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Personality I am 23 years old, a pessimist at heart, with an affiliation for sarcasm. In my quest for the perfect execution of dry humour, I spend ample amounts of time writing my own fictional novel. As an English major, I strive to create art through the use of words. My creative mind focuses best in solitude and my eccentricities provide sufficient reason for isolation. Why Education? Why would someone such as I wish to immerse myself in the educational world of socialization? Although desire for social interaction is much like a foreign concept to me, I am capable of carrying out such tasks. It is my ability to see what others do not that makes me unique. I possess an uncanny skill of discerning the most effective method of teaching for each individual person, instinctually knowing which way an individual learns best. I may never be the conventional teacher, but I will be brilliant nonetheless. Attempting to fit the standardized mould has been a lesson in fatuity, a practice I will not repeat.


I possess a range of skills that each incorporate artistic outlets, including writing, artwork, and musical instruments. Fiction is my addiction, in all forms, be it either artwork, novels, movies, television, video games, etc. My current game of choice is the renown World of Warcraft. Although merely a computer game, the often stated connotation that states “WoW is a way of life”, holds true for millions of its users, myself included.

“Contrary to what this image suggests, I know nothing about cars.”


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