, or the money to pay someone to train them. At least I didn't. That's why I just kind of let that idea sit there in the back of my mind, stewing until...someday. Now, ever since I learned of Roberto's method, my ears "perk up" every time I see some Adsense money making product. And eventually I decided I had to at least test out some way of making this worth while. Enter....

The Lazy Marketer's Passive Income Guidebook What you have here in your sweaty hands is something like a case study. This is the story of my experiment in Adsense. I'll be honest and tell you that it's just a promising beginning. At one point I even decided to quit, thinking the experiment a spectacular crash landing of a failure. But I've changed my tune.

I don't want to sound like a cheerleader here. My success is just beginning. I HAVE reached a tipping point though. I'm ready to devote some serious time to this because I now know it will be a profitable use of that most valuable of all your resources...TIME! I'm giving you this report for free. There is a good reason for that. First, I don't want to cross any ethical lines, blurry as they are sometimes. Some of this information comes from me and some of it from products I paid for. If the info is from a product I paid for I'll sleep better if recommend that product to you (and maybe get an affiliate commission if there is one to be had). That means I can't give you ALL the info from that product. I don't want to rip anyone off here. Any way those products will give you a deeper understanding of the reasons behind some of the tasks you'll learn about here. Secondly, I want to hear back from you about your experience with the The Lazy Marketers Guide to Passive Income. I want to learn from your mistakes as you will learn from mine. I want to hear about your success and learn from that also.

OK now that we've got that out of the way... Here's what we're gonna do. I've used the mindset of a project manager but boiled it down into a method that one person can use to generate a money making Adsense sites as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible. It's repeatable and once you're making money you can outsource and expand. My goal is to create in NOT YOUR ONLY!...source of income. Please don't put all your eggs in one basket. Sure, you

can create as many SITES as you want or need. But don't bet the farm on any one income source. Keep up your social media or affiliate marketing, product creation or whatever it is you're working on now. One big advantage here is that you won't have to spend a great deal of time on it. I do believe this is a true passive income generator. I know you've heard that song and dance before. So I'll show you proof of how I made this happen. You can realistically expect to make a maximum of 25-50 dollars a day from SOME of these sites. But others will make less. Some may only make a buck or two a day. Some will even make more. That's just the way it plays out in the real world. But there are strategies to deal with that too. I've broken it down into a ten step process. If you decide to outsource as your business grows you can use these steps as a guide to what to outsource. An easy way to do this is to keep track of what YOU do while you're setting up your sites. Maybe even do some screen capture video. Save them for later and you have a resource for training your future team. Actually, you're going to be able to download my videos and you may use them as training if it helps you. Please, though, if you do use them, don't package them as your own. Also, when you are making big bucks, think about me. I really want that Margarita Cup Holder Mouse. Anyway, here are the steps. There's one more but I didn't include it because I want you to do that right now. APPLY FOR YOUR ADSENSE ACCOUNT NOW! Start the ball rolling if you don't already have one. Here's a link:

APPLY FOR ADSENSE ACCOUNT NOW! And here is the ten step process we'll be using:

• • • • • • • • • •

Keyword Research With Niche Finder Choosing your Website URL (Name) Purchase Your Domain Install Wordpress Install Adsense Templates Enter Adsense ID Create Content Traffic Launch Pad SEO, Link Building with 3 Way Links Wait patiently for the money.

Overview ADSENSE Adsense, if you don't know, is a Google program. It basically works like this. You install your individual Adsense ID on your website. Then Google serves ads that are relevant to the content on your site.

The advertiser pays Google when a visitor to your site clicks on one of those ads. You get about 60% of the money because the ad was on your site. So if the Cost Per Click (CPC) is $4.00, you get $2.40. I know you're thinking "Four bucks per click, that's outrageous!" Believe it or not it's very common. I've seen CPC as high as $50.00 My site gets 4 and 5 dollar clicks regularly. This is important to understand and I'll get into it more later. Now, to put it simply, what you want to do is create a site that will tell Google to serve a certain type of ad. In your research you want to identify a niche that will attract ads that have a good CPC. You may be able to create a site that gets lots of clicks, but if they're 40 or 50 cent clicks, you're getting 24-30 cents per click. If you do the same amount of work on a site that attracts 2-5 dollar clicks...well, you do the math.

