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People’s Parliament 19th July 2011

The MPs run two Parliaments a year and focus on one issue with the aim of bringing about real change. Key local decision makers are invited. Each Parliament results in an Action Plan highlighting actions to be taken, lead people who have responsibility and deadline dates are set as well. MPs are supported by Changing Our Lives to make sure the needs and voices of people with learning disabilities are heard and acted upon.

The People’s Parliament is made up of local people from Sandwell and Wolverhampton with learning disabilities. It is a way for them to have a powerful voice to change policy and shape services.

My Health Book June 2011 – 300 health books have been sent to GPs. GPs will begin to complete these with the patient with a learning disability. Then the health book is taken home and it belongs to the person themselves. They take it to any health appointments. By 31st March 2012, all of the adults with learning disabilities known to services in Sandwell (around

Download a copy of My Health Book at http://www.changingourli 96/Docs/HealthBook.pdf

730) will have their own health book. The Health Facilitation team counts all of the people who have a book.

My Health Book for Young People Health books will be introduced for young people in transition via their GPs. Some work will be done linking health books to health plans that are created for children with disabilities.

Changing Our Lives


Working with Clinical Commissioning Groups (formally GP Consortia) Sandwell has three consortia – Black Country Health Consortia, Healthworks and Sandwell Health Alliance. These consortia cover 300,000 patients in Sandwell.

Annual Health Checks 1.

Local Enhanced Service (LES) – some GPs offer annual health

The People’s Parliament will work with the Patient Summit, which brings together patients from the 3 GP consortia, to make them aware of the issues of young people and adults with learning disabilities.

checks to people with learning disabilities. They get paid £100 for each check. 34 out off 66 Sandwell GP practices are signed up to the LES. 2.

263 people with learning disabilities have had health checks in 2010/2011.


By 31st March 2012, 730 people with learning disabilities known to services will have had annual health checks.

Changing Our Lives


Learning Disability Liaison Nurse By the beginning of August 2011 there will be a new nurse in Sandwell General Hospital called a Learning Disability Liaison Nurse. This nurse will help make sure patients with a learning disability get good support and healthcare while they are in hospital.

Supporting people with learning disabilities of all ages to speak up for themselves, make their own choices and be treated as equal citizens.

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People's Parliament  
People's Parliament  

Sandwell Peoples Parliament held on 23rd June at Council Chambers,, Oldbury