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!X GAMES Winter Edition 2008

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...a detailed look into the lives of several of our female staff from 2008

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15 every issue one of our staff members will write a special article for XX Games. In this issue, Erin “Quill” Woods has written I am a Woman and I am Strong.

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...This months spotlight is written by Beth “Topaz” Allison entitled Mary, a Woman of Courage and Strength.

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#elcome $ %e Team!!! Welcome to our quarterly Online Magazine, XX Games. This is a forum for women of all ages. It is a place for us to talk about the issues women deal with in today’s world and how to overcome our worries, our fears, and our insecurities by focusing on all that we have to offer and all that God has given us. We will find strength in unity. We will share our wisdom. We will support one another in our challenges and rejoice in our successes. We will celebrate being women!


#e Want $ Hear "om You 19


-.ow important it is for us $ recognize and celebra/ our heroes and she-roes!* + Maya Angelou, Poe,

From the Desk of Topaz...

I have had the honour and privilege of working in camping full-time for almost 15 years. What an adventure! One of my favourite parts of being a Camp Director is working with young women and helping them in some small way to realize more of their potential. Over the years, I have come to realize how much more difficult it is for young women these days. You are bombarded every minute of every day with movies, television shows, music videos, print ads, online ads, magazines, bill boards; we are told what to wear, ‘who’ to wear, how to be popular, how to have whiter teeth, clearer skin, fuller hair, and how thin we are to be. The messages we are receiving are all about how to “fix” ourselves on the outside; none of it talks about what is truly important. We as women of Cairn, women of the world, need to speak out! We need to focus on what really matters. And we need to be there for one another. So be proud of your accomplishments, strong in your convictions and know you are not alone. Let’s make 2009 a year to remember!


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Who We Are...

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photo supplied by Natasha L C Dunn"

photo taken Natasha L C Dunn

Each month, we would like to profile some of the amazing women of Cairn (both

young and young-at-heart). In this edition, we would like to present some of our staff members who worked at Glen Mhor and Iona this past spring and summer.


Colleen “Tauru” Logie ~ Counsellor

photo taken Travis Allison ~

female profile 1

photo taken Travis Allison ~

What’s up? My name is Colleen “Tauru” Logie and I was born on August 19th 1991. I LOVE sports, especially soccer, basketball, x-country running and volleyball. I love listening to all genres of music and I especially enjoy performing with a guitar. I enjoy watching the ocaisional/often OTH, Grey’s or So You Think You Can Dance episode. This is my first year on staff but I’ve spent seven years as a camper in various places. I first came to camp on the Sr. High fall weekend with my church. In that one weekend I was transformed and I’ve loved this place ever since. Camp is important to me because it is here that I find my true self and get the opportunity to help others find themselves too. Some cool things about me are that I can count to ten in Maori, I flew a plane before driving a car, and my half birthday is Valentines Day. Tauru comes from the Maori words for 3 and Orange.

Lauren “Zeea” Elliot ~Counsellor How I got my camp name: After trip in LIT I had a lot of camp name options but they all didn’t end up working. So I asked Sagga to come up with a name! After many, many word associations about Tim Hortons, hockey, canoes, can-can, to fantasia, to sia, to Zeea! Interests: Dance, mainly Irish, historical events, camping, building fires, writing poems, crafts, anything exciting! Cool things about me: I can touch my tongue to my nose and tie a cherry stem in a knot. I have broken the same finger 4 times. I went to Halifax to dance at a wedding, and I can do the wave with my toes. Why I’m here: After being at Glen Mhor and then Cairn for 15 years, being a counsellor just seemed right. It was what I had dreamed of and it was one dream I was willing to go for. My mom, aunt, sister and cousin have all been on staff here and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Caely “Equi” Dunlop ~ Counsellor

