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The Spotlight by Beth “Topaz” Allison

MARY A Woman of Strength and Courage

At this time of year

, we take time to

remember of one of the most remarkable women in history. Mary, the mother of our Saviour, was given a role that is truly indescribable. I have often wondered how Mary must have felt with such a phenomenal responsibility at such a young age in a time when women were not seen as much more than property. She was poor, young and likely very afraid but she heard the call of God and answered. Amy Grant, song writer and performer, wrote this song from the viewpoint of Mary in 1992. It is a haunting, timeless piece of music that will touch your soul. To learn more about Mary’s story, you can read about her in Luke 1:26-56 in your Bibles. Her song is found in vs. 46-55.

Mary’s Song -- Breath of Heaven By Amy Grant

[Chorus:] Breath of heaven Hold me together Be forever near me Breath of heaven Breath of heaven Lighten my darkness Pour over me your holiness For you are holy Breath of heaven

I have traveled many moonless nights Cold and weary with a babe inside And I wonder what I've done Holy Father you have come And chosen me now To carry your son I am waiting in a silent prayer I am frightened by the load I bear In a world as cold as stone Must I walk this path alone Be with me now Be with me now

You can listen to this beautiful song at: 18

Do you wonder as you watch my face If a wiser one should have had my place But I offer all I am For the mercy of your plan Help me be strong Help me be Help me

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