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Our Story...

Items We Accept

We are a fairly young company, established in 2005. Our dedication is to keep the SF Bay Area a cleaner, more healthy place. We are a non-profit organization that is all about working with you to complete our mission to do our small part in making the world a better place to live in. You may find our fleet of green trucks running through the streets. We are proud to say that we have recently expanded our route system. We now include South San Francisco and Oakland.

• Batteries (car batteries, laptop batteries)

• Beer and wine bottles, jars, other glass items. • Paper and plastic bags. • Magazines, catalogs, newspapers, phone-books. • Plastic bottles and containers. • Aluminum cans and tins. • Juice/soup/milk cartons. • Steel cans as long as you remove the lids. • Cardboard and chipboard.

When you stop by, we get your address and phone number down for our routes. (As long as you live in the boundaries of San Francisco, South San Francisco, and Oakland, you are in range for us.) You will also recieve your choice in size of our green recycling bins as seen on the first page. Or you may choose to bring your recyclables directly to our location if you want to keep your information private. We offer and easy Pull Up and Drop Off curbside system.

• Rigid plastics (buckets, milk crates, laundry baskets, lawn furniture, plastic toys, pet carriers, litter boxes, flower pots, etc...) • Foam packaging and peanuts. • Tires We are also very proud to be running a fleet of brand new hybrid garbage trucks. Cleaner emissions, better for all of us.

• Any items that have a recycle symbol on them. Please DO NOT dispose hazardous materials with us.

How Recycling Does Work


The first step is collection. Whether it be by our trucks or you bring it in yourself. Then, we feed it into machines that, with the help of workers and volunteers, sorts everything into its own area. Thanks to these machines, we can now sort a truckload of recyclables in just under an hour. The use of magnets aids us to make sure we don’t have any metals where there shouldn’t be.

Second Chance Recycle

Second Chance Recycle Giving your garbage another chance.

Not for you? Please at least recycle this brochure.

After everything is sorted, it is ran through hot water and cleaning alcohols to ensure that germs no longer exist and we are producing clean and healthy materials back to the public. Once cleaned, every item is shipped off in bails, such as the photograph above to a local company that melts items down to use them for the same purpose as before or creates a whole new product. Want more information? Visit us online at

3421 Lawton Street San Francisco, CA 94122 (415)555-1234 Made with 100% recycled paper.

Second Chance Recylce  

Second Chance Recylce, a fictional recyle company that was used to design a trifold for a college class.

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