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Birthday: February 17 Interests: I love being outside, and I play a lot of rugby and volleyball. I like to explore and travel, seeing and experiencing new things is a pretty big deal. I spend most of my time working, eating, sleeping and spending time with the people I love. Cool things about me: Well, my elbows bend backwards. It’s pretty cool I think. Experience: I have been at camp for 4 years: 2 years as a camper, 1 as an LIT and 1 year (this year) on staff :) Why I come to camp: I come to camp because I am my favorite self here. Camp brings out the best in people, everyone is needed, wanted, and loved. It is unlike any place I’ve ever been and I can’t get enough! 4

Andrea “Squire” Scrivener ~ Counsellor female profile 2

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Birthday: May 15th 1990 Interests/Cool things about me: I’m going to my first year of university next year for sciences at Guelph. I like swimming, running and tennis. In my spare time I lounge on the outside my school with my friends and I read a lot. Favorite female camp person: I had a lot of counselors that I looked up to as a camper because of the amazing enthusiasm , confidence, strength and individuality that they exemplified. People like Palais, Plinko, Match and Ciaran who were extremely positive role models have helped make me who I am today. Why I come to camp: Part of the reason camp is so important and why I come here is the tradition that I feel included in and that I want to pass on to my campers. I try to be the best counselor and the most positive role model I can be as a part of that tradition so that my campers can learn just as I did. Camp has always been an extremely important part of my life and has helped shaped who I am today. If I can help to have that same positive effect on a few campers then I know I’m doing a good job.

Rachel “Razzle” Reeves ~ Counsellor Birthday: April 25th 1991 Interests: I love music and going to see it live is the best way to do that. I play rugby on my high school team and was also really involved in the drama programme this year. (Surprised?) I also really love to write and my dream is to one day become a magazine editor! Favorite female camp person: It would have to be Match or Burkz. They’re both amazing people and I feel like my life would be a little less fun without them in it. Why I come to camp: I feel safe here, and I grow a lot as a person each summer I spend here. photo taken Travis Allison ~

Paige “Teal” Betts ~ Counsellor

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Birthday: October 5th, 1990 I’ve been coming to camp for 8 years, 5 as a camper, 1 as an LIT, and now 2 on staff. I got my camp name Teal because I used to travel to Bermuda every summer and the water colour there is a deep saphire blue. Way out deep but closer to shore its an aquamarine colour...and so...aquamarine - aqua Teal!!! I’m sure you’ll find a lot of cool things about me once you get to know me, but for now I will give you one... My favourite camp person is A-2. She was one of my counsellors my first year at teen week and I had an amazing week. She’s an extremely amazing woman with an unstoppable passion for dance. She showed me that it is okay to be crazy, silly, funny etc. and to have a passion for something. I came to camp my first year because my mom had just signed me up but ever since then I’ve come back and I’m so happy I do. Cairn has become one of my favourite places on earth. Its a place I know I can be myself without judgement, share my faith openly, and be able to have loads of fun and all the friends, love and support that I need. I believe camp is so important because without it I wouldn’t be the person I am today. When I first came to camp I wouldn’t dress up, get up in front of everyone or be outgoing. That has obviously changed now. I love it here because I am comfortable with the people and my surroundings. That’s what I truly need to be myself.


Ruth “Rue” Coulton ~ Integration

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Bonjour! My name is Rue and I still wonder how I got my camp name. However, what I can tell you is that I was born on August 7th in Montreal. Since then, I have also lived in Finland and Germany and am moving to Kingston in the fall. During my spare time, I love to swim, read a good book, watch Grey’s and ER. I also love teaching Sunday school, coaching swim team and babysitting. I have been a camp person since I was 7 though I have been involved with Cairn since I was at Camp Iona in 2005. My favorite camp activities are swimming and canoeing. I come to camp because I love being with children and in God’s Creation. Camp is so important because it gives children and young adults a community of faith in which they can grow and develop many skills. In the years to come, when I temporarily move away from camp, I aspire to be a pediatric cardiovascular nurse practitioner :-)

female profile 3

Elizabeth “Tagu” Cooper ~ Asst. Cook & CYOB Coordinator

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Hey team! Here’s Tagu telling you a little bit about herself. My real name is Elizabeth, but I prefer Liz. My camp name is Tagu and there are many nicknames and abbreviations, ask about them...they’re fun! My hobbies and interests include, music, drama and camping. This is my third year on staff and my eighth summer coming to camp. I’ve been a counsellor, IONA asst. Cook, and CYOB co-ordinator. This fall I’m starting at Conestoga College for Early Childhood Education. I love camp and keep coming back because of the family I have here, the community, and the immense amounts of love.

