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THE CHANTICLEER The Student newspaper of Jacksonville State University since 1934

September 23, 2010

Volume 59, Issue 3

JSU sponsors Health Fair

inTHE NEWS WLJS hits 35th year on the air At noon on Wednesday, September 29, WLJS will reach a milestone as it celebrates its 35th Anniversary of being on the air. We want to invite everyone who has been a DJ at WLJS for this event, which will be in Room 120 of Self Hall. To commemorate the occasion, 92-J will start the day’s programming off with a recording of Dr. Ernest Stone from the original first broadcast. After that several original DJs will “take over” the airwaves of WLJS, leading off with the first song ever played on WLJS, Led Zepplin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” If you have any questions about the event please contact Program Director Billy S Ramsey at (256) 782-8204 or e-mail him at

By AMANDA KELLY Staff Writer


JSU is not part of a Minaj concert scam Jacksonville State University is not part of a Nicki Minaj concert scam, contrary to reports being widely circulated on the Internet recently, including an article on MTV. com. The JSU Office of Public Relations received notfication through Google Alerts that the university’s name was associated with scams in two articles, one on and another on Barista. net. Originally, Jacksonville State University’s name was associated with both articles, with the article adding that tickets had already been sold to a Jacksonville State University concert on October 15. No such concert ever existed, according to Terry Casey, director of the Office of Student Life. According to Casey, any concert or event at Jacksonville State University must be approved by the Office of Student Life and the Student Government Association.

Student health was on the minds of many who attended Jacksonville State University’s Health Fair at the Theron Montgomery Building on Tuesday. More than 30 booths, representing different health topics, were set up for the event. Those staffing the booths provided information about smoking, eating healthy and drug awareness. The group Sav-A-Life sponsored an anti-drug booth. The anti-drug awareness group gave a dramatic presentation of the pitfalls of drug use. Other booths promoted everything from anti-smoking campaigns to health supplies. With the flu season approaching, a booth was set up with information to help prevent Influenza. Many drug stores in the area are offering flu shots this season. The booths also featured clinics that specalized in specific health concerns, such as mental health issues, or where to go if a person is sick and has no insurance. Some health sponsors set up machines to check bone density, body weight, body fat percentages and blood pressure rates. Everyone who attended the event received a map, a card with 10 empty spaces and a comment page after signing in. You ask, Why? If attendees filled out the comment page, they were invited to indulge in free refreshments. Also, there were booths set up where students, faculty and staff could register for a chance to win a pool of prizes. Along with the refreshments, goodies were given away that included everything from toothbrushes to stain-remover pens. FLICKR

According to Sean Ponder, director of Academic Computing and Network Support, completion of a new WiFi system across campus is nearly finished. Only a few wireless connection points are left to be installed. To access the hotspots, Ponders says that students, faculty and staff must use their MyJSU credentials to log in. For a list of hotspots on campus, go to

inSIDE Wacky, tacky, but true. Recently in the news, several events over the past couple of weeks have just made us going through a “things that make you go hmmmmm” moment. The Chanticleer previews some of those types of stories in our latest news feature. Story Page 2

BURTON UNPLUGGED James Burton changes pace with introduction of a new advice column. Story Page 2.

SJC: Long removal unwarranted By MJ ORTIZ News Editor Chief Justice Jessica Hairston of the Student Judicial Council ruled that SGA President Timothy Long did not violate any regulations that would cause him to be removed from office. The ruling was issued after a special session was called to discuss the situation among SJC officers. A recommendation for impeach-

ment was introduced at SGA’s first organizational meeting after it was reported that Long was arrested for urinating in public at Brothers Bar Long in Jacksonville on Aug. 20. Student reaction to the incident

overwhelmingly favors Long. In a statement released by Long after the incident, the SGA president said: “I am also a student, just like anybody else. And I am prepared to and I am prepared to make any decisions necessary concerning my position as the SGA President, even if that means to resign or to remain the SGA President.” Long will meet with SGA Student Advisor Debbie Taylor to discuss any upcoming appeals.

Intramural Sports The Baptist Campus Ministeries faced the Endless Scrimps during co-recreational Flag Football on September 13. For the latest on intramural sporting events, visit www.

