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Lounge Up Application Jessica Baeijens Mathieu Chanoux MBA 2 A

Lounge Up description


Enables the hoteliers to interact with their guests through an app for smartphone and tablets.


Can be used for concierge service, restaurant recommendations, personalised messages and social communication.

Changes in services 

This application works everywhere for any language, thus faster services and allows you to be in touch with your guests at any time. (Trusting OTA’s opinion such as Trip Advisor in hotel digital services).

It also allows faster room service (since you have your menu in your tablet)thus boosting your revenue.

Changes in services continued ď‚›

This application also allows people to connect via social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn that check-in in hotels thus creating a link between their profiles.


LoungeUP register all activities of their hotel guests, enable to understand their preferences and anticipate their wants thus maintaing a clear and accurate guest history.

What kind of impact has LoungeUp in future hospitality services? ď‚›

LoungeUp can act as a real concierge, even better than a normal concierge with all the digital knowledge at his disposal


Even if this idea seams genuine and interesting, we think that we do not have tu put aside the human aspect and contact of the hospitality service.

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