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May Update on Tudor Street for ERRA Members The following email was sent to Yarra Councillors110509110912179a23665faf48859256dcceb0731197.file today regarding Budget provisions and Tudor Street. The background to the issues is supplied as a reference. Dear Althea and Yarra City Councillors, I write to you on behalf of the East Richmond Residents Association (ERRA) regarding the proposed Yarra Council Budget for 2011/2012. ERRA understands that since the publication of the DRAFT budget, Councillor Josh Funder [Melba Ward] has given notice to Council that he will not support the proposed Budget in its present form, unless the $900,000 earmarked for community spending is taken out, then re-allocated and used to fund the establishment of an Indoor Sports Centre in Fitzroy. ERRA also understands that Councillor Funder wants $300,000 presently flagged for the refurbishment of the Council owned building at 49 Tudor Street removed from the budget. ERRA has also noted in the recently released City of Yarra, Social Infrastructure Review Recommendations (Part 2) 5 May 2011, the consultants now state that 47 Tudor Street is now considered surplus to the requirements of Yarra City Council’s Social Infrastructure requirements. The Tudor street site, and allocation of the $300,000 in the proposed budget for refurbishment, for community purposes, is widely supported by ERRA members, the wider community and residents. The budget monies allocated should be used to restore the building to operational use for the community for a variety of purposes, as indicated are required in the report.

ERRA objects to the future possible sale of the 47 Tudor Street property by council, as well as the redirection of the $300,000 in community funds and possible Tudor Street

sale proceeds, particularly when it is likely all monies will be used for an indoor sports stadium in Fitzroy. ERRA therefore requests Yarra Councillors NOT to support Councillor Funders proposed changes to the budget that include reallocation of $900,000 of funds from the budget earmarked for community projects, particularly those proposed for the refurbishment of 49 Tudor Street. President and Acting Secretary Louise Koenig ERRA Residents Association Inc

Back Ground to Tudor Street Issues In February 2011, Council decided not to proceed with a proposed sale of its property in Tudor Street, Richmond. Many community members opposed the sale, saying a community facility was needed in an area with a growing residential population. At its Council meeting on 15 February, Council resolved to instead call for expressions of interest from local community groups interested in using the property at 49 Tudor Street. The EOI period is expected to start on Monday 30 May and run for about four weeks. A community information session is expected to be held in the week beginning Monday 6 June. The property was formerly used by the Burnley Neighbourhood House and Burnley Maternal Child Health Centre, but those services were transferred to nearby sites in 2006 and 2007. No services have operated on the site since that time. Council has sought expert advice on what it would cost to refurbish the existing buildings and make them compliant with the Building Code of Australia and the Disability Discrimination Act. It is estimated that it would cost $725,000-$825,000. Council has allocated $300,000 towards the refurbishment in its Proposed 2011/2012 Budget, with an additional $500,000 proposed in Council’s 2012/2013 capital works budget to finish the upgrade. As part of the EOI, community groups will be asked to indicate whether they can contribute towards the costs of any building works. Another option might be to demolish buildings rather than upgrade them, and then either redevelop with a new building, community garden or other use. The uses which could be considered for the building include:

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provision of neighbourhood house activities including training and development toy library, occasional child care and allied playgroups general multi-purpose community meeting space arts-based activities and studios under the ‘Room to Create’ program community garden activities social enterprise incubator generating local employment development of affordable housing options office space for not for profit organisations local open space for passive use activity space for older adults, and youth activity space.

The E.O.I is expected to be advertised in local newspapers and on Council's website in the week beginning Monday 30 May. Further Background In late 2010, Council sought community feedback on a proposal to sell the property. At the same time Council also asked for public comment on a set of draft Design and Development Guidelines that outlined requirements for any future development on the property. They included requirements to: • • • • • • •

take into account its location within the Heritage Overlay for the Racecourse Estate and the key attributes and physical characteristics of the precinct contribute to the existing streetscape improve pedestrian amenity respond to the different attributes of each abutting street protect the views of the St Ignatius spire and the city use high quality building materials and finishes similar to those of the streetscapes of the heritage precinct be environmentally sustainable in design, construction and operation and interpret the history of the site.

49 Tudor Street Design and Development Guidelines (1.17MB) Council was expected to make a decision on the sale of the property at its December meeting but deferred that decision until 2011 so further research into the adequacy of community facilities in Richmond couild be carried out. Further research The Richmond Social Infrastructure Review Report was tabled at Council's 23 November 2010 meeting. Richmond Social Infrastructure Review Part 1 (2.54MB) Richmond Social Infrastructure Review Part 2 (3.11MB)

The purpose of this report was to provide an overview of existing community facilities in the Richmond area. The report also considered the potential increase in demand for these facilities caused by large-scale residential developments proposed for the area, such as the Vivas Lend Lease proposal for the former Channel 9 site in Bendigo Street, Richmond. The report concluded that the vacant 49 Tudor Street site was not required to bolster existing facilities and should be disposed of. At the 23 November meeting, Council noted the report but requested further research be carried out. Specifically, Council wanted more detail about the size and configuration of the community facility proposed as part of the redevelopment of the Channel 9 site. Council also requested an assessment of 49 Tudor Street that would consider the appropriateness of turning the site into a community garden. A report on these matters was expected to be considered by Council at a meeting in March/April 2011. However, Council decided at its February 2011 meeting to abandon the sale process and instead call for expressions of interest from community groups interested in using the facility. Proposed road discontinuance In a separate matter to the property sale, Council has resolved to discontinue a section of road next to 49 Tudor Street , Richmond. The road sits at the junction of Tudor Street and Westbank Terrace. At its March 2011 meeting, Council resolved to discontinue the road and return the land to Council. Council sought public feedback on the proposed road discontinuance in late 2010. Here is the Public Notice (33.91kB) which was published at that time. 1

1ERRA doc LK 1 9 May 2011

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