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Ruth “Rue” Coulton ~ Integration

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Bonjour! My name is Rue and I still wonder how I got my camp name. However, what I can tell you is that I was born on August 7th in Montreal. Since then, I have also lived in Finland and Germany and am moving to Kingston in the fall. During my spare time, I love to swim, read a good book, watch Grey’s and ER. I also love teaching Sunday school, coaching swim team and babysitting. I have been a camp person since I was 7 though I have been involved with Cairn since I was at Camp Iona in 2005. My favorite camp activities are swimming and canoeing. I come to camp because I love being with children and in God’s Creation. Camp is so important because it gives children and young adults a community of faith in which they can grow and develop many skills. In the years to come, when I temporarily move away from camp, I aspire to be a pediatric cardiovascular nurse practitioner :-)

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Elizabeth “Tagu” Cooper ~ Asst. Cook & CYOB Coordinator

photo taken Travis Allison ~

Hey team! Here’s Tagu telling you a little bit about herself. My real name is Elizabeth, but I prefer Liz. My camp name is Tagu and there are many nicknames and abbreviations, ask about them...they’re fun! My hobbies and interests include, music, drama and camping. This is my third year on staff and my eighth summer coming to camp. I’ve been a counsellor, IONA asst. Cook, and CYOB co-ordinator. This fall I’m starting at Conestoga College for Early Childhood Education. I love camp and keep coming back because of the family I have here, the community, and the immense amounts of love.

Amy “Anka” Eastwood ~ Waterfront Director

Camp Name Origin - Anka: During my LIT Trip it rained a lot and I wore a red pancho. This then turned into little red riding hood, and then to children’s stories. We then associated this with Winnie the Pooh, then went to Kanga which was turned into Anka. Interests: swimming, reading, playing Sims, modern history Experience: I’ve spent my whole life working with kids as a babysitter, tutor, swimming instructor, and counsellor photo taken Travis Allison ~

Why I come to camp: To learn to grow in my faith, to spend time in the place that I love, and to work with kids. Why Camp is important: Camp is a safe place that kids can’t often find. It also offers hard skills and a chance to develop in one’s faith with people who are learning too.


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Why I come to camp: To learn to grow in my faith, to spend time in the place that I love, and to work with kids.