It may be a little early to make a prediction, but “Halo: Reach” may be 2010’s “Game of the Year.” Story Page 4 Photo by Kevin Brant/ The Chanticleer


Volume 59, Issue 3

The Student newspaper of Jacksonville State University since 1934

September 23, 2010


Writer debuts advice column

Wacky, Tacky, but True

By James Burton Staff Columnist My dearest reader fans: I’m changing paces. One of the most pivotal changes, of course, is the fact that this will be my last semester at JSU -- unless I find out at the last minute that I should have taken underwater basket weaving 102 instead of underwater basket weaving 104. With this being my farewell tour, I find it appropriate to try something where I can actually help someone as opposed to just out and out challenge the status quo. As my cousin, Thad Burton, takes over my former position of offensive Op-Ed commentator, I’ve decided to explore a different area to my stellar career as a journalist for The Chanticleer -- an advice column. I know you’re thinking: “Oh God, Burton is doing ‘Ask Julie’ now!” Well, it’s not really that simple. Julie’s forte is love, relationships, mushy crap, etc. You know, all that stuff where I fail miserably. I will, however, attempt to tackle anything you throw at me (and yes, if that means love and relationships, I’ll write those as well. Just don’t be surprised if it’s not what you want to hear.) So for the foreseeable future, stay tuned for “Ask Burton” or “Burton Speaks” or maybe even “Burton Unplugged.” (I don’t know. I never wrote the titles for my Op-Ed pieces. And don’t expect me to come up with a title for this column either. Send me what you think it should be.) For those of you willing to stand up to the challenge, send marriage proposals, death threats and opposing points of view to Thad; send recipes, demo tapes and other things of personal interest to me at I’m actually looking forward to hearing from people this time!

The reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” featuring Mama Kardashian, Kourtney, Khole and Kim (from left), is blamed for causing ‘extreme emotional distress’ to a Pennsylvania corrections officer. Photo: Perez Hilton

Kardashians cause ‘extreme’ distress LOLs! This story is HIGHlarious!!! An inmate at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is claiming he experienced “extreme emotional distress due to their outrageousness of actions.” D.J. Goodson says he was forced to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami and became permanently scarred after watching domestic abuse from a boxing match with Kim on an episode, as well as emotional abuse from Kourtney’s “rantings.” The lawsuit also states that he went under distress from racism after Khloe referred to a doll as “the black baby.” He is currently suing for $75,000. Oh bb, we’re actually, really rooting for you! Honest! We only wish we came up with the idea first!

Bill Clinton, The Opera? Ha! We’re actually sort of intrigued with the idea of this mess! President Bill cLinton’s life story is apparently being adapted into an OPERA called Billy Blythe, which is being described as “a coming of age story set in the late 1950’s in Hot Springs” that “will explain how the natural state helped shape and mold the man we now know as President Bill Clinton.” The title comes from Clinton’s birth name, William Jefferson Blythe III, and instead of focusing on all of the fun and scandalous shiz that went down during his years in office, it will instead be centered around “a pivotal moment in Billy Blythe’s coming of age because he has to stand up to his step-father, Roger Clinton, in a life-changing domestic conflict.” Lame! We want Sarah Brightman as Monica Lewinsky! LOLs! If you’re going to go bizarre enough to write an opera about Bill Clinton, you might as well go all the way!

Antoine Dodson buys a house with Mockery Money We continue to make fun of him, and you know what? He continues to profit from it! The Bed Intruder Song has now made Antoine Dodson so much money that he’s been able to move his entire family into a safer home. Here’s what Dodson had to say about the new house: “We found a house! [We are so] excited … It’s for my whole family. And these are new houses that have just been built.” Dodson has also decided to use his newfound money to go back to school: “I signed up to finish my associate’s degree in business. That way I can take everything to the next level and be on a more professional level.” He’s mentioned a desire to open a hotel or a salon. We think a salon sounds like a great idea! We can see the commercial now: “Well, obviously we have a Salon in Lincoln Park. We’re styling your hair well, we’re giving you a haircut, we’re trying to cut hair, so you need to bring your kids, bring your wife, and bring your husband because we’re styling everybody up in here.” We continue to wish Dodson the best of luck with his endeavors! We’ve included the Bed Intruder Song video (above) to remind us all what’s paying for Antoine Dodson’s house and continuing education. Would U go to a salon run by Antoine Dodson?

This couple is out of control!!! Randy and Evi Quaid were arrested Saturday afternoon on charges of felony burglary, and resisted arrest for Evi, after they broke into their former home and was found living there illegally! The owner of the Quaids’ former home called police when an alarm went off in the house. The owner sent a realtor to check in on the house and when he arrived, he found the place had been trashed!! He found dirty dishes, footprints and clothes everywhere, and then discovered that the Quaids had changed all the gate codes and moved the security cameras.He even found a broken $7,000 mirror that had been hanging over the fireplace, which had been replaced by a photo of Randy and Evi!!

