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THANK YOU so much for participating in our very first “Thanks for the Evening, Friends” event on Saturday, June 6th. How wonderful it is to know that Cairn people all over our Synod will be sitting around a c a m p fi r e ( r e a l o r imaginary) and sleeping outside under the stars all on the same night! In order to make it an evening to remember for y o u r f a m i l y, w e h a v e prepared a suggested list of Cairn songs and activities. Feel free to incorporate any or all of them into your evening. We are sure your camper(s) will be able to share a lot more of their Cairn games and songs with you!


WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! We hope that you are able to take some photos along the way of your experience. If you do, please forward a few of them on to camp; weʼd love to put them up on our website to share with our whole Cairn Family.


The Outdoor Centre staff will be participating in this event so look for their antics online too! Our great appreciation goes out to all of you. Thanks for the Evening, Friends!


Thanks for the Evening Friends.. Its all about FOOD!

HAVING DINNER OUTSIDE? If you would like to start with dinner outside, may we recommend, Tin Foil Dinners? (a favourite at Iona)

This recipe is for 4 people. Ingredients 4 Sausages (thawed) 4 Large Potatoes cubed 4 medium carrots diced or shredded 4 tablespoons of margarine 1 large onion spices Directions:


SNACK TIME Here is the recipe for a snack for the evening始s festivities. This recipe is for 4 people so multiply accordingly for the size of your group!

1. Make 4 large tinfoil sheets. 2. On each one put a sausage, the equivalent of 1 potato, 1 carrot, 1 tablespoon of margarine, and 1/4 of an onion. 3. Add spices to your liking. 4. Wrap tinfoil tightly but be careful to not rip the tinfoil. 5. Cook on BBQ or Fire until cooked. Probably will take 30-45 minutes.

1. Lay the Saltine Cra ckers out on a li n e d c o o k ie sheet. Th is can be li ned with Wax Paper, Tin foil or Parchment Paper. 2. Melt Bu tt s u g a r t o er and Brown g e t h e r in microwave the .

3 . Po u r B u over crack tt e r M ix tu re ers evenly. 4. Place ch over crack ocolate chips ers evenly. 5. Heat in Minutes at oven for 3-5 3 until choco 50 deg rees or late chips melted eno ugh to spre are ad. 6. Spread ch over all cr ocolate evenly ackers and p in fridg e f o r 2 lace 0-30 minutes.

Bee's Bark - a camp fav! Ingredients 1 cup of butter 1/2 cup Brown Sugar 1 Sleeve of Saltine Crackers 2 cups Chocolate Chips


7. Break ap a and ENJOY rt into pieces :)

A FEW ACTIVITIES THAT MAY LIKE TO TRY! GAME #2 HAGOO Separate the family into two groups and stand in two separate lines (shoulder to shoulder) facing the opposite group. The two groups should be about three or four feet apart. The players at the opposite ends of each line are opponents. They will step out of the lines, so they are facing each other and looking down the middle of the two rows (like an old cowboy shoot-off). They will both say, “Hagoo,” start to walk down the row toward each other. They must not break eye contact and the object is to get to the opposite end of the line without laughing or smiling. When the players pass each other, they must continue to maintain eye contact. If a person does

GAME #1 ENCORE Divide your family into 2 teams. Choose a word and allow each team several minutes to secretly brainstorm and write down all the songs they can think of that have this word in the first verse or chorus. Now take turns singing your songs (alternating after each song). As the songs are sung, make sure each team crosses it of their list (if a song is repeated, the other team scores a point). The last team to run out of songs wins the round. Play for several rounds. Suggested words are: love, rock, Jesus, snow.

break eye contact, laughs, or smiles, they then must join the end of the line of the opposing team. The teams can do or say any silly things to make the opposing player crack up, but they must be careful not to make their own player lose concentration. The

teams may NOT touch another player. This process will continue until everyone has had a turn or until you’ve run out of laughter! The team with the most players at the conclusion of the game, wins.

GAME # 3 - CO-OP SPELLING Divide into 2 teams/ahead of time, write out the following letters on post-it notes. Give each team a set of letters. Both teams should have the same letters. Call out words to be spelled. Teams must run up to front and spell letter in correct order. (letters to be used: 32 each - a, b, 2 x c, 2 x d, 3 x e, f, 2 x g, h, 1 x i, 2 x l, m, 2 x n, 2 x o, p, 2 x r, 2 x s, t, u, v, w, y, z) Words to be spelled: wiggle, correct, necessary, continue, recognize, styrofoam, partners, videotape, balloons, mountain, descendant, energize, strangers, friendship (if you have younger children, choose simpler words and change your letters accordingly)