Amy “Anka” Eastwood ~ Waterfront Director

Camp Name Origin - Anka: During my LIT Trip it rained a lot and I wore a red pancho. This then turned into little red riding hood, and then to children’s stories. We then associated this with Winnie the Pooh, then went to Kanga which was turned into Anka. Interests: swimming, reading, playing Sims, modern history Experience: I’ve spent my whole life working with kids as a babysitter, tutor, swimming instructor, and counsellor photo taken Travis Allison ~

Why I come to camp: To learn to grow in my faith, to spend time in the place that I love, and to work with kids. Why Camp is important: Camp is a safe place that kids can’t often find. It also offers hard skills and a chance to develop in one’s faith with people who are learning too.


Natasha “Burkz” Willis ~ Counsellor Camp Name Origin ~ “BURKZ” : May Staff Weekend, I had 2 minutes before the meeting to come up with one, so Soleil looked at me , and then at my shoes. Birkenstocks. And thus, Burkz was created.

female profile 4

Interests: Bargain shopping, dance, improv, baking, guitar, long walks on the beach. Cool things about me: ~ I went to Nicaragua on a mission trip this past March and helped build a school as well as delivered food packs to needy families. ~ I’m actually tongue-tied ~ my great uncle was a famous British Spy photo taken Travis Allison ~

Favourite Camp People: Refleckta, Plinko, and Oosta Why I came to camp: because its where I feel like I can be myself with out having to try to be something I’m not. Why Camp is so Important: it brings together an amazing community and gives people a sense of belonging.

Karly “Kimona” Knapman ~ Counsellor

photo taken Travis Allison ~

I’m Kimona! I got my name from my LIT trip where I used famous star wars quotes. So star wars 1 to Obi Wonkanobi, which went to Obi, which of course is the back sash on a Kimono. and then Kimono to Kimona :) My main interests are swimming, singing and dancing in the shower. I come to camp because the people here are so open and so caring to each other and always find a way to put others first. Camp is so important to me because there is so much love and consideration for one another and gives me so much to learn about myself and about my faith. I could never pick a favourite female camp person because everyone has so many good qualities they are all fantastic people. I love everyone of you!!!! * muah*

Hilary “Kaya” Orr ~ Counsellor

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Hey! What’s up? During my free time at home I enjoy yoga, drinking chai tea lattes, and I love playing physical activities such as hockey. Just to throw it out there...I also like long walks on the beach and dancing in the rain!!! (hehe) Some cool facts about me are that I love eating food! I will eat anything except mushrooms and olives. My most favourite food is chocolate covered strawberries. YUMMY!!!!!! My experience here at camp is the following...its my 6th year (I think) being here at camp altogether. Last year I did LIT and this is my first year on staff! I absolutely love it here at Cairn. It is another home for me and it is the one place where I can talk to God on so many different levels. I always end up coming back here because of the people and the amazing community. Camp is the most fantastic place to yourself!!!! 7

Krista “Matelle” Steinhart ~ Programme Director &Asst. Cook

photo taken Travis Allison ~

female profile 5

Interests: Baking, horses Origins of camp name Matelle : on my LIT trip I was started like this ~ I like horses - horses jump - jump in french is saute - sautee veggies- paprika - blues clues - perrywinckle tinkertoys - Matelle Cool things about me : i like to learn, I live on a farm, I go to the University of Guelph and take biological Science, I want to be a doctor. Why do you come to camp? I’m inspired to challenge myself at camp and I like inspiring others to challenge themselves. Why is Camp so important? You learn skills differently than the way you learn in school. Camp helps people expand their comfort zones. It important because you meet people that you never get the have to meet and love. You make Lifelong friends.