Adsense 100 K Blueprint I could spend a year trying to educate you about Adsense and research but I still wouldn't give you as much as you can get from the best money making product I've ever seen. It's called Adsense 100K Blueprint. I bought A100K when it was first offered as a WSO. I wish I could tell you I was visionary. I wish I could tell you I was making 100K right now...but I can't. You know why? I didn't use it! This priceless

fountain of information sat on my hard drive for about a year and a half before I decided to give it a try. And once I did start testing it out I was just fooling around. Kind of like in the past when I went off on a quick cash tangent. But the more I read and the more niche research I did...well I started to wake up and smell the coffee. I am truly excited about this product. I know I told you earlier to spread yourself around. Don't rely on one income stream. But make sure you're spending your valuable time on something that works...and this really works. This one model has the potential to make a lot of moolah. It's worth spending valuable productive time. If you buy only one product this year this is the one. You can check it out here:

Adsense 100K Blueprint

This is very important. You can't achieve what I'm showing you here without learning this information.

Keyword Research If I didn't make it clear enough, A100K is the only INFO you really need to make this business model work. Niche Finder is the only TOOL you really need to make this business model work. Let's compare keyword tools to knives. Many great keyword tools are like Swiss Army Knives. You can use them for almost everything. Niche Finder is a scalpel! Niche Finder is light, fast and focused! When you get on a roll with Niche Finder you will find that you're discovering more potentially profitable (say that three times fast) niches than you can ever exploit (unless you're Roberto). If you haven't figured it out by now, I love Niche Finder. And I think you'll understand why when you see the video. You can watch online or download and watch it later. Check it out here:


And you can check out Niche Finder here:


DOMAIN NAME Once you've found a niche, you need to decide on a domain name. I've heard much this year about the Panda updates and all the chaos wrought. You may have heard that keyword specific domain names don't work any more. I don't believe it but here's my logic. Even if they don't help they can't hurt as long as you have good relevant content.

Now, one of the cool features of Niche Finder is the domain name finder. If there's an exact match domain for the keyword it will show up in the results. Unfortunately that's less and less common. So you may have to get creative. A100K has some great info on this subject but I have something to add. There's a wonderful domain suggestion tool here:

DOMAIN TOOLS! You'll have to sign up for a free account but this will really speed up your search for a keyword match domain name. You can see how I brainstorm a domain name here: DOMAIN TOOLS VIDEO Once you decide on a domain name you can purchase it through domaintools, but I prefer to use Namecheap because their interface is pretty simple and they don't put you through a confusing upsell hell like Go Daddy. They're also no hassle after the purchase, unlike GoDaddy. You can register your domain through Namecheap here:


And here's a video walk through of that process. Purchasing a domain through Namecheap.

After you get your domain name you'll need to host it and then install wordpress. I've made another video showing exactly how I do this. I show it using Host Gator but as long as your host provider uses cPanel it should be very similar. You can get a HostGator account here:

HOSTGATOR! I understand many of you probably already know how to do this. It may be boring for you but if you haven't done it before it should be helpful. I'll also show how I install the Wordpress Themes that come with A100K. Getting Your Hostgator Account Started If you already have a hosting account you will need to add your new domain to the existing account. I show you how to do that later in

the video about installing Wordpress and installing the themes. Holy cow! I forgot to tell you about the theme. I truly believe that without the theme A100K would be about half as effective as it is. They're designed (and test proven) to maximize Adsense clicks on your site. The themes alone are worth the cost of A100K! Anyway, you can see how this is done in this video.


CREATING CONTENT Next comes the work. Until now things have been pretty quick and easy. This is your big time investment here. Now I don't want to scare you off. I write my own articles. These

articles do not need to be great works. Actually if you write very interesting and entertaining articles you will make LESS money. The only purpose of the articles on your site are to make the site rank for your keyword. That's it. Think sixth grade homework essay. You do a little research online, knock out a 4-500 word article. Your keyword is your title or your title has your keyword in it. Keyword in the first sentence and the first sentence of the last paragraph. You can add it into the body of the article but I wouldn't do it more than twice more in a 500 word article. Very often I only use it in the first and last paragraph...That's it. Just make sure it sounds natural. A good rule to follow is just write for humans, not the search engines. Here's a short video about how I go about writing these quick articles. Article Writing I understand this is a big hang up for many people. But I really suggest that you give it a try before going to the alternatives. If you can't get past this hang up you can buy articles pretty cheap. There's a really cool site called iWriter where you can get unique articles written specifically for you for about 3-5 bucks apiece. Not shabby. You do need to be specific about what you want. You can review the article and accept or reject before you pay. You can check out iWriter here:


You can also find article writers on the Warrior Forum. Another option is finding PLR content that can be slightly changed to suit your site. Be cautious with PLR. Since it's sold to many people it's going to be all over the internet. You MUST change it. You can test your articles for uniqueness on Copyscape.

Now, once you've published about five or six articles to your blog you'll need to start distributing them for syndication. I use Ezine Articles. You may have heard a lot of gossip about article marketing being dead now. I will tell you that Ezine Articles is not what it used to be. But remember, this is not about article marketing. I think you WILL benefit from posting your articles to EZA, but it's not your main linking strategy. You WILL get links. They won't be as strong as they once were, but you will build links. Another completely irrelevant reason to submit to EZA is the cup. I love my cup! Once you've had ten articles accepted to EZA they actually send you a coffee mug... with a coaster...and some fancy Kona Coffee! I know it's silly but I am very proud of my Mug. You can join Ezine Articles for free here:

EZINE ARTICLES! Be sure to link back to your website in the authors' resource box at the end of your articles. Remember, you'll have to publish several articles to your website before they will allow you to link to it. They want their articles to go to good content sources, not “thin� websites.

SEO WITH 3 WAY LINKS Once you've published your first article it's time to get found! SEO or Search Engine Optimization sounds kind of intimidating. And it can be

if you're competing with the big dogs. And by big dogs I don't necessarily mean large companies. There are some niches where the leaders are really good at SEO and they're well established. You're gonna have a hard time beating them. Think weight loss...or make money online. But sometimes the page one competition will have something less relevant from a larger site such as ESPN or Wal-Mart. You can beat them if your page is more relevant to the niche keyword. Niche Finder will help you avoid those highly competitive niches. So don't be intimidated. I've outranked some big dogs before! You will too. My first step after publishing is to use a free tool called Traffic Launch Pad. If you think of your SEO as a house then TLP is a granite foundation. You can see how it works in this short video: Traffic Launch Pad Video You only use it once per site but again, it's a great start. You can download it for free here:


After your initial blast off with TLP you go to what I believe to be the "Frog Lickin' Awesome Sauce" This one strategy makes the whole system passive. At least as passive as possible in a one man system. I told you earlier that creating the content for your site will be the hardest work you have to do. That's because you won't have to do arduous link building. For most marketers, SEO is a never ending chore. It's also the biggest expense in time and treasure. But with 3 Way Links it's just a pleasure. You spend a few minutes setting it up and then you just forget about it. Yes, you do need to check in from time to time just to make sure there are no problems. I haven't experienced any yet but I've heard of some on the forum. They're always fixed promptly. 3 Way Links is the key to this system. First, because it works so well, and second because it saves you so much time. The links are from real sites, just like yours, and they are added slowly and randomly over time. The results take time but as I'll show you they are worth the wait. After long and hard thought on the subject I decided not to do a video on how I set up 3 Way Links. I think it would be inferior to the training they provide. It's not difficult at all but it's important to do it right for it to work for you. I'd hate to screw that up. Check it out here:

3 WAY LINKS! After you've set up 3WL you're pretty much done. Now you just wait for the magic. It will not happen overnight. You may become discouraged...just don't ever quit. As long as you don't quit you can't fail!

In Conclusion Now, what I've shown you here is not what I consider a better alternative to A100K. I believe their approach to be better, but more time intensive. Their focus is on Adsense as your only business. The reason I've shortcut the method is to save time to work on my affiliate marketing business. But my ultimate goal with this stream of income is to funnel profits back into the business until I've reached the point I can go full Roberto...and then head to Rio.

I hope to see you there. Bill. PS. Please feel free to email me at any time you have questions, criticism, or comments...or even a little friendly banter.

The Lazy Marketers Passive Income Guidebook  
The Lazy Marketers Passive Income Guidebook  

Fast, passive income from a simple website.