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Ofcom report highlights that landline and broadband service is weaker than cellphones.

Ofcom (the UKs communication regulator) has published a report that says that customer satisfaction is better with Cellphone users that broadband or landline people. Many people in the UK nowadays use a array of communication alternatives such as land line phones, mobile phones and high-speed internet. Everyone uses these services at different stages depending on their requirement and lifestyle options. Ofcom performed important research throughout the UK and the final result revealed that customer happiness levels were drastically more significant in cellular phone users compared to landline and internet users. The research demonstrated that more than 70% of consumers were very pleased of the cell phone services, were as only 60% of those asked were content with their landline and broadband solutions. The Ofcom study was executed using more than 3000 users of cellphone, land line and broadband internet. The survey was conducted in September a year ago and asked the contributors to point out whether or not they had found it necessary to get in touch with the customer service center of their provider during the past 3 months. The final results demonstrated that customer satisfaction was highest with the mobile phone providers Orange, O2 and T-Mobile. The primary reason for this was because they network providers have increased their selection of services supplied, to include sim only contracts. Such as sim only deals provide their clients with excellent value for money by not having to fork out for a completely new mobile handset. Ofcom’s Marketing Manager stated “Ofcom are glad to declare the final results of this market research and we believe it will benefit company to enhance their levels of customer support along with offering clients with educational proof about which company to determine for the most effective degrees of customer support.� So so what on earth is Ofcom? Ofcom will be the communications regulator. They regulate the Radio and TV industries, fixed line telecommunications, mobiles, postal services, and also the airwaves that wireless products run. On 1 Feb 2011 Ofcom accomplished an interior review and reorganisation. This is created to decrease considerably expenditure in reaction towards the challenge facing the entire public sector.

Ofcom: Landline and broadband service is weak than mobile phones.  

Ofcom (the UKs communication regulator) has issued a report that expresses that customer happiness is higher with Smartphone owners that bro...

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