Chelsie “ Glitz” Boldger ~ Head Counsellor Nicknames: Glitzy, G-Unit, Gritz Experience: 9 years at camp, 5 years as a camper, 2 years as a counsellor, 1 year as IONA asst. Cook, 1 year Head Counsellor Favourite Camp Activities: Climbing Wall and Art & Crafts Interests: Dirt Biking,the beach, WATCHING sports, Cottages, Traveling, Water sports, Helping people, Jack Johnson. Future Career: Social Worker Why I love Camp: I love camp because it is truly a place of great people. I have met the most real people here, some of whom have become my lifelong friends.

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Favourite Camp People: Zilch ~ she is so confident and crazy. When I was a camper I wanted to be JUST like her!!! Matchy ~ she is so caring and understanding. When I was a camper she told me something that kept me coming back to this place...she knows what she said. Thanks my friend!

Kimberly “Athens” Stanbury ~ CYOB Director Years at camp: 12 Experience on Staff: 2 years counselling and 1 year as CYOB Director!! Birthday: May 7th Favourite Camp activity ~ Kayaking photo taken Travis Allison ~

Why I come to camp: Camp has always been a place where I can just be me without other people’s judgment. Plus it’s just fun! Chosen career: Primary school teacher!


Rachel “Soleil” Terry ~ Counsellor

photo taken Travis Allison ~

female profile 6

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Birthday: October 1 Interests: writing, guitar, singing, hockey, painting, boy stuff, the outdoors, swimming. Cool things about me: I live 45 minutes away from camp and I hunt. Why I come to camp: I come to camp to escape the busy world and settle myself in a peaceful, secure, understood place where I can love and express myself as much as I want. Why camp is important: The people. I figure if the world had 2 times more camp people then it does now, there would be no war. At camp you learn how to be a camp person and thats the person I think a lot more people should be like. How I got my camp name: On trip I got this wicked burn and my crocs were shaped with suns in them and we discussed how I “brightened a room when I walk into it” (Pryzm). So Soleil was picked for the french word for sun.

Jessica “Galla” Drury ~ Counsellor Hey girls of Teen Week, my name is Jessica “ Galla” Drury and I’m hoping you love camp just as much as me. My birthday is August 24, 1991 and this is my ninth year at camp. I love hockey and football, they are two of my favorite sports. I also love to coach hockey. One of my most recent favorite pastimes is running. It makes me feel happy, healthy and better about myself. I have one more really cool thing I’d like to share with you, I love hair and I have now had my hair nine different colors. My favorite camp female: One of my favorite females at camp is Match. She has been in my life forever, and whenever I need someone to talk to or an office to cry in, she’s always been there for me, and I appreciate that. She is also an amazing role model, she doesn’t care what she looks like or what people say about her. She just holds her head high and knows that she’s beautiful. One last thing. This place is very special to me because I can be myself. This place is free of judgment and it is encouraged that you be yourself.

Stephanie “Sagga” Neil ~ Counsellor

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Birthday: July 23rd 1990 Interests: Cheerleading, canoeing/kayaking, camp, being with friends. Experience: I’ve been coming to camp for 8 or 9 years. I’ve been a camper, an LIT, and currently I’m a second year counsellor. Cool things about me: I’m from Mississauga and am going into my first year at York University. I’m a vegetarian, I enjoy playing guitar. I like making other people laugh, probably because I love to laugh. I love camp! Why I come to camp: I come to camp because it’s one of the best environments I’ve ever been in. It’s a place that doesn’t judge people and is so friendly and welcoming. The people are absolutely amazing and I’ve made some of the best friends here. Why camp is important: Camp is important because anyone (staff or camper) can feel safe and at home here. It’s amazing because it can mean something special to everyone. 9

