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Sandwell People’s Parliament

February 2013

New Chair at Sandwell People’s Parliament Sandwell People’s Parliament now

Maxine was thrilled

has a new Chairperson. Maxine

to be elected as

Price was elected by her peers and

chair, saying “It

is an experienced self advocate.

will be a new

Maxine initially started at Changing Our Lives as a young leader with the Young Voices Network, a self advocacy group made up of 185 young people between 8 – 25 years in Sandwell.

experience for me and I am looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead”.

Sandwell Housing Parliament14th March 10.30am Council Chambers, Oldbury Council House

Sandwell People’s Parliament

Meet some of our Sandwell MPs Ravi Madhur is an MP in Sandwell and enjoys meeting other self advocates. Ravi has worked on the domestic violence campaign. Catherine Carrington has worked with Changing Our Lives since 2008 as a Quality Auditor inspecting residential homes, day services, hospital and mental health services. She uses this experience to speak out at People’s Parliament. Steven Ellis is one of the founder members of Sandwell People's Parliament and has been a Changing Our Lives Leader since 2004. He is always positive and cheerful. Nazia Rafique is a powerful self advocate and established Sandwell People's Parliament MP committed to improving the lives of people with learning disabilities.

If you are interested in becoming a Sandwell MP, please contact

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Housing for people with a learning disability MPs have recently been

living options for people

focusing on housing,

with a learning disability

which is and always has

are at risk because of

been an important issue

government cuts and

for people with

reforms to the welfare

disabilities. Mencap

system. The research

have recently published

highlights that around

a report called “Housing

22,000 people with a

for people with a

learning disability live out

learning disability”. The

of area, this number is

report warns that local

very worrying given the

authorities are moving

recent scandal at the

backwards in supporting

Winterbourne View

people within their

assessment and treatment

communities. It shows


that aspirations towards providing independent

Sandwell Housing Parliament On March 14th 2013, MPs will launch their White Paper and Maxine will chair her first People’s Parliament meeting in the Council Chambers at Oldbury Council House. The meeting starts at 10.30am and finishes at 12.30pm. For further information please contact: Lucy Dunstan, Project Development Office for People’s Parliament on 0121 553 7174 or

Sandwell People's Parliament  

Sandwell People's Parliament

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