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La Ca単ada Key Club MAY Newsletter | Volume 2, Issue 2 Kicking off the start of the summer with a little sizzle




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Letter From Your Club Editor Hello everyone, There is no question that the past two years of my life have been transformative and impactful. It’s hard enough to find the right words to describe Key Club, a family, that has shaped me into who I am and what my perspective on life is today. Key Club, of course, is about service. What it means to us individually, though, is something we each have to find out ourselves. I wanted to be part of the Key Club spirit that everyone claimed to be amazing. When I made the decision to join Key Club in freshman year, for me it was a huge leap into the unknown. Sometimes when you leave your comfort zone, you have an instinctive urge to run immediately back into it. You put one foot out the door, nod satisfactorily, and shut it closed again. I remember that the first meeting of the year was packed full of unfamiliar faces. I wanted to hide and remain unnoticed. The phrase that was floating around in my head was ‘quit or commit’. I didn’t make a rash decision to leave. I stuck with it, and after the adjustment of the first few meetings and service projects, I fell in love with the experience. Looking back, I realize that if I had left when I felt awkward and uncomfortable, I wouldn’t have all the pictures, memories, and experiences that I went away with. Key Club taught me that volunteering is to be productive toward something that is beyond yourself. That it’s better than insecurities and self-pity because helping others who need it makes your troubles seem so much smaller. At every service project that I attend, I know that I will meet at least one other volunteer who will touch my heart, make me smile, or give me something to reflect upon. It’s such a privilege for me listen to their story (I found that everybody has one) and interact with others from different backgrounds and walks of life. Key Club reminds me that very different people can unite under a singular cause, that we all have the desire to help. And as a result, everything else falls into place. I’m reminded that I am better than no one. It’s easy to make this world a better place. Giving the gift of time and effort makes me feel good about myself, even when it’s relatively small. I guess I’d say that the more I give, the more I receive. Giving without the expectation of a return is pure joy. That is what Key Club means to me; it’s about giving to others while learning so much about yourself. It’s about growing and reaching out, and helping others to do the same. So the next time you go to an event, approach someone you’ve never spoken to and introduce yourself. Talk to them. Behind one door there could be your new closest pal and behind the next could be your significant companion. You quickly make friends and bond with the people sharing the same experience as you. Through my Key Club service, I can make a difference in someone’s life and also be taught a lesson or two. How awesome is that? I feel so rewarded. With love,

Chantalle Cheung 2

Upcoming Events & Want to know about ICON? Click on the link for the flier that tell you all you need to know about this convention. file_download.php? id=390492644399564&eid=ASuM9Qb7kr0NwBeY3JMkftZk2cpDiRIhBumrutYD_lIAymGlovSxfMk2_o7s S4WASs&inline=1&ext=1370302323 &hash=ASua514mP9ZvBCBw

Next divisional event will be on June 14th! What: Ice skating social Where: Pickwick Ice Skating Center When: 3:00PM-5:00PM Why: To raise money towards funding the divisional banquet and bond with fellow starfish! Tickets are being sold in Mrs. Walsh’s room for $12. This event is not exclusive to Key Clubbers, invite your friends too!

& Announcements What: LCHS Club Banquet When: June 15th from 5:00PM-8:00PM Where: David Jin’s house Come to the club banquet to share a wonderful night with your fellow members. We’re also handing out awards for the member and officer of the year!

The school year is almost over, but no worries. We’re planning lots of summer events for you! Anticipate root beer float sales in Memorial Park, bake sales, a car wash, and more division events. You won’t miss out on Key Club this summer!

Did you know that there’s a fast and simple way to earn service hours? Submitting an article about an event you’ve attended will earn you half an hour of service! Write about your experience, what you loved about the event, and other thoughts on the project. Email these to Thank you! 4

PCY Medieval Faire On the 11th of May, the annual Medieval Faire fundraiser took place at Paradise Canyon Elementary. The entire community was invited to attend the all-day event, which was the school’s largest fundraiser of the year. Plenty of activities were planned for the whole family to enjoy, including rides, games, food, entertainment, and the Silent Auction. La Canada High School Key Clubbers volunteered to run game booths and prizes, as well as some great rides and attractions. Key Club member Sara Kwan said “I volunteered from 7am-1pm, setting up the Silent Auction with Elizabeth Chyn and I also helped run a booth for my brother’s class for a little over an hour”. The proceeds from the event helped fund activities and services at PCY thanks to the hard work of the volunteers and participants in the community. Below: Club Treasurer Ben Blanco helps run a booth at the faire.

“I loved working with the little kids at the booth,” Sara commented, “It was a fun way for me to gain experience and connect with others”.

Kiwanis Peanut Day

Secretary David Jin and member Colin Suehiro are pictured above wearing lovely vests.

Since 1951, Kiwanis Peanut Day helped Kiwanis clubs raise nearly 60 million dollars for their local charities. Now, it has become the most successful coordinated one day fundraising program in Kiwanis history. On May 19th, LCHS Key Clubbers and Kiwanis volunteers stood in front of local grocery stores handing out peanuts and raised $1,100 in donations for project Eliminate, a global campaign in which Kiwanis International united with UNICEF to eliminate maternal/neonatal tetanus (MNT) from the world. One vaccine for a mother and all her children costs only $1.80 for immunity from tetanus. As a result of this month’s fundraiser, we’ve saved about 611 families. In doing so, we’ve taken another step towards ending this disease and the beginning of a better life for many, many families in poor and neglected countries. To learn more about the Eliminate Project, visit http:// theELIMINATEproject/home.aspx.


Officer Trainin & May Division C Officer Training Conference was held on May 18th at Glendale Community College and was open to all Key Club members to learn more about Key Club, positional leadership, committee structure, and how to lead meetings and service projects. Some workshops included public speaking, time management, and officer duties. Division 3 North Starfish and Division 3 South Wolves joined forces in business casual attire and made this conference a huge success, as well as creating wonderful memories and gaining further knowledge about the club we serve.

ng Conference Council Meeting Afterwards, D3N came together for our May Division Council Meeting. Our new Region 7 logo was revealed, Jacqueline announced upcoming divisional events, and we recognized notable members and officers. We also learned cheers, played games, and found out the club of the month. Many thanks to the event coordinators and those who attended!


Fiesta Little known fact: Our Kiwanis adviser Mr. Lowe was a Combat Medic and served during the Korean War! Next time you guys see him you should ask him about it, he has some really amazing stories.

a Days Fiesta Days in an annual Memorial Day celebration hosted by the La Canada Flintridge Chamber of Commerce & Community Association. It was founded in 1973 to celebrate the Spanish-heritage of our community during the week of Cinco de Mayo, and has since become an all-encompassing small town celebration and has moved to the end of the month of May.

The 40th annual Fiesta Days was took place from May 24th to May 27th, honoring veterans in La Canada Flintridge. For the last service project before the school year ends, LCHS Key Clubbers volunteered at the Fiesta Days festival for Sunday and Monday. Shifts were between 2:00PM-10:00PM and 8:00AM-6:00PM. Volunteers helped set up, supervise the play area, clean up, and tear down. Thank you to the volunteers who assisted in making this huge community party a great final service project.


Year in

n Photos Thank you. We love you all. 12

Thank you for reading!

May Newsletter  

Published 6/4/13

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