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Customer Decision Journey at the Disneyland Hotel ( D i s n e y l a n d Pa r i s )

The Disneyland Hotel (link embed)

The target customer People who wish to link the worlds of luxury and entertainment ( Disneyland Hotel being the 5 stars of Disney Hotels)  For all ages, from the little ones to the older that will discover the Magic Kingdom by entering this sumptuous Victorian Hotel. (Focus on Leisure target consumers)  For Celebrities and Disney Executives during Press Events in the two main parks (Focus on Business target consumers)

W hy this customer Decision jour ney? The customer will live an unique experience in an unique hotel Lodging in a mythical Hotel with services tailored for each customer needs like in Parisian Palaces while maintaining the magic of Disney (two restaurants, pool & spa, boutique, private area…) Enjoys positive reviews from social media

The role of ota’s in this jour ney

SOCIAL MEDIA (Trip Advisor, Booking, Expedia)


E-MAIL / FAX (Central of Reservation of Disney)






Customer decision journey at the disneyland hotel