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Taking Stratum Benefits to New Highs.

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from the publisher

Thank you Dr. Nanda Soobben of CFAD for embracing us on our October Cover. We are humbled and privileged to have had the opportunity to feature and showcase just a glimpse of the phenomonal contributions you have made towards the cultural and creative industry both in South Africa and globally. We applaud you. I have had some readers say that the last article on Attitude was a bit heavy, I thought it was relevant to share, however in this piece I want to address our scholars and tomorrows leaders - Our Youth. Which brings me to ask, where are our future leaders, scholars, academics, visionaries and "Mindsetters"? Often for myself I look to Mahatma Gandhi for wisdom. I share these two quotes of Gandhi in hope that our young readers learn from it. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” “A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.” So to our young leaders of tomorrow, your journey to that future lies between the lines

of your learning institutes reading material. To give of yourself, your very best is key to your growth ... your positive contribution to community and society ... and to your very own success. Parents and mentors I encourage you to partner with your childrens teaching facilitators and give them the support and guidance required. Collectively we will all benefit. And as you start to prepare for your tests and examinations, visualise your results, think of where you want to be, see yourself as that "go-getter", that "dream-maker" , the one that believes that impossible does not exist. Study smart, aim high, dream big ... be the best you can! Luck has nothing to do it so I wish you all the very best in your upcoming examinations. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela

Be Safe & Believe in YOU! Publisher - Raj Maree

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PHOTOGRAPHY Harriet James Taslin Pillay


Art Print - Dbn. GENERAL ENQUIRIES Postal Address 46 Chrisway Road, Malvern, Queensburgh, KZN, 4093 Email: DISTRIBUTION Property Junction Stands from Bluff to Hillcrest. Participating Garages, Restaurants, Schools, Libraries and Churches. COPYRIGHT All material appearing in ChangeNow Magazine is copyright unless otherwise stated or it may rest with the provider of the supplied material. ChangeNow Magazine takes all care to ensure information is correct at time of printing, but the publisher accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of any information contained in the text or advertisements. Views expressed are not necessarily endorsed by the publisher or editor.

The VIVACIOUS Chanel Moodley Sheds light on medical schemes shortfall solutions. Featured Photos by Taslin Pillay Photography • 083 847 4747

“It is important to understand that should you be admitted to hospital for any reason, there might be a difference between what the medical provider charges and what is actually paid by your medical aid. You will personally be liable for these shortfalls that could

Chanel Moodley Utilizes her Natural Leadership Skills to Head the KZN Branch of Stratum Benefits Chanel Moodley Regional Manageress KZN Branch / Business Development Consultant

There has been an advancement and professional growth of women in the field of insurance which provides the opportunity for mentors and their protégées to develop and hone natural leadership skills and obtain key resources in order to better focus on business strategies and execution. 2013 international research proves how women in insurance management are adapting and responding to an ever-evolving marketplace and Chanel Moodley who was employed as the only Business Development Consultant for the KZN region in 2011 has now evolved as the Regional Manageress of the Stratum Benefits KZN branch.

Stratum Benefits (Pty) Ltd is a Short Term Insurance Underwriting Manager, which was established in 2006 with the goal of protecting clients from shortfalls, which they may encounter when incurring medical expenses. The company is built on business practices of service excellence, efficiency and transparency. Stratum Benefits also has no fine print in its contracts and is re-insured by an A-rated insurance company. The company is not driven by profit, because the overall belief is that great service will have the latter follow automatically. Stratum Benefits is an authorised financial services provider (FSP 2111)

Stratum Benefits (KZN) - Chanel Moodley - (RM) Seshnee Moodley - Receptionist & Administrator Vernon Naidoo - Consultant (North, South & outlying areas) Luvi Moodley - Consultant (West, East & surrounds)

amount to thousands of rands,” says Moodley. Nationally Stratum Benefits has grown by 47% and they are proud to provide cover to just over 155 000 lives. “This spectacular growth is a result of the phenomenal support we continue to receive from our brokers,” says Moodley. “Stratum Benefits is a broker-focused organization, this has been proven time and time again over the years by our virtue of their accessibility. As Stratum Benefits celebrates 7 years, they are still willing to listen and reach a mutually beneficial solution to any challenge that may arise.“

What has been integral to the growth of your business and you as a person? The most important attribute to the growth of Stratum Durban is firstly

of Stratum Benefits



{Exclusive to ChangeNow Magazine}

that I love what I do. If one loses passion for their job, no matter how menial the task is or what type of profession one is in, we tend to lose our dedication and focus and that prohibits us from achieving the best in ourselves. I have been in the insurance profession from the age of 17 where I worked as an admin clerk and learnt the ropes of the insurance industry. It was my passion and associates that have taught me some important attributes and have assisted in curving my success today

How did mentors influence your life?

