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The new ‘Local and Community Development Programme’ - the official word

Minister Curran says

‘merger’ now to take longer

Interview: Allen Meagher

CDP integration process 2010 Arrangements • • • • • •

The funding conditions for 2010 involve a written sign-up/ agreement by the voluntary boards of management (VBOM) of CDPs to sign up to the new programme and the implementation process including: – An undertaking by the VBOM to agree work-outputs by the end of March 2010 with Partnership company.

Minister of State John Curran in Limerick with Aljeff ’s Billy Fox.

‘Changing Ireland’ met up with Minister of State John Curran on Friday, November 27th, while he was in Limerick to open Aljeff ’s new centre (see report online) and interviewed him briefly. Events are moving quickly and within a week, an Oireachtas committee meeting had met and decided to call on the Minister to start consulting with CDPs, slow down the integration process and appear before the committee. The questions we put to the Minister were: What points made by CDP protesters have you taken on board in relation to your merger plans? In response to that, the merger plan won’t happen on day one, it’ll take up to a year, because of the complexity of the situation. Delivering a single, integrated programme, avoiding duplication, with streamlined, clear objectives and measurable outcomes will be the way we go forward. But it won’t happen on a given day, it will take a year to implement. You see yourself as a defender of Community Development, of the projects’ work at any

rate. Can you explain how merging the progammes may, to your mind, be better for CDPs? CDPs are now afforded the opportunity to effectively deliver frontline services without being bogged down by huge administrative burdens and to deliver effective programmes and that’s the challenge we’re facing. The Minister added: It is important in areas where you deliver multiple programmes for Community Development – and LDSIP delivers a Community Development - and it is important that the (two programmes) deliver in partnership, that they avoid duplication. Do you think you’ve saved some of the work of CDPs? If we did nothing and McCarthy’s recommendations were imposed in full, (the two programmes) would lose €44 million out of €74 million, so doing nothing was not an option. The Department of Finance must be aware that thousands of volunteers marched. This budgetary process is a process that goes back and forwards and you get a lot of questions from Finance. Yes, they’re aware of the range of projects and programmes.


Post-2010 Funding • •

LDSIP & CDP programmes superseded by new LCDP LCDP roll-out 1 January 2010 CDP review process Subject to Budget, CDP funding ringfenced and current structures retained for 2010 The first quarter payment in 2010 for CDPs will come from DCRAGA After the first quarter, funding will come through relevant Partnership companies.

2010 Funding Conditions

– VBOM agreement to report on programme implementation to the Partnership Board. – Full cooperation of staff of the CDP with Partnership management. Conditional on full integration and VBOM/CDP wind-up CDP Advisory Councils will be created (one per former CDP, or one for a number of CDPs if their interests are shared).

Supporting the Implementation Process • • • •

The Department and Pobal will support Partnerships and CDPs during the implementation process. There will be ongoing engagement with representative groups and companies There will be cross-departmental engagement where multiple funders are involved The LCDP National Advisory Group, when set up, will support the process.

Would you accept communications has been poor? You announced the ‘merger’ at a meeting in Cavan where there were only two CDP people present. And projects complain that there hasn’t been a letter sent to the CDP management committees yet to explain what’s happening. I understand that as a result of the Croke Park meeting, the individual CDPs will be contacted next week for a further update on the implementation. I made the point as I announced it that we were still working on the redesign of the programme. This is happening at a fairly quick pace, (we need) to end up quickly with a viable, sustainable, single, integrated programme where we have clear objectives and measureable outcomes and (we’re) trying to get that delivered in time. And there is a budgetary imperative. We’re living in a different Ireland. The scale of the €4 billion cut is very substantial. But without addressing it (he didn’t say what) in a real way, we could have had a big reduction in this area which would leave the programme unsustainable at all. Was it a good idea to publish the Bord Snip report? If nothing else, it showed the scale of what we were facing and that we’re working with a finite amount of money

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