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logo anatomy The Anima Mundi signature is unique and is one of the most important visual elements of the identity. The signature comprises the idea of the world being as beautiful and strong as a sea turtle shell. They should be used in conjunction (locked-up) with each other and in the approved colourways. The various signature versions are laid out and explained in this section. They can be obtained in a variety of file formats including: EPS, JPEG, TIFF and WMF files. Please study this section before using the logotype.

logo icon The Anima Mundi icon is a very important part of the signature because it can live by itself, and it’s how the non-profit is recognice. The turtle icon is shape after an origami turtle. The idea of the origami is that is made out of paper giving the idea not only of playfulness, but also reminds of education.

logo sizes The size of the Anima Mundi signature may vary depending on the application. For instance, it may be effective to use it larger in advertising. The minimum size of the signature is 0.5 inch high. To ensure legibility, do not reproduce the signature smaller than this measurement. Always use the digital artwork provided when reproducing the signature.


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