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Tittle Gill Sans SC 14/18 Tracking: +5 Copy Bookman 9/13 Tracking: +5 Column: 1

color palette The color version of the Anima Mundi Signature should be reproduced using only the color presented in this manual with the specific reference. In all instances, use them at full intensity, not as tints. Use the exact color values listed for the medium being employed. Use only the color references listed in the Anima Mundi Color Palette specifications. Do not use color references or values from files that have been converted automatically between color modes. Some software programs do not always make color conversions that are equal to the specific color values listed in the palette specifications.

• c:0, m:0, y:0, k:100 • r:0, g:0, b:o • pantone:neutral black c • hex:000000

• c:31, m:58, y:80, k:19 • r:143, g:87, b:41 • pantone:4635c • hex:8f5729

• c:100, m:35, y:0, k:0 • r:0, g:166, b:255 • pantone:7461c • hex:00a6ff

• c:0, m:37, y:100, k:0 • r:255, g:161, b:0 • pantone:1235c • hex:ffa100

• c:0, m:80, y:100, k:0 • r:255, g:51, b:0 • pantone:1645c • hex:ff3300

• c:0, m:0, y:0, k:65 • r:89, g:89, b:89 • pantone:cool gray 9c • hex:595959


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