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app photo The user will be able to see the information of an especific animal after clicking in an image, the information the user will be able to see is the vulnerability, habiat, specie, the place where the photo was taken, near by photos of other users, and some basic facts.

Animal Name Gill Sans SC 36/40 Tracking: +2 Scientific Name Gill Sans Light Italic 20/16 Tracking: +5 Right Menu Tittle Gill Sans SC 28/34 Tracking: +5

Photo : 472.5 px

Tags Text Gill Sans SC 16/20 Tracking: +5

Map: 224 px

Animal Info Gill Sans SC 22/26 Tracking: +5 Vulnerability Gill Sans Light 20/24 Tracking: 0 Vulnerability Icon Gill Sans Bold SC 24/28 Tracking: +5

Other photos: 103 px

Tags: 25 px

Space: 67 px


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