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why the name anima mundi? Anima Mundy is a latin word that means the conection between every living thing and the planet, the same way the soul is is connected to the human body.

why a turtle as an icon? The Icon of a turtle was choosen for a three resons. 1. The turtle is an animal that is protected because is an enderger animal 2. The shell works as protection agains predators. Anima Mundi works as a non-profit protecting the environment 3. The turtle is an animal that lives for a long time

why? Anima Mundi is a non-profit organization which was created as hundreds of animals are dying annually due to habitat destruction, hunting, and encounter with humans. Anima Mundi want to help these animals that due to human progress have been affected.

mission: Anima Mundi Foundation’s mission is to spread and defend the rights of animals and their habitat. Specifically, the Foundation will ensure the protection of endemic species in captivity, and the preservation of the environment.

vision: Anima Mundi wants to be the voice of justice for animals to create change where animals and humans can live in harmony.


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