I am guided by the values of God to be and do as righteous as I can, together with the guidance and good moral values shared by my parents. My dad has always taught me to see the good in people and my Mum has taught me the gift of laughter, to see the lighter side of life. The great and wise leader Mr. Devan Naidoo who is late, was a true inspiration to work for and many that are reading this and are in the insurance industry would also concur. His business strategy was brilliant and the effect he has had on many people was mind blowing.

What’s one of the biggest advances in your industry over the past five years?

I think it would be the fact that there was a lot of uncertainty around legislature and if gap cover was here to stay or not. We have now received clarity that it would. This can only mean great and better prospects for us in the future.

Do you find it challenging as a woman to be in a business dominated by men?

Not at all, after all, where would a man be without a women. It may be a man’s world but it ain’t nothing without a women! This is my theme song. I do find it a challenge to get through to stero-types, but I take it in my stride and move on. Women have inner strength and are driven to prove themselves, even though

we don’t need to. Women are the rudders that steer the ship and direct it to the destination it needs to achieve.

What has been your prize winning accomplishment since you have joined Stratum Benefits?

We have had some challenges but my most prize-winning accomplishment was when we opened offices in March of this year due to the growth of our Durban branch and the need to employ more staff. I didn’t think I would be running the branch as this came as a surprise to me, however I will never forget how I got here and what it took to achieve this humbling promotion. The second would be the support Stratum Benefits KZN received from all our brokers.

Managing Director - Marco Fonto, had this to share, "I humbled by how, steadily, we the Stratum Benefits team has growm over the past seven years, it's truly astonishing. We are the innovators of the gap cover industry and will continue to revolutionise this space. I am proud of the commitment and dedication, that is put in nationally, everyday by this very special team. Stratum Benefits always ensures that when we receive we give, hence our community upliftment programmes, are done at least twice a year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chanel for a fantastic job. I love the fact that she is driven and wants to get the job done. The Stratum Benefits KZN Team are always striving to achieve our mission statement and common goal". - Thank You KZN Team.

What’s unique about the service that Stratum Benefits provide? Long-term success and customer retention belongs to those who do not take ethical shortcuts. There must always be total consistency between what you say and do and what your customer’s experience. The design, built quality, reliability and serviceability of your product or service must be of the standard your customers want, need and expect. Service integrity is also demonstrated by the way you handle the small things, as well as the large.

As an Invisible Mentor, what is one piece of advice that you would give to readers?

Always put God first … Believe in You … and visualise your end goal!

Nelson Mandela Day Helping those less fortunate

Stratum Benefits Supports Wet Nose Animal Rescue Clinic

For more info call

031 940 1918

Stratum Benefits Sponsors 49ERS

Sun Safety What's the best way to protect your child in the Sun? Follow these simple rules to protect your family from sunburns now and from skin cancer later in life. • Keep babies younger than 6 months out of direct sunlight. Find shade under a tree, umbrella, or the stroller canopy. • When possible, dress yourself and your kids in cool, comfortable clothing that covers the body, like lightweight cotton pants, longsleeved shirts, and hats. • Select clothes made with a tight weave - they protect better than clothes with a looser weave. If you’re not sure how tight a fabric’s weave is, hold it up to see how much light shines through. The less light, the better. • Wear a hat or cap with a brim that faces forward to shield the face. • Limit your sun exposure between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, when UV rays are strongest. • Wear sunglasses with at least 99% UV protection. • Use sunscreen. • Set a good example. You can be the best teacher by practicing sun protection yourself. Teach all members of your family how to protect their skin and eyes.

skin from sunburn and some skin cancers, but only if used correctly. Keep in mind that sunscreen should be used for sun protection, not as a reason to stay in the sun longer.


