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Additional Photoshoot Agency name: ________________ Shoot Date: 04/11/09 Item/Model

Shot type/angle/ distance

Macro, Flash and Lighting


Positioning on front cover/TOC

Phoebe and Issy

Medium shot – eye-level

Indoor, to get a tint to the colour of the photo, to make create a homey feeling. No flash, because it will look unnatural

Set- the picture will be taken in the study room, as both of the girls are helping each other to do their work

Contents page – picture not up straight, but at a different angle

Props- a book

Pedro and Gabriel

High shot – medium long shot

Outdoor to get natural lighting on their faces, to create a happy mood, but also to enhance colours

What they have to do- they need to be smiling and showing they enjoy helping one another Set- Need the school in the background, or a part of the school, to show this is a school magazine Props- need a camera in the shot, to promote this school being

Positioning- at the top of the page or near to the top of the page

This will be put in the middle of the contents page, near to the top or at the top, because the picture has the school as the background

Details of editing

Make sure that the lighting is correct not yellow, also bearing in mind to keep the colour vibrant

Make sure the lighting doesn’t affect the lens of the camera, to make the colouring un even


Medium shoteye-level

Outdoor with natural lighting, so no artificial lighting for this shot No flash, because you need to use natural light


Medium shot/ medium long shot – eye-level

In door with the lighting used in the building No flash, because this would make the picture’s lighting look unnatural

performing arts, or showing creativity, as this is one of the headlines on the front cover Set- the school needs to be in the background again, to show the different parts of the outside building Props- model needs a bag and folder, to show education Set- inside the school, probably in the corridor, to show some classrooms, and the atmosphere of the school Props- the model must have an older to represent education, as well as smiling

This will be put near to the bottom or at the bottom, but not near to Pedro and Gabriel’s shot, as they both have the school in the background (clashing)

Make sure you can see the emotion on the models face, so maybe crop the shot if needed

This would be put near to the bottom of the page or at the bottom of the page, so that the picture doesn’t clash with Pedro and Gabriel’s shot

If shot is too zoomed out, make sure that you crop the picture slightly, as the picture isn’t going to be very big on the contents page (hard for viewer to see what they are doing)