Marina “Kriega” Bennett ~ Counsellor

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Birthday: March 23rd 1991 Interests: Graphic design, traveling, kayaking, music, reading, wakeboarding, drawing. Experience: I’ve learned that it’s much more satisfying to live life for yourself and enjoy it than be totally miserable living the life that someone else wants you to live. Cool things about me: I have a green belt in jeet kune do (martial art), broken both arms, my wrist, and had a coat hanger stuck through my eyelid. How I got my camp name: Playing air soccer at the breakfast table during LIT > huge lung capacity (“lungs of steel”) > Storm from X-men > lightning > blitzen (German for lightning) > blitzkrieg > krieg > Kriega! Why I come to camp: I love the welcoming, familial atmosphere; this is where I feel closest to God.

female profile 7

Michelle “Konk” Roberts ~ Eastern Europe Team & LIT Director photo taken Travis Allison ~ www.subtlevoxphotography. com

Interests: Reading, travelling, swimming. Favorite camp activity: Funnen Games. Cool things about me: I got to go to Eastern Europe this summer. Kiwi, Sesame and I worked at camps in Hungary, Croatia and Ukraine. Why camp is important to me: Camp is important to me because it inspires me to be who I truly am. At camp I try things I never would elsewhere, and meet people that I otherwise wouldn’t. Education: I go to Wilfrid Laurier University where I major in North American and Communication studies. At school I am on the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and work at the pool as a lifeguard.

Katie “Dolce” Sebestyen ~LIT Director and Programme Director

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Birthday: May 23rd 1987 Experience: LIT at Kintail, Summer experience traveling Vacation Bible School for Southwestern Ontario, 1 year as a counsellor, 2 years M&D Director, 1 year LIT/ Programme. Interests: music (especially piano and singing), swimming, reading, working with children. About me: I volunteer at a homeless shelter. I’ve been playing the piano for almost 18 years. I’m at Queens University for my bachelor of music and education. Why I come to camp: Camp is my home and my family. I love being at camp and having so much opportunity to meet people and have an impact. 10

female profile 8

Georgina “Kyri” Fung ~Adventure Programmer Interests: Building and supporting computers for other, playing guitar, volleyball, rock climbing, and computer game, photography, travelling, laughing and spending time with friends, learning the Japanese language

photo taken Travis Allison ~

How I got my camp name: I can do a neat trick with a basketball. So we went from basketball to the Harlem Globetrotters. From there we went to the Washington Generals to General Romeo Dallaire (a Canadian General who, among other things, defied the UN's orders to withdraw from Rwanda and defended 20,000 Tutsis with only 270 ill-equipped troops). From Romeo Dallaire we went to Romeo to Shakespeare to Christopher Marlowe. Christopher Marlowe went to Marlon Brando ('cause they sound alike). Marlon Brando went to Apocalypse Now which went to "Flight of the Valkyries" which ended up at Kryi. Why camp is important to me: Camp is important to me because the people at camp are important to me. Cool things about me: I can throw like a “guy”. I’m a lopper Rockstar. I was born in Hong Kong


Megan “Magenta” Allen ~ Head Cook Birthday: December 24 I have been coming to camp for 4 years, and have been working in the kitchen for the majority of that time. I first came to camp in 2005 because my youth leader was a camp person and she told me so many great things about it. Her name was Anne “Antsy” Cheeseman. She also gave me my camp name. Outside of camp I am taking Biotechnology at Brock University and hope to someday do research in human genetics and their effects on disease and disability. I also enjoy music, including singing and playing guitar. photo taken Travis Allison ~

female profile 9

Lauren “Refleckta” Brucker ~LIT Director

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Birthday: January 21 How I got my camp name: Solo portaging ‘Reflection’ canoes on my LIT trip. Interests: I love to be outside and I love to be active. I’m really interested in history (thats what I take at school) and I like to read and write, although I rarely have time to. I also like to cook, dance, play with my dog, and watch movies. Why I come to camp: This is my 8th year at camp and I keep coming back because camp is where I am most comfortable, where I can be my most authentic self. At camp I have the opportunity to get dirty, sing loud and off key, and laugh until I cry on a daily basis. My favorite camp female: Palais! She was my teen week counsellor one year and she inspired me to let myself go and be completely crazy and goofy. She taught me the value of a good cabin cheer and we still have inside jokes from that week.

