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International Conference: Call for Abstracts

New and Emerging Plays in the Eastern Mediterranean 23 - 25 February 2011 The Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

Registration now open Convenors: Andrei Belopolsky (BP)

Recent exploration success in the Eastern Mediterranean offshore has highlighted the enormous petroleum potential of this region. Significant discoveries offshore Egypt, Libya and Israel have opened new basins and new plays for petroleum exploration, particularly in deep water. New seismic data, the results of the recent and upcoming exploration wells and licence activity offshore Lebanon, Cyprus, Libya, Tunisia and Italy will all redefine the hydrocarbon potential of this emerging region in the near future.


This conference will discuss new ideas on the tectonic evolution of the region, basin formation, new plays, petroleum systems, and the linkage between the onshore and the offshore. It will provide a common platform for sharing information and results between industry and academia.

James Iliffe

Basins covered: Levant, offshore Nile, Herodotus, offshore Cyrenaica, offshore Sirt, Pelagian, Malta, Sicily Channel, Adriatic, and others.

Jonathan Craig


Gabor Tari (OMV)

Kenote Speakers: Hugh Jenkins, Oxford - Alastair Roberston, Univ. Edinburgh - Peter Bentham, BP Egypt Mohamed Soussi, Tunisia - Jean Mascle, GeoAzur - Tim Bevan, BP - Eric Barrier (CNRC, France), Miki Gardosh (Oil and Gas Unit, Israel), Solon Kassinis (Energy service, Republic of Cyprus). Abstracts or sponsorship enquiries should be sent to For further information about this conference, please contact: Steve Whalley, Event Co-ordinator: +44 (0)20 7432 0980 or email:

At the forefront of petroleum geoscience

New and Emerging Plays in the Eastern Mediterranean  

New and Emerging Plays in the Eastern Mediterranean - Greece

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