Calendar Nov. 12

Sept. 25 On Saturday, Jacksonville State University’s Rugby team will host its third annual “Ruck for the Cure,” a tournament benefiting breast cancer awareness and research. The tournament will be held at the Intramural Fields at JSU, located beside Pete Mathews Coliseum. The games will start at 10 a.m. and last until around 4 p.m. JSU will play against the University of Alabama and Auburn University, among other teams. After the tournament, a social will be held for anyone who wants to attend.

Each Monday through November 12, there is a JSU interactive Radio Show in the Stadium Club. The radio show is only from 6:00-7:00 p.m. and pizza and drinks are provided! In the show Coach Crowe and Mike Paris (with JSU Radio) will talk about the previous game and upcoming game. There is also an audience Q&A time with Coach Crowe or any of the present football players present. There’s even a chance the show might be on TV! Help us pack the house!

Oct. 2

Show your Gamecock Pride at the next SGA Tailgate Party on October 2, when JSU takes on Murray State. The theme for the day will be “Red Out JSU,” and all students and student organizations are encouraged to wear red and follow the theme all day, from the tailgate party into the student section at the stadium.

Volume 59, Issue 3

The Student newspaper of Jacksonville State University since 1934


September 23, 2010

Bill Boykins: Editor: Kevin Brant: Associate Editor: MJ Ortiz: News Editor: Matthew Tyson: Online Edior: Advertising:


Derka, Derka Bias? By Thad Burton Staff Opinion Columnist One of the hottest topics going around cable news stations these days is the proposed building of the New York mosque at Ground Zero. Unless you have been living under a proverbial rock, you should be familiar with the subject of which I am writing. I feel that if Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann, and Jon Stewart can have their voices heard, I can too. First of all, I want to address all of those affected by the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, by saying you will never be forgotten. What happened that day impacted my generation like the assassination of JFk impacted my parents’ generation. I will never forget the exact spot where I was standing when I heard the news that the first tower had gone down. However, I have digressed from my main point that those affected are in our thoughts and prayers. Now, on to the million-dollar question. I believe that we should let them build a mosque wherever they want. I’m sorry FOX News. I thought the First Amendment gave us the right to freedom of religion and assembly. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. If I wanted to start a satanic church (which I don’t) in Jacksonville, then my interpretation of the Bill of Rights says that I can do so. However, my opponents like to group all Muslims into the jihad terrorist category (FYI: jihad translates as struggle not “holy war”). They want us to believe that by building this community center, we will be constructing a New York City-based terrorist command center. What about the other thousands of mosques in America? Are they breeding grounds too? A better question is why are these people painted in such a negative light? I could spend all day detailing the ins and outs of Islam, but I am late for a dentist appointment. I simply want to clarify that the idea of jihad towards nonbelievers does not come literally from the Qur’an, but from Hasan Al-Banna’s treatise, Jihad. In fact, a narrative in the Qur’an says that suicide automatically makes a person go to Hell. Yes, it is true that that the people we classify as terrorists are Muslim, but not all Muslims are terrorists. These jihadists have interpreted verses to suit their agenda, just as many parts of the Bible can be interpreted in the same manner. Therefore, why should we condemn the group as a whole? Lastly, I want to address America. Most of us cannot understand why these terrorists hate us so much. Our country is a world power that influences every part of the planet with its foreign policies. Sometimes our actions are seen as over stepping our boundaries, such as with the unconditional support of Israel and the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. These are just two examples foreign policies that fuel Islamic terror. We have to understand that Islam is a very conservative religion, and it has its struggles adapting to modern day societies. We cannot just watch FOX News or CNN and blindly believe everything that we are told. FOX News won’t even tell us that their second largest shareholder has given money to the Imam in charge of the NYC community center project. We have to do our own research and not just be mindless Glenn Beck drones. You can e-mail Thad at

H C T A R C S N E K C I H C Chicken Scratch is back.This column is a tool for you to express your feelings about any topic that comes to mind. The bookstore on Mountain across from the stadium is cheaper, friendlier, and will take a post-dated check until student loans come in! Thanks.

Super Villain Quote of the Week: “That’s what you get for calling Tech Support (evil laugh).” I love you Spencer!