Laura “Nye” Vereway ~Waterfront & Creations Quest Director

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Birthday: December 11th 1989 Story behind the name: I invented a song to remember the elements of the periodic table and it went from that to Bill Nye the Science Guy to Nye! Cool things about me: I can snap/pop my jaw. I took courses in French at university. I am a master lopper and a tank! Why I come to camp: Because I am attracted to camp and care A LOT about it’s future. I want to see it prosper and grow. I am too invested in camp to leave it. Camp is important: Because you meet people you never would have a chance to meet and get to know them so well. Also, you learn a lot of awesome skills. 12

female profile 10

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Erin “Quill” Wooods ~ Music & Drama Director My name is Erin Woods but you may know me better as Quill. I’m quiet by nature but camp brings me out of my shell a lot. I’m fond of old-fashioned girl things like sewing and crochet, gardens and poetry, dresses and long hair. However, I also can not get enough of climbing trees, working with my hands, playing in the woods, shooting my bow, and playing my drums. Few people expect those things of me and I enjoy surprising them. Camp for me is an opportunity to let loose both sides of my personality. I can be quiet and spiritual, or loud and dramatic. I can be creative and spend time on tiny details, but I can also lash sticks and haul rocks around. Its a chance to teach and to learn. It’s a place where we can get closer to people and closer to God. I am at home here.

Marie-France “Pylonn” Pare ~ Administrator & Camp Photographer

photo taken Travis Allison ~

This is my first summer back to camp since 2004 when I was a second year counsellor. Although I was not working at camp, I kept busy by going to school and working in the city. I graduated from Conestoga College’s Paramedic Programme in 2006 and became qualified as a Flight Paramedic in 2007. While working in the field I travelled to 6 different countries in 4 different continents. I came back to camp this summer because its always been a big part of my life, and over the years I’ve seen the importance in the work that we do here. In total, I’ve been involved with Glen Mhor and Cairn for 11 years as a camper, a volunteer, and as a staff member. In September I am heading back to school for Health Sciences at the University of Waterloo. One of my back-to-school purchases will be a bicycle, and I look forward to leaving my car in the driveway and biking to school whenever I can. I also want to leave myself some time in midst of all of my studies for some of my hobbies: photography, hiking and doing the crossword!!!


Chelsea “Geara” Strachen ~ Counsellor

photo taken Travis Allison ~

My name is Chelsea Rose Strachan, I have been going to camp for 8 years. It has always been my absolute favorite place in the entire world ever since i can remember. There is no feeling like when your car first turns onto the gravel drive way, just an incredible a sense of relief and comfort now that you are home. When L.I.T. finally rolled around i was given the camp name Geara. It came from canoeing on trip, and if you know me you know that my proper place in the canoe is in the "princess seat" ( I'm not crazy about paddling!). So to make up for my lack of arm muscle I started singing Disney songs, before i knew it i was singing at the top of my lungs "Look for the bear necessities..." Bageara the panther is one of the singers of that song, so Bageara went to Geara..and here i am. In the future, in the "real world" I hope to go to Concordia for Theatre Performance and who knows where that will take me. I really believe that the reason i feel so comfortable in my own skin is because of what camp has done for me. It was a place that i learned being yourself is the best thing you can do and changing yourself to conform to all of the pressures that society puts on young girls today just feeds the fire. There were 2 people at camp who i really looked up to as confident, amazing women . They were my LIT directors Snap and Pryzm, they are both just so sure of who they are and who they want to be in the future. I really hope that someday I can have that kind of affect on girls today. It is really because of camp that i can wake up everyday and be happy with who i am.

