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on the ground Addiction work in Mayo and Kildare seeks Roscommon Transgender people’s views 〈Pariicipants at the Galway Inter Culture Day as featured on our fonrt cover in 2008


Galway’s 3rd annual intercultural day

Galway City celebrated cultural diversity with its third annual Intercultural festival and ‘Barbecue Cook Off ’ in September. Galway City Partnership in collaboration with Galway Intercultural Forum organised the event to build on the successs of last year’s festival which attracted over 4,000 people. In other work, GCP recently produced a 50-page ‘Directory of Services for Older People’ which is available locally and online. And as part of its Social Inclusion Week, GCN highlighted the work and value of the Communty and Voluntary Sector’s output, which also feeds into its campaign against cuts to communities. W:

Kerry Travellers celebrate

Killarney’s Traveller Community and Kerry Travellers Development Project held a community celebration day on September 26th in Killarney.

County Kildare LEADER Partnership is carrying out a consultation process across County Kildare to develop a three-year workplan. “As a new company supporting individuals and groups throughout County Kildare we want to identify the main issues of people among different social groups and geographical communities are facing,” said the company in a statement. Currently, the CKLP is looking for Transgender people’s views, having successfully conducted two focus groups with lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Traveller Celebration Day was free and was open to all. It was held to celebrate and increase awareness around Traveller culture and to promote inclusion by bringing the whole community together through music, fun, and cultural and child-friendly activities. Support: The Social Inclusion Division of the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs supported the community day as part of its funding initiative for the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion (2010).

Edenderry CDP honoured

The Edenderry Community Development Project was honoured on October 2nd with “Special Recognition for its work with community groups in Edenderry, Co. Offaly.” The award to the CDP which is under the auspices of Offaly Local Development came through the Edenderry Town Council Awards. Edenderry CDP works with and supports youth groups, older persons groups, local authority residents’ groups, a local anti-drugs initiative, ethnic minorities, chairs the Cabin Committee and supports the town’s Playground Committee.

CDPs employed approx 290 core staff in 2010 in 160 projects


Local Development Companies in Mayo and Roscommon have teamed up to provide “a specialist resource within the community in the area of substance misuse.” A community worker is currently being recruited “to forge interagency collaboration and joint initiatives” on drug abuse across the two counties. The project will examine the local impact of substance misuse, help groups to prioritise needs and will raise awareness on substance misuse issues. South West Mayo Development Company in association with Mayo North East LEADER Partnership, Roscommon Integrated Development Company and the Western Region Drugs Task Force are leading the work. For more information: T: 09841950. E:



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