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Actors, Locations, Costume and Props

Actors: •Dan: Stefan •Mia: Avigail •Pete: Adam •Kate: Katie •Neighbours: Rebecca, Ella and Chantal Location: •Ruislip (Becca’s House) •The left side is Dan’s house and the right side is Mia’s house. This is where they first meet. Dan will be washing windows when he sees Mia walking in. Using the garden and rooms in the house during scenes. •Also for other outside scenes we would like to use a cafe

Costume •Dan: baggy jeans, tight T-shirt to show muscles •Mia: 3 outfits – When she arrives jeans, cute little white top with and little heel boots. Leggings and baggy top – casual clothing for in the house Skirt and boots with a little jacket •Kate: Black Dress •Pete: All dark clothes with a hoodie – basically all black •Neighbours: Causal clothing e.g. jeans and top Props •Diary •Living room – Sofa, TV, Table, Lamp •Mobile Phone •Dining Room- Table and Chairs •Cup

Actors, locations, costume and props draft 2  
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