Remember children if you’re a bad terrorist, they’ll send Agent Flowers after you, and you really don’t want that. THIS IS SPARTA! THIS IS SPARTA! THIS IS SPARTA! Sorry, I was listening to music. Did anyone else hear about the new dorms? It would seem as though the construction manager really dropped the ball. Good thing I commute. Wesley Foundation Rocks!! Come out every Thursday at 7 p.m. for free food and worship. I here by endorse Dick

Chaney, or as he is known in Japan (Wario) as the presidential candidate for 2012.



I’d love to see an article on the Mimosa (if it’s still being done; why it’s been stopped?; if anyone is trying to restart it) Please submit your scratches online by clicking on the submit button in the first column of our web page. The editors reserved the right to pull any items considered offensive or demeaning to any individual or institution.

What the bleep, bleep, bleep is Lady Gaga wearing? Yeaaah! Chicken scratch is back!!! Been looking forward to it all summer! I have no life... Two miracle finishes in two weeks. Ivory may be starting the season slow, but he has showed “the goods” when he needs too. Ey Girl Can, I Get Cho Numba Math is cool!


FROM THE CHANTICLEER EDITOR You all have probably been wondering who’s running The Chanticleer office? Well, my name is Bill Boykins and for the past two months, my staff and I have been working very hard to bring to the students, faculty and staff of Jacksonville State University, as well as the community, a new and improved product. We’re still a work in progress, but from the response we’ve received, you all are liking what you see. We’ll be adding more features as the weeks progress and we welcome your input You can e-mail me at Again, thanks for your support.

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Volume 59, Issue 3

The Student newspaper of Jacksonville State University since 1934


September 23, 2010


Jacksonville State University art instructor Ron Baker explains his artwork, Red Dirt Farmer, which is part of the faculty exhibit at Hammond Hall gallery. Photo: Hervey Folsom

Art exhibit shows JSU faculty talent By FRAN POPOVIC Features Editor Jacksonville State University’s Department of Art kicked the semester off by holding a faculty art exhibit at Hammond Hall Gallery. Students and professors alike gathered to see the latest works of art by the one and only JSU art faculty. The gallery doors opened at 4:30 p.m. on Sept. 9. Professors gathered for a reception to present their art and answer any questions. Roughly 30 pieces were displayed. Art types ranged from canvas paintings and photography, to ceramics, wood assem-

blages and more. Professor Laverne Lombardi shared her thoughts about the exhibit. “I think it’s great that there are so many different pieces in here. It can be dull to look at the same type of art over and over, so this is refreshing.” Lombardi said. The wide variety of art pieces, all with their own story and meaning, made it necessary to speak with individual artists to uncover what the pieces represented. Professor Ron Baker, for example, was very detailed with the analysis and interpretation of his work. Baker’s work gave the gallery a sense of depth as it was posi-

tioned in the center of the room. If you missed the reception, there is no need to worry. The faculty art exhibit will be open to the public on weekdays. The exhibit will close on October 7. Hammond Hall Gallery will be busy through the whole academic year as various other exhibitions open. Following the faculty’s art exhibit, the works of Jinsook Kim and Karen Wasden will be displayed. A reception for the opening will be Thursday, Oct. 21, at 7 p.m. Additional information about the events at the Hammond Hall Gallery is posted on Jacksonville State University’s web site at

Halo Reach takes on gamers

FACULTY EXHIBIT WHAT: FACULTY ART EXHIBIT, featuring art work by the faculty of the Department of Art. WHEN: Through October 7. WHERE: Hammond Hall Gallery on the campus of Jacksonville State University. INFORMATION: For more information, call the Jacksonville State University Art Department or the Hammond Hall Gallery.

UPCOMING EXHIBIT ALSO: Works by Jinsook Kim and Karen Wasden will be featured Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. at the Hammond Hall Gallery. For more information, call the Jacksonville State University Art Department.