Sunscreen for Babies

Sunscreen can help protect the

How to Pick Sunscreen

• Use a sunscreen that says “broadspectrum” on the label - that means it will screen out both UVB and UVA rays. • Use a sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15. The higher the SPF, the more UVB protection the sunscreen has. • Look for the new UVA “star” rating system on the label. One star is low UVA protection. Two stars is medium protection. Three stars is high protection. Four stars is the highest UVA protection available in an over-thecounter sunscreen product. • For sensitive areas of the body, such as the nose, cheeks, tops of the ears, and the shoulders, choose a sunscreen or sunblock with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. While these products usually stay visible on the skin even after you rub them in, some now come in fun colors that kids enjoy. • For babies younger than 6 months.

Use sunscreen on small areas of the body, such as the face and the backs of the hands, if protective clothing and shade are not available. • For babies older than 6 months. Apply to all areas of the body, but be careful around the eyes. If your baby rubs sunscreen into her eyes, wipe the eyes and hands clean with a damp cloth. If the sunscreen irritates her skin, try a different brand or try a sunscreen stick or sunscreen or sunblock with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. If a rash develops, talk with your child’s doctor. How to apply sunscreen • Use enough sunscreen to cover all exposed areas, especially the face, nose, ears, feet, and hands and even the backs of the knees. Rub it in well. • Apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before going outdoors to give time for the sunscreen to bind and absorb into to the skin. • Use sunscreen any time you or your child might sunburn. Remember that you can get sunburn even on cloudy days. Also, UV rays can bounce back from water, sand, snow, and concrete so make sure you’re protected. • Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. Sunscreen wears off after swimming, sweating, or just from soaking into the skin.


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This is What Happens to Your Body When You Exercise One of the key health benefits of exercise is that it helps normalize your glucose, insulin, and leptin levels by optimizing insulin/leptin receptor sensitivity. This is perhaps the most important factor for optimizing your overall health and preventing chronic disease. But exercise affects your body in countless other ways as well— both directly and indirectly. Here, however, even the most unexpected side effects are almost universally beneficial. For example, as illustrated in the featured article, side effects of exercise include but are not limited to: • Improved sexual function • Changes in gene expression • Clearer skin • Improved mood • Improved sleep

What Happens in Your Body When You Exercise? A number of biological effects occur, from head to toe, when you exercise. This includes changes in your:

• Muscles, which use glucose and ATP for contraction and movement. To create more ATP, your body needs extra oxygen, so breathing increases and your heart starts pumping more blood to your muscles.

• Without sufficient oxygen, lactic acid will form instead. Tiny tears in your muscles make them grow bigger and stronger as they heal.

• Lungs. As your muscles call for more oxygen (as much as 15 times more oxygen than when you’re at rest), your breathing rate increases. Once the muscles surrounding your lungs cannot move any faster, you’ve reached what’s called your VO2 max—your maximum capacity of oxygen use. The higher your VO2 max, the fitter you are.

• Heart. As mentioned, your heart rate increases with physical activity to supply more oxygenated blood to your muscles. The fitter you are, the more efficiently your heart can do this, allowing you to work out longer and harder. As a side effect, this increased efficiency will also reduce your resting heart rate. Your blood pressure will also decrease as a result of new blood vessels forming.

• Brain. The increased blood flow also benefits your brain, allowing it to almost immediately function better. As a result, you tend to feel more focused after a workout. Furthermore, exercising regularly will promote the growth of new brain cells. In your hippocampus, these new brain cells help boost

memory and learning. As stated in the featured article: • “When you work out regularly, your brain gets used to this frequent surge of blood and adapts by turning certain genes on or off. Many of these changes boost brain cell function and protect from diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or even stroke, and ward off age-related decline.”

A number of neurotransmitters are also triggered, such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, and GABA. Some of these are well-known for their role in mood control. Exercise, in fact, is one of the most effective prevention and treatment strategies for depression.

• Joints and bones, as exercise can place as much as five or six times more than your body weight on them. Peak bone mass is achieved in adulthood and then begins a slow decline, but exercise can help you to maintain healthy bone mass as you get older.

