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Report shows what CDPs are up to Better than any bookie OF a total of 65 projects in the Eastern Region, the ‘Rekindling The Fire’ report looked at a sample of 36 CDPs to demonstrate the range of activities engaged in, impacts and challenges. The report also measures their income-generating ability and CDPs are a better bet than any bookies – because they triple the money they get. Using 2003 as a baseline, the 36 projects received just over €1.1m in core funding from the Community Development Programme (representing an average of just over €87,000 per project). The projects went on to generate more than twice that amount in other funding for the same year. Two-thirds of these projects are geographically-based, while 12 are issue-based and work directly with particular communities of interest (eg women). Here’s an outlay of the money they brought into their communities and it shows that FAS were the major source of additional funding: Eastern Region Project Funding in 2003 (36 Projects) Funding Source


CDP Funding


Health Board








Local Authority


National Programmes


EU Funding


Other Funding




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What CDPs do and how they do it is often best explained by examples and the new ‘Rekindling The Fire’ report provides plenty to choose from.

Promoting volunteering IN some cases, people who volunteer to help out in on a specific issue, or people who join a course or group set up by the CDP, go on to become Voluntary Management Committee members of the project. Here’s how that works from a project perspective: “Many of the members of our Board of Management’s initial contact with the organisation was through using the resources of the organisation. (As a result, there are) two lone parents on our fundraising subgroup, two on the steering committee for the Teen Parent Support Initiative and one cofacilitating activities with a staff member.” - Doras Buí CDP “We have supported three Traveller parents, two of whom now volunteer their time for the project. This has led to greater involvement by Traveller parents in their children’s educational progress.” - Tallaght Travellers CDP

Establishing new groups FACT: CDP projects in the Eastern Region were directly involved in establishing 84 new groups or initiatives in their communities in 2003 alone. In over half these cases, the projects were mainly responsible (or the lead agency) in the new initiatives. The level of achievement reached in establishing new groups, initiatives or networks in their local communities shows how very important it is for CDPs to engage in the woolly-sounding yet crucial work of ‘capacity building’ (rather than just providing services). Many of the new groups progress to be self-sustaining projects in their own right– frequently securing funding and support from mainstream services and programmes. Here’s how it happens: “Two people that participated on a voter workshop have gone on to set up an action group to address issues that have arisen


within a local school. Three local people have joined this group.” - Blakestown CDP “We have recruited residents as members of working groups and management committees to work on a variety of issues concerning the area, such as a childcare committee to work on a (funding) application to the Department of Justice to establish an affordable and quality childcare centre in Cherry Orchard. - Link CDP “The CDP has worked with the parent and toddler group and has assisted them in setting up regular meetings of the parents. Two local women have taken lead roles in this group and have opened a bank account, applied for funding and have drawn up rules for the group.” - Blakestown CDP

Policy work can reap rewards

CDPs in the Eastern Region – as elsewhere – network and participate in various conferences aimed at contributing to policy debate. In some cases this leads to direct responses from services and agencies. For example:

“There were very successful outcomes in 2003 to this work with Dublin City Council agreeing to change their original plans considerably in response to the expressed wishes of the community for the provision of serviced bays and community facilities.” - Ballyfermot Travellers Action Project CDPs in the regions are also typically involved in a range of partnerships with local service providers. It works both ways: “It helps that there are other services which can support us, and to whom we can refer people, as we have access to so many people on a daily basis.” - Ronanstown CDP

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