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Why one CG Storyteller transformed his home in search of the Mythical Ningyo In the story of Faust, Dr. Marlowe loses his way in his pursuit of success, but for director Miguel Ortega, it's a story of an artist finding his way under challenging circumstances. Miguel has gone to great lengths to bring his CG masterpiece to life. In fact, he's shooting in his dining room daily. But living on the set of his film is only a small challenge compared to funding a full-length indie feature film, with insane digital FX, whose story is about a hunt for mythic zoological beasts.

Ortega is a veteran CG artist, having worked on well-known projects like Thor, The Mist, Transformers 3, Alice in Wonderland, and G.I. Joe; just to name a few. His current venture is inspired by his fascination with cryptozoology and mythic beasts. It's a Faustian tale that follows the character Dr. Marlowe, a paleontologist and professor (Indiana Jones-esque) on his hunt for the Ningyo, a mythical mermaid-like Japanese creature whose flesh is infamous for increasing longevity. The doctor is mocked by his peers for his search of the exotic beast but proceeds, hoping that a discovery could be an amazing contribution to science. What he comes up against is the greatest challenge to his morality that he could ever imagine.


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V-RAY MAG ISSUE#1 2014  

V-RAY MAG ISSUE#1 2014