• Weight-bearing exercise is actually one of the most effective remedies against osteoporosis, as your bones are very porous and soft, and as you get older your bones can easily become less dense and hence, more brittle -- especially if you are inactive.




Dr Leanne Reddy

MBhB (UCT), DCH (SA), Dip HIV Mx (SA)

November is Diabetes Month Tel: 031 303 5527 Sol George: 082 824 7312 SHOWROOM: 35 INNES ROAD, MORNINGSIDE Email:



s famously says: “Diabete One of my colleagues in ck ba u es tak D GO ere is the one disease wh leg , then a foot ... then a installments – first a toe the en oft is it s, nd sou as it etc”. As light-hearted sad reality. types: can be divided into 2 Diabetes Mellitus(DM) used ca is d an rty be pu e for Type 1 often starts be at an Type 2 presents usually by insulin deficiency. ind ase cre de to e du d is older age in patients an e2 typ is It e. insulin resistanc sulin secretion and/or ts sen pre or atic tom asymp that can be completely se ea dis sel ating to large ves with complications rel pa ino ret eg se ea vessel dis t. eg heart attack, small fee the altered sensation in thy, nerve damage eg c tes is based on specifi The diagnosis of Diabe s), ple sam m do ran or sting blood glucose levels (fa should rt ale h Hig . ms pto sym insulin levels and/or tory with a strong family his be maintained for those cinfe nt rre cu /re at tre to lt of diabetes OR difficu e/ for Metabolic Syndrom tions OR other markers esity ob ia, em ida slip dy , on Syndrome X (hypertensi and DM). healthy t one can live a long, The good news is tha ucaed gh ou thr tes be Dia h and successful life wit cose glu g vin hie dification, ac tion about lifestyle mo d an ns atio dic me of ing control, disciplined tak r rt and check-ups at you regular testing, suppo trusted GP. es ity enterprise – it requir Diabetes is a commun tion ipa rtic pa ement and social interaction, involv mma. dile tic be dia this at to comb

Dr Leanne Reddy

sidence Female GP Now in Re e ntr Ce al dic Me at Hillmed


375 Stella Road, Hilla (opp Caltex Garage)

464 1388 031 463 3930 / 031w.d




Making South African History

Durban Motor Show 2013

and the accessories that accompany them. “We’ve focused on the aftermarket industry this year and we’ll have some great well known local businesses - and some exciting newcomers too,” said King.

The Durban Motor Show will make South African history this year by crowning the first ever national drift champion, in the final meet of the Auto Trader SupaDrift Series. The competition will take place 8 – 10 November in the Durban Motor Show Outdoor Arena. Fans can expect to watch over 30 of South Africa’s top drifters compete to have their name written in the history books. “The series has travelled all around the country this year, building a big following on the way. We are really looking forward to hosting this event. It is a special occasion in the motoring calendar this year” said Andy King, Durban Motor Show owner. Known as KZN’s longest standing

and most successful regional motor show, the Durban Motor Show is trusted for its ability to attract crowds and sell motor products and cars. The vehicles and brands on display this year range from Audi, Nissan, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lexus, Kia, McLaren, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Toyota, Global GTR, GWM and Mustangs from Amcar; through to the iconic motorcycle brand, Harley Davidson, who will be giving visitors a chance to test out their beautiful machines on board their Harley truck. The event has been specifically created for real motor enthusiasts who not only love motor sport, but the inner workings of the machines

The show this year has created opportunity for visitors to participate in the activity too, with a show ‘n shine, sound-off and dyno competition being held across the three show days. A Suicide Ride arena will give drifting enthusiasts a chance to experience the thrill of going sideways. And for those who enjoy more of a spectator sport, a daily precision driving demonstration will be held in the Outdoor Arena. Last year’s hub of activity saw the show re-launch to a 12,000 strong crowd. This year organisers have partnered with broadcasting powerhouse East Coast Radio to not only spread the word further, but ensure that fans are kept entertained with surprise appearances and participation from popular DJs. Visit us online:




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CHANGE GENERATION Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs I took a decision to write in a way that would appeal to any age and to offer simple ways to get fit and healthy in mind, body and soul.