Greer “Fiero” Gallant ~ Out Tripper

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Name: Greer “Fiero” Gallant Camp name story: Well I was talking very fast at lunch one day and it reminded some people of a character from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which then led to Ferris's sister who drives a Honda Fiero. So in the end I'm named after a car. Birthday: Dec 24, 1988 Experience at camp: TRIP!! Dirt tans, swimming in rapids, pooping in the woods, the rush of adrenaline before paddling hard into moving water, boot sucking mud portages. Large camp fires, trust walks around old Iona, loading canoes on the trailer after a hard trip, slipping and falling, cutting your leg, it gushing blood and then showing off the scar for months about a long lasting reward. Interests ~ cool things about yourself: I'm have this unique skill of communicating with the life forms on Mars...they say hello (post translation). future hopes..what you want to be: A warrior!! A strong independent woman. An Arctic explorer, an emergency medic, a crazy embarrassing mother. Why you think camp is important for females: I think that camp is excellent for all humans, but Women can benefit greatly from its warm welcoming environment. It can develop a shy girl into an outgoing understanding women. I went from being a kid who had very few friends to the girl who can lead a white water canoe trip and portage a canoe 1.7km by herself! God sent me to camp to learn about him because before I was oblivious to his power. People who want to play in the outdoors GO OUTSIDE. People who want to become the outdoors, learn about god, and be challenged...GO TO CAMP!


A Word From One of Us... Erin “Quill” Woods photo taken Natasha L C Dunn photo taken Travis Allison ~

In each edition, we would photo taken Natasha L C Dunn

like to hear what you have to say. This quarter, the words of wisdom come from

photo taken Travis Allison ~

I Am Woman and I am Strong

Erin Woods. “Quill” is a

an article by Erin “Quill” Woods

of Cairn and is

I AM WOMAN AND I AM STRONG... I am as strong as Esther. She was chosen to be Queen because she was beautiful, but she left her mark on history because she was brave. When the Israelite people were threatened with annihilation, she risked her life to confront the King and uncover the plot. The massacre was halted before it began, and her descendents celebrate her victory even today. I can be brave like Esther, because I am strong. I am as strong as Mary in the New Testament, who endured the scorn and disapproval of important people for the sake of honouring Jesus. Though they scorned her actions and her character, Mary poured costly oil over her Lord’s head and washed his dusty feet with her tears. A woman of poor reputation before this event, she is now remembered all over the world as the one person who gave Christ the praise he was owed. I can be worshipful like Mary, because I am strong. I am as strong as Ruth, who left the country she knew and a chance at a good life to stay with Naomi, her destitute mother!in!law whom she loved. Though she was young and beautiful and could have made a good second marriage in her homeland of Moab, she chose to follow Naomi to her native Israel where she was forced to gather leftover grains all day in a field in order to survive.

Despite her adversity, she remained faithful and spoke these words that have since been immortalized: “Where you go I will go, I will go. Where you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. Where you die, I will die, and that is where I will be buried. May the Lord’s worst punishment come upon me if I let anything but death separate me from you.” I can be loyal like Ruth, because I am strong. I am as strong as Mary of Nazareth, who went through a pre!marital pregnancy that was absolutely unacceptable in her culture. She accepted this mission from God with full knowledge of what her family, her community, and her husband!to!be would think. Despite their disapproval, despite the shame the situation should have brought upon her, she glorified God because she recognized the wonder of what he had done, and she had faith that the Lord could achieve anything. I can be faithful like Mary, because I am strong. I can be as strong as Miriam, who lived in Egypt during the time when all Hebrew baby boys were ordered to be put to death. When her baby brother was born, Miriam’s mother hid the child from the Egyptian soldiers for three months, and when she could hide him no more Miriam helped to lay him in a wat!


