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Write to: Help Me Horace, ‘Changing Ireland’, c/o CDN Moyross, Community Enterprise Centre, Moyross, Limerick.

Why have we no network? on the safe side.

Hi Eamon, Joyriding Conference. You sure it aint one of those partner-swopping events? Don’t bother with the JCB. Hop on Dublin Bus – for €1.10 they guarantee you’ll be high if you go up on the top deck. Sin é!

Will I bring a JCB? Help Me Horace! I SEE there is a Joyriding Conference being held in the Hilton Hotel in Dublin soon. This is great. It’s about time we all came together. I find those new BMWs a right bugger to get into. Is there anything special I need to do to gain admission, or are my hospital reports and Garda score-sheet good enough? By the way, my best mate makes out it’s actually a conference to stop joyriding. He hasn’t a clue, huh! I’m thinking of arriving in a JCB just for kicks. I’d normally burn it out but I guess there will be serious competition afterwards for transport home, yeah? An bhfuil dhaoine eile bheith caint as Gaeilge? Eamon ‘Go Tapaidh’ Carr, Le Cheile Joyriding Club, All over the Capitol, Ireland

Who really won the Ryder Cup?

My Dear Horace, WHAT role did the Community Development Programme play in supporting and empowering Europe to beat the USA in the Ryder Cup? I suspect we played a major role. Herbert, The Y(outh) Club, ‘Holding It Together’ CDP, Co. Kildare Hello Herbert, How right you are! Not many people know this (until now I guess) but Europe’s golf team was secretly coached in the community development approach. We impressed on them the utmost importance of consulting people before you make any plans. So, they consulted with Met Eireann and found September brings mad rain, wild winds and hard hail every year. September it was. I streaked across the 18th fairway just to be

Help Me Horace! ONE-IN-TEN or 400,000 people in Ireland have a disability. Also, the recent census found that one in ten people resident in Ireland, or 400,000, are immigrants. According to another survey, one in ten people is gay. And all these groups have organisations at local and national level. I’m straight, born and raised on this wet, traffic-clogged island and do not have a disability and I was feeling very left out until I learned that only one-in-ten people read surveys. (Yahoo! Only me and 399,999 more people actually know what’s going on in this country). The thing is - I never meet up with the other survey-readers and I haven’t noticed a networking group in my local area. Am I missing a trick here? Where’s the government funding? Will the CDP set one up please? Christian O’Hare, Navan, Co. Meath Dear Christian O’Hare, The Central Statistics Office is the place for you. If you can’t get a job there, just hand around outside and you’ll meet fellow survey nuts on their smoking breaks.

Send your staff over the edge! - for educational purposes EVER fancied abseiling down a 150 foot cliff face? Four staff members of the South West Wexford CDP (SWWCDP) were gearing up for it as ‘Changing Ireland’ went to print. Lorraine Dunne, Sharon Kennedy, Marie Murphy and Nicola Norris agreed to the Concern Abseil Challenge to raise funds for primary education projects in Africa. They have raised over €1000. "I’m not a bit nervous," said Lorraine. "I’ve been practising since I was a child jumping off the porch in front of our house." The Wexford women (there are no male staff in the project) are to do a practise jump the day before at Dalkey Quarry, Co. Dublin. The next day, on October 8th, they are scheduled to meet in Co. Wicklow for ‘The Big One’ to abseil down a 150 foot cliff face. changing ireland


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Hot in Issue 19: - MAIN STORY: THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME EXPLAINED - ALSO: - We want rights, not charity! (Kerry) - Ireland’s bigg...