It may be a little early to make a prediction, but “Halo: Reach” may be 2010’s “Game of the Year.” Quite simply put, “Reach” is easily the best and most polished “Halo” game to date. Bungie did an exceptional job fine-tuning the “Halo” series’ game play for their final “Halo” game. This game feels like a brand new “Halo” game, yet it has a nostalgic feeling that everyone who played the previous “Halo” games will recognize. Plus, I have only been able to find one actual problem with “Reach” –– when the action gets heated and lots of things are going on around you, there are frame rate slowdowns. The graphics are almost perfect in “Reach.” All of the textures look detailed and Bungie put effort into the smallest parts of the game. For example, in the opening cut scene your custom created Spartan is used to make you feel like you are Noble 6 and an integral part of the story. All of the guns, characters and vehicles look vibrant and are flawlessly modeled. Just look at the sniper rifle’s scope, it is a piece of eye-candy that Halo Reach makes waves. you can look at and see the world of “Reach” in an entirely new and technological light. As I previously mentioned, the only bad thing about the graphics are the occasional slowdowns “Halo: Reach” has a new twist to the familiar during intense game play moments. “Halo” game play. It’s difficult to determine ev“Reach” has a soundtrack that was expertly composed, and all of the music and sound effects fit erything that Bungie changed for “Reach” because many of the adjustments were minor. perfectly. But even the smallest changes that were made Every explosion, music change and gunshot intensifies the experience. The audio to “Reach” is tai- add up to a superior gaming experience. “Reach” builds upon the previous “Halo” experience perlored perfectly to each experience in every moment of the game, and the transition from intense battle to fectly, and probably my favorite addition to the game play –– the campaign specifically –– is the the aftermath is barely noticeable. wild creatures that inhabit the world of “Reach.” This “Halo” game has essentially the same control scheme that made the franchise so easy to pick Ian Hopkins is a writer for the Rocky Mountain up and play when it first came out. Collegian. Read more here: http://www.collegian. Everything just works and the variations on the com/index.php/article/2010/09/091710_videogame control schemes Bungie included in the game let each player finely tune the button combinations to Copyright 2010 Rocky Mountain Collegian fit what works best for each individual player.

For the first few minutes of the new film “Buried,” we see nothing but a black screen and hear nothing but the screams of truck driver Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds), as we, along with our protagonist, realize that he has been buried alive in a coffin somewhere in the deserts of Iraq. Though the problem of a light-source is soon fixed (Conroy thankfully finds a Zippo lighter), the entirety of the film is this one man trapped in a box, trying desperately to escape it. Claustrophobia and fear of isolation are painfully present in the movie, but it doesn’t steer the film. Instead, it is Reynold’s Conroy that captivates us from start to finish. This film is an unorthodox one man show, focused on Conroy as he struggles to both survive in and escape the box. So, if you’re not plagued with claustrophobia then your preconceived fear of “Buried” is likely that the movie is boring. It is, after all, 90-odd minutes of footage of a man trapped in a coffin. However, when matched with Reynold’s charisma and wit – who else could deliver sarcasm in a coffin? Essentially, “Buried,” due to fine filmmaking on the levels of script, performance and production, is a captivating story that transcends the gimmick that could just as easily put it to rest and the horror genre that could have limited it like the four tight walls of a casket. ­— By Maggie Owens Daily Californian, U. California-Berkeley via UWIRE

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The Student newspaper of Jacksonville State University since 1934

Volume 59, Issue 3

Sept. 23, 2010


Eastern Illinois marks start of OVC gauntlet By AUSTIN FAULKNER Sports Writer “I can’t tell you that I was surprised.” These are the words Jack Crowe uttered to describe the third installment of the Jacksonville State Gamecocks’ heart-stopping theme this season: Overtime Thriller. JSU traveled to Atlanta to face a first-year Georgia State University football team that everyone thought would come up completely lacking. What everyone saw was a shell shock as the game was decided by a last-second ruling resulting nulifying a Panther touchdown, which would have

sent the game into double overtime. “You assume that he [Bill Curry, GSU’s coach] would put a football team on the field that lacks experience,” Crowe said. Well that wasn’t the case. GSU’s roster is composed of a lot of transfers from major programs and junior colleges. The Panthers definitely proved they are not short on experience by matching ther Gamecocks play for play until that final deciding call. “Hopefully we are going to become infected with a real passion to be something special,” Crowe said. This week, JSU’s squad heads to Charleston, Ill., the home of the Eastern


Jacksonville State vs. Georgia State: ■ JSU was hit with 13 penalties for a whopping 121 yards compared to GSU four for 35 ■ JSU easily won the time of possession battle holding on to the ball for 48:09 ■ JSU were six for six in the red-zone ■ JSU successfully scored at least once in every quarter ■ JSU had three fumbles only losing one ■ JSU gained 167 yards on the ground, 55 more than GSU ■ JSU gained 283 yards through the air, 56 more than GSU ■ JSU converted on seven third downs out of 12 (58.3%) ■ First game this season JSU has not had to come from behind to win

Illinois Panthers. This is the opening game in an eightweek gauntlet of conference opponents for JSU. EIU has one thing that no one else in the conference holds, however. They are the only team on the schedule that has a winning record over the Gamecocks (4-3). This season the Panthers have started 0-3. They have fallen to non-conference foes Iowa and Central Arkansas and lost to U-T Martin, in conference play, last weekend. Though they have started the season without a win, look for EIU to play a tough game against the Gamecocks.


