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InfoCrush “E-Waster” Portable Hard Drive Destruction Device

Project Management Plan “E-Waster”

InfoCrush Portland Community College Portland, Oregon Ben Goodman Chad Lane Chantelle Sims May 22, 2014 Project Management Instructor: Gregg Meyer

Table of Contents Team Bios Introduction Project Management Approach Project Scope Milestone List Schedule Baseline and Work Breakdown Structure Communications Management Plan Cost Management Plan Risk Management Plan Staffing Management Plan Test & Validation Plans CMET Learnings Project Sponsor Response Unfinished Business Photo Journal Sponsor Acceptance Appendix

Team Bios Sorry guys, you have to do a little writing, but you are familiar with the subject matter, so it shouldn’t be too tough. Introduction Electronic waste is the fastest growing part of our country's waste stream. Electronics contain both reusable materials and hazardous waste, but dismantling them requires proper facilities and worker protection. Historically, most electronic waste is shipped (often illegally) to third world countries, where it is broken down by unprotected workers. Because these countries have few environmental regulations, hazardous wastes from the electronics poison local sources of food and water. PCC’s eCycle Drive has been a successful program since its inception in 2008. The event charges a nominal fee to participants in exchange for safe and environmentally responsible recycling of electronics. In 2013, e-cyclers had fun smashing 80 hard drives during a four hour event. Event organizers claimed the smashing was the highlight of the day and not only did it provide a secure way for people’s information to be secured, but the smasher also drew onlookers, thereby becoming an outreach tool. Unfortunately, the hard drive smashing machine, which was on loan from a waste recycling partner, broke later that year. Because of the $4000 price tag, the smasher was not replaced. Team InfoCrush will design and build a hard drive destroying device so that the PCC eCycle Drive can continue to encourage ecycling while providing an engaging activity that encourages the proper disposal of electronics. The InfoCrush “E-Waster” will be a portable, safe, yet inexpensive hard drive destroying machine designed and fabricated at PCC by three CMET students so that it may be employed for the 2015 eCycle Event.

Project Management Approach Ben Goodman, Project Manager Chad Lane, Technical Lead Chantelle Sims, Communications Specialist

Project Scope IS-IS NOT List IS



Too heavy for one person to move

Less than $4000 in cost to build

Confusing to operate

Safe to use


Human powered


Fun and Easy to operate


Easily duplicated

Complicated to fabricate


Milestone List <DATE> Initial Meeting with Sponsors

Schedule Baseline and Work Breakdown Structure How the 10 weeks actually played out

Communications Management Plan What was our communication strategy?

Cost Management Plan Planned budget and actual budget Receipts in Appendix Risk Management Plan Risks



Severity (L*I)

Not finishing on time




Machine doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t produce enough force




Machine is not fun to





Staffing Management Plan Expectations and ownership for each team member

Test/Validation Plans What our plan was, what we did CMET Learnings We used Statics to determine the forces needed to produce a hole in the hard drive, and the mechanical advantage we will need to get from the lever arm. From our Strength of Materials course, we have the capability to determine whether our chosen pin material is strong enough to puncture the hard drive case, and whether our lever arm shape and size can withstand the necessary applied forces. We wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be able to pull it all together in a timely manner without Project Management skills, nor could we create a functioning device without our tutelage in Machine Design.

Project Sponsor Response We can get feedback from Mark, since he has seen the results. Otherwise, can we make a video during testing to send to all stakeholders? Unfinished Business The E-Waster was not painted An E-Waster safety shield should be designed and fabricated as per sponsor request.

Photo Journal

Sponsor Acceptance

Approved by the Project Sponsor:

_____________________________________________ Date: __________________________ <Project Sponsor> < Project Sponsor Title>

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