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Online Working Capital Approvals Using the information you already have

ChannelXpress Takes the Unknowns Out of Working Capital for your Sales Person No More Guessing or Ballparking  Ÿ  Sell With Conviction

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You’ll have everything you need to confidently offer working capital to your customers.

• Keep your customer, YOUR customer

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• Provide YOUR CUSTOMERS with access to the capital they need to grow their business • Your customers prefer to get working capital from a trusted source

Non-Disruptive Seamlessly prepare working capital approvals for your customers without disrupting your normal sales process.

Immediate Approvals via email Without Disrupting Your Sales Process Channel Partners Capital 11100 Wauzata Blvd, Ste 305 Minnetonka, MN 55305

ABC Leasing

This is an estimate of what we anticipate your borrower will be approved for with a full application package

$75,000 Estimate

Assumptions: • Average Bank Balance: Mod 5 • Clean Banks • Clean CBR • PG Required on 60% of Ownership

Hometown Construction Term: 12–15 Months Anticipated Funding Date: 1/8/18

This is the loan amount that your borrower is approved for given the information provided is correct

Required: Full Application Package

Payment Calculation and requirements below.

$50,000 Conditional Approval

Decision: Conditional Approval Decision Date: 1/8/2018 Approval Expiration Date: 4/8/2018 Application Number: 2017000000 Applicant: Hometown Construction, Inc.

Hometown Construction Term: 12 Months Anticipated Funding Date: 1/8/18

Conditional Approval

You can choose how many points of commission you want in the deal. This affects the daily payment amount.

The approval is contingent upon receipt and verification of this information. Funding requirements are shown here.

Credit Officer: Auto Approval

Payments: Daily

Maximum Approval Amount: $50,000

Buy Rate Factor: 1.25

Term: 12 Months

Origination Fee: 2%

Daily Payment Calculation Commission Rate




Sell Rate





Loan Amount





Daily Payment Amount





Number of Payments





Origination fee: 2% (included in Loan Amount)





Total Loan Payments





Approval Contingent on receipt of the following: Confirmation of revenue from one of the following: • Annualized deposits from the last 3 months bank statements • Most recent tax return • Current financials Copy of lease approval (less than 90 days old) from an approved equipment leasing source Confirmation that the company does not have a current working capital loan in place

If the loan request is for more than $50,000 OR the borrower wants a longer term than initially approved for, these documents are required.


Required for Docs: Copy of Driver’s License(s)- All Guarantors Voided Check Verbal Verification PG Required on 60% of Ownership

Required for Funding: Signed Docs

Request for Over $50,000 or Extended Term $10,000 – $75,000 • Application • 3 Months Banks

$75,000 – $150,000

$150,000 +

• Application • 6 Months Banks

• Application • 6 Months Banks

• Most Recent Tax Returns

• Full Financial Package

The Process Is Easy... Identification Enter the email address where you want to receive ChannelXpress approval emails and communications

Business Information Enter the business information including annual sales and time in business. Select the industry from the drop-down menu.

Guarantor's Information Enter the guarantor's information. You can add additional guarantors in the bottom left of the screen. A total of 60% ownership is required to underwrite.

Lease Approval Information Enter the lease approval information: amount leased, buy rate and the lease approval date.*

* This data impacts the approval amount

Instant Approva



Knowledge is Power For Your Sales Team

Targeted Messaging to Your Ideal Audience

Our team is ready to provide you and your sales personnel with the training you need to become comfortable offering, selling, and funding working capital.

With ChannelXpress, you get access to marketing support, including personalized email marketing campaigns to your customers.

Training includes: • Working capital advantages • Easy sales integration

Your emails can be private label, exclusively featuring your company logo and contact information. Our marketing team will create and facilitate all aspects of your email campaigns for working capital.

• Simplified document fulfillment • Structure and pricing • How to offer and sell We make training convenient by offering the choice of phone, web-ex, video conference or in-person.


Approval Information Summary An email with our terms and conditions and a copy of this approval will be sent to the email address entered on the first screen.

Present the offer to your customer with the equipment lease or as a follow-up conversation.

Start Offering Working Capital Today We’ve made it that easy. ChannelXpress puts the power of Now at your fingertips. Custom designed to help equipment leasing companies add working capital loans to their product offering, it gives you the perfect combination of immediate lending power and ongoing benefits.

• One-click access to loans from $10,000 to $250,000 • Immediately know how much you can offer your customers • Offer working capital before they look elsewhere • Grab a speedy and timely opportunity • Create a new source of ongoing income

Partner with us and we’ll not only help you make money — we’ll help you build stronger lending relationships with your customers. Contact us and we’ll get started today.

Our entire business model is built around working with Equipment Finance Companies to provide immediate access to working capital for their customers. Partner with us, and before your customers look to alternative lenders or fintechs for that loan — we’ll make sure they look to you. Inc. Magazine named Channel Partners Capital among the fastest growing companies in America for five consecutive years: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.

ChannelXpress - Online Working Capital Approvals  

ChannelXpress takes the unknowns out of working capital for you salesperson. No more guessing or ball-parking. Sell with conviction.

ChannelXpress - Online Working Capital Approvals  

ChannelXpress takes the unknowns out of working capital for you salesperson. No more guessing or ball-parking. Sell with conviction.