CAMPFIRE TIME ! HERE’S SOME NEW MUSIC FOR YOU! SONG # 1 Let Me See Your Alligator (march together while chanting) Let me see your alligator (echo: whatʼs that you say) I said, let me see your alligator (echo: whatʼs that you say) I said, let me see your alligator (echo: whatʼs that you say) I said, ooh aah alligator, ooh ahh, one more time, ooh, ahh alligator, ooh ahh back in time (doing alligator chomping motions with your arms) Repeat and replace alligator with: • Charlie Brown (dancing back and forth on your toes like Snoopy) • John Travolta (dancing the Saturday Night Fever dance) • Bacon Sizzle (lying on the ground and ʻsizzlingʼ) SONG #2 There Was a Great Big Moose There was a great big moose (echo), He liked to drink a lot of juice (echo) REPEAT Chorus Singing, woahhh (echo) Wayo, wayo, wayo, wayo (echo) Wayo, wayo,(echo) Wayo, wayo, wayo, wayo (echo) His name was Fred (echo), He liked to drink his juice in bed (echo) REPEAT Chorus

Thereʼs a sun, and a moon and a coconut cream pie But there are no bananas in the sky, in the sky. Keep singing and each time through eliminate the following words in this order ʻbananasʼ, then ʻskyʼ, ʻsun, and a ʻmoonʼ and a ʻcoconut cream pieʼ SONG #4 If You Love Jesus If you love Jesus (echo), clap your hands (echo) Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Oooo aahhh if you love Jesus If you love Jesus (echo), stomp your feet (echo) Na nanananananananananananananannan anana Oooo aahhh if you love Jesus If you love Jesus (echo), nod your head (echo) Na nanananananananananananananannan anana Oooo aahhh if you love Jesus If you love Jesus (echo), do all three (echo) Na nanananananananananananananannan anana Oooo aahhh if you love Jesus

SONG #3 There Are No Bananas in the Sky This is a song that eliminates one word each time you sing it.

SONG #5 Jesus Loves Me (begin slapping pattern and continue through song -- slap left knee, right knee, clap) Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so Little ones to Him belong, they are weak and He is strong CHORUS: Singing na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na, Na na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na

There are no bananas in the sky, in the sky There are no bananas in the sky, in the sky

Sing about His love, about His love sing, Sing about His love, about His love sing Repeat CHORUS

He drank his juice with care (echo), but he spilled it on his hair (echo) REPEAT Chorus Now heʼs a sticky moose (echo), heʼs a moose, full of juice, on the loose (echo) Chorus

Jesus loves me when Iʼm good, when I do the things I should Jesus loves me when Iʼm bad, even though it makes Him sad CHORUS SONG #6 Oh When the Saints/Swing Low/Iʼm Gonna Sing, Sing, Sing This song is sung in 3 parts at the same time -- we always start on When the Saints and then break off into parts and rotate through all the songs) Oh when the saints, go marching in Oh when the saints go marching in Oh how I want to be in that number When the saints go marching in Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home I wanna sing, sing, sing, I wanna shout, shout, shout I wanna sing, I wanna shout, unto the Lord Makes no difference what they say, gonna praise Him anyway Gonna sing my praises to the Lord SONG #7 Father, I Adore You Try singing it in a round! Father, I adore You and I lay my life before You How I love You Replace Father with Jesus, Spirit, Three in One. SONG #8 Jesus is the Answer This is just the chorus of this song. We sing it through twice. Jesus is the answer for the world today. Above Him thereʼs no other, Jesus is the way Jesus is the answer for the world today. Above Him thereʼs no other, Jesus is the way

...and now to end off your evening Vespers (you will need a ball of wool) Have your family members form a circle. Have one person hold the ball of yarn and go first. Holding the ball of yarn, tell the others that the yarn is to be tossed back and forth between them. Each time a family member catches the yarn, this person is to name a gift they can identify in themselves and then toss the yarn to someone else. Continue to toss the yarn until everyone has caught it and named a gift at least 3 or 4 times.. Have the last person toss the yarn back to the the ʻleaderʼ. Have everyone hold the yarn and tug gently. Have the ʻleaderʼ let

go of the yarn so that the family can experience what happens when just one individual lets go. This can illustrate how important and valuable each person is to Godʼs plan in your family. When even one family member is missing, it affects the whole group. Now take the yarn back into the ʻleaderʼsʼ hand. Have the group step back. Have the family look at the beautiful design they have created together and pray together. Sing: Go well and safely, go well and safely, go well and safely, The Lord be ever with you.

Let’s Pray: Pray together thanking God for a special time as a family and for all your ‘family’ members (related by blood or not). Ask God to bless the camping ministry this summer, to give the staff the energy and wisdom they need to do their jobs, and to open the hearts of minds of all who participate so that they may become stronger, more confident and more thoughtful role models to all their friends and families.

And then say altogether: Thanks for the evening, friends. Goodnight everyone! Sleep tight! Thank you so much for the evening, friends. We are VERY grateful!

Thanks for the Evening Friends Fundraiser  

Newsletter for Families

Thanks for the Evening Friends Fundraiser  

Newsletter for Families