long-time staff member currently studying at Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario. ertight basket and place him in the river, trusting that God could save his life. Despite the risk to herself, Miriam stayed close by the water and watched the basket as it drifted down to where the Pharaoh’s daughter was bathing. When the Princess opened the basket and found the crying baby, Miriam boldly stepped out and offered to find an Israelite nurse for him. The Princess said “Please do, and I will pay her.” Miriam ran home to her mother, who was then able to nurse her child until he was old enough to be adopted into the Princess’ household. I can be nurturing like Miriam, because I am strong. I can be anything and do anything with the help of God, because I am a woman and I am strong.


HUNGRY??? FROM T A E R T E L T T I L TASTIC N A F S I H T T U O TA!!! WHY NOT TRY N E G A M F E H C MASTER FROM THE KITCHEN…yes friends, its your favourite scrumptious snack from camp...


1 sleeve unsalted soda crackers 1 cup margarine or butter melted 1 cup Brown sugar 2 cups chocolate chips





share a little goodie from the camp kitchen. We all deserve a treat every now and then! Thanks to “Magenta” who served as our Kitchen Manager in 2008 and is already on board for 2009! She is a student at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

Step 2

Place crackers side by side on a lined cookie sheet. (note: To line the pan, you can use tin foil, waxed paper or parchment paper.)

Step 3

Combine the melted butter and brown sugar.

Step 4

Pour this mixture over the crackers and make sure they are covered.

Step 5

Sprinkle the chocolate chips on top evenly.

Step 6

Bake at 350 degrees for 5-8 minutes.

Step 7

Remove the pan from the oven and spread the chocolate around using a spoon or spatula.

Step 8

Cool in the fridge or freezer until chocolate has hardened.

Step 9 ENJOY


The Building Blocks of Self Esteem



GAMES... we will highlight an article or two worth reading. We recommend to you: “10 tips to kick start your self esteem!” by Julie Plenty. You can find the full article at: cgi-bin/motivation/ read=232 Julie lists 10 simple but effective steps to think about as you work to build your self-esteem. Definitely worth a read!


The Spotlight by Beth “Topaz” Allison

MARY A Woman of Strength and Courage

At this time of year

, we take time to

remember of one of the most remarkable women in history. Mary, the mother of our Saviour, was given a role that is truly indescribable. I have often wondered how Mary must have felt with such a phenomenal responsibility at such a young age in a time when women were not seen as much more than property. She was poor, young and likely very afraid but she heard the call of God and answered. Amy Grant, song writer and performer, wrote this song from the viewpoint of Mary in 1992. It is a haunting, timeless piece of music that will touch your soul. To learn more about Mary’s story, you can read about her in Luke 1:26#56 in your Bibles. Her song is found in vs. 46#55.

Mary’s Song -- Breath of Heaven By Amy Grant

!Chorus:" Breath of heaven Hold me together Be forever near me Breath of heaven Breath of heaven Lighten my darkness Pour over me your holiness For you are holy Breath of heaven

I have traveled many moonless nights Cold and weary with a babe inside And I wonder what I've done Holy Father you have come And chosen me now To carry your son I am waiting in a silent prayer I am frightened by the load I bear In a world as cold as stone Must I walk this path alone Be with me now Be with me now

You can listen to this beautiful song at: 18

Do you wonder as you watch my face If a wiser one should have had my place But I offer all I am For the mercy of your plan Help me be strong Help me be Help me

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We want to hear from you! This is your magazine. We have created it so that our female campers, LITs, Staff members and alumni can contribute, communicate and build each other up . We want to know what you are up to, what you worry about, where you find strength. Our next issue will come out in the spring of 2009 and we would love to add articles from you, profiles from you, advice from you. We want to share what you are doing, what groups you are involved and how you are making the world a better place! If you have books we should read, workshops we should attend or other ideas to share that will help us to develop stronger, more confident women, please drop us a line at! 19

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