1. Villanova (87) 2-1 3,392 2. Appalachian State (22) 3-0 3,290 3. James Madison (25) 2-0 3,165 4. Jacksonville State (5) 3-0 3,011 5. Richmond 1-1 2,835 6. Stephen F. Austin 2-1 2,639 7. Delaware Blue 3-0 2,466 8. William & Mary 2-1 2,283 9. Eastern Washington 2-1 1,977 10. Elon 1-2 1,896

VOLLEYBALL RETURNS TO COLISEUM After a nine-match road swing, the Jacksonville State volleyball team will return to Pete Mathews Coliseum for the first time in over three weeks to host a pair of Ohio Valley Conference matches this weekend. The Gamecocks (6-7, 1-1 OVC) will take on Tennessee State on tonight at 7 p.m. before wrapping up the weekend against Austin Peay on Saturday at 2 p.m. Admission is free to all JSU home volleyball matches. Photo courtesy Jacksonville State University Sports Information

JSU soccer team in OVC matchup against EIU JACKSONVILLE – The Jacksonville State soccer team invites all participants in the Jacksonville Parks and Recreation soccer program to the Gamecocks’ Ohio Valley Conference match up with Eastern Illinois on Sunday, Sept. 26. Game time is set for 1 p.m. at the JSU Soccer Field. Teams associated with the local parks and recreation program will be recognized at halftime of the JSUEIU match. Sunday has also been dubbed “Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Day”

For more information about local teams participating in Sunday’s match, please contact JSU Assistant Coach Andy Swift –

Ball handlers needed Kids interested in being a ball person for Sunday’s EIU match can fill out the form on the form on the Jax State women’s soccer page at www. JSUGamecockSports. com. - 2010 Ball Person Application

Members of the JSU Women’s Soccer team will play Eastern Illinois Sunday at 1 p.m. at the JSU Soccer Field. Photo courtesy JSU Sports Information

College football upsets are hard to predict By AUSTIN FAULKNER Sports Writer When my brother first suggested picking Air Force to upset seventhranked Oklahoma as my “Jacksonville State Upset of the Week,” I thought he was crazy. Needless to say I looked into it, and the more I looked at the stats and stories surrounding the game, the more I believed that the Falcons could pull it off. All the pieces were in place for an upset that would shake up the polls. The Sooners had just come off a blowout win over Florida State, setting them up to be hung-over after a big win. They would also be changing defenses for the game, their third defensive scheme in as many weeks, to prepare for the Falcon’s unique variation of the TripleOption. All that was needed was a score that favored Air Force and the theoretical upset would be complete. Unfortunately, the host of the Kevin James Show, Kevin James, is a die-hard Sooners fan. Even worse was his reaction to my pick. Before we began the interview, Kevin asked me for my upset so as not to talk about it before the designated time. When he heard I was picking the lowly Air Force Falcons to beat his beloved Sooners, he held back a laugh. He could not believe what he was hearing, and for a moment neither could I. Before I could get the confidence in my pick back, however, the segment started and we took off. I was then asked to pick who I believed would win several games including: Texas vs. Texas Tech, TCU vs. Baylor, Nebraska vs. Washington, UCLA vs. Houston, USC vs. Minnesota and Arizona vs. Iowa. Then I was asked about JSU’s upcoming bout with Georgia State. I gave a brief overview and gave my pick of this game as well. Finally the time came for my upset pick. I gathered my notes, took a deep breath and gave the briefest, most thorough statistical break-down of a game in my young career. He still didn’t sound convinced, but he sounded a little less confident after hearing my thoughts on the matter backed up by cold hard facts. Unfortunately, my upset did not happen. The Falcons were three points away from tying, but fell short. This brings my upset record to 0-2. My overall record (including upset picks) however, is a solid 9-3. I hope to continue to predict games accurately, but I will gladly sacrifice a couple of future wins for a few upsets in the win column. Here is the link for this week’s segment for those who are interested: http:// Show.aspx?RadioShow ID=34&ContentGuid= 2e714712-d371-419a-ba40f019d94bf0df

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