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horizontal poster The posters are ment to give some fast information about the consevation state of different animals. In the vertical poster the information is center and place either up or down of the poster looking for empiest part of the photo, and leaving a space of 0.5 inch from either top, or botton. 1. The poster size is 18 x 24 inch. 2. The white rectangule have an opacity of 85%. 3. The logo size is 0.5 inch tall plave in a corner with a space of 0.5 inch.

Animal Name Gill Sans SC 60/72 Tracking: +5 Icon Type Size Gill Sans Bold SC 30/36 Tracking: +5 Icon Description Gill Sans Light 14/17 tracking: +5 IUCN Status Gill Sans Light 12/15 Tracking: +5


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