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Crossing Тhe Uncanny Valley How did you first learn 3D and what made you decide to pursue it? I started 6 years ago, in the spring of 2008. Before 3D I was interested in editing videos. Then one day the idea of combining live action with CG caught my attention I suppose and that’s when I started digging into Maya 8.0. I rarely finished any of my personal projects, but still they felt meaningful to me and I was having fun working on them. Your thread on CG Talk started in 2011 and it has been an amazing journey to watch and for others to learn from. What prompted you to start this project and be so open with it? Thanks. I was testing some free photo scanning solutions on environment props and later on human faces. Some really good results encouraged me to progress further, and now here I am, almost at the end. I also thought that the modeling workflow was really cool and accurate, so I shared it on CG Talk and later on CGfeedback. People started posting questions and I kept answering them. That’s all there is to it. Honestly, I would feel like a jerk if I just ignored or evaded their questions.


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V-RAY MAG ISSUE#1 2014  

V-RAY MAG ISSUE#1 2014