2. What aspects of diabetes does the book cover?

Co-Author & Entrepreneur Kanchana Moodliar Kanchana Moodliar is the co-author of the brand new book “You can be sugar free – Indians vs Diabetes.” Stress, genetic predisposition, diet and sedentary lifestyles are all the major causes of this progressive disease and Kanchana utilizes her background as a life coach, yoga instructor and philosopher to contribute to this easy to understand book.

1.How did you get started as a writer and what inspired you to co-write "You can be Sugar Free"

Ever since I can remember I used to journal my thoughts in a diary (almost daily) and I used to think “one day I must write something of consequence.” I believe that words can illicit emotion and make people change if it touches them at the right point in their life. In 2003 I read a book called the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho which changed my life and I decided at that moment I wanted to write meaningful messages that would help people change or become more aware of their actions by using simple terms and words. I started reading books by Robin Sharma and Osho and realised that there is ancient wisdom weaved into all their books, but it was put across so beautifully that one was able to make sense of the messages quite easily. I then became very interested in yoga and the texts that interested me from Yogi Paramahansa and the Yoga Sutras revealed similar messages. I realised then that I wanted to learn and understand ancient wisdom and then make it easier for everyone to understand. These texts are firstly not easily accessible, nor appealing to a younger audience but contain everything we need in order to live blissfully in these times. This is the key reason why self help authors have done so well. I decided to do the same with health and wellness. So, when I started writing for the Sunday Times Extra in 2011

We started writing and researching in 2011. And we became very aware of the lack of information that was provided on diabetes, especially for Indian people who are more prone to having the disease. Knowledge in itself is not power, applied knowledge is. So while there were many people who can quote causes of diabetes many had not actually taken to heart or grasped what these causes really meant for them. This book explains things so simply that even children would get it. It also talks about Indian culture, heritage, and diet which is the first of its kind is SA. Most other books on the market are focussed on a general view of diabetes. The biggest cause of Diabetes is actually fat and not sugar as most people believe. The Indian diet is riddled with oils and fats and what we offer in the book are easy to follow recipes that don’t take away the taste of eating Indian cuisine. After all, which Indian person is prepared to give up the food we eat? We have also gone to great length to show the GI of Indian foods and provide a healthy meal planner that helps people see when and what they should be eating. There are recipes for both vegetarians and meat lovers and we even have a section in the book by Masterchef 2012 Deena Naidoo – so you can be sure that this is not as many call it “diet food” The book is designed to help people prevent the onset of diabetes and to help those that already have it to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many diabetics have not fully understood that this disease is progressive and if not kept under control, like Cancer will eat away at your body organ by organ! While Cancer may have chemo and radiation as a way of helping to manage it, Diabetics have the option of healthy foods and exercise… now isn’t that a much better option? There is also a chapter by Child Psychologist Dr Gabi Burnette which explains quite clearly how kids are getting affected more and more by this disease. SA has some of the most over weight children in the world and without sport in school and kids playing with gadgets rather than running outside there is no hope if parents don’t

understand how dangerous this actually is for their kids. Portion control, methods to help teach children good habits and healthy options are suggested to help mothers make better meal choices.

3. What was Dr Collete Kell's contribution to the book?

Dr Kell actually approached me to coauthor “You can be sugar free.” She knew my style of writing and that I already had a good Indian following with my articles in the Sunday Times Extra and with my work on Saris for Good Karma. The inspiration I believe, came from a Divine source. We were just the people chosen to bring the information through. Dr Kell was tired of seeing patients get their legs being amputated and more women not being able to fall pregnant due to Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) that she decided to do something about it. Her contribution is taking the scientific terms and breaking them down into easy to understand bits that help people to really understand what is happening in the body.

4. How do you think readers will benefit from "You can be Sugar Free"

When complex terms are made easy to understand people have the “AHA” moment and in that moment something inside them snaps and they just want to do things differently, usually for the better. Since we launched on 25 September, we have sold over 500 copies with most people writing back to tell us how they never really “got it” until now. So I think the readers will benefit most from the simplicity of it all. This book will empower people, especially those doing the cooking in the home

5. Where can people buy the book?

The book can be purchased for just R150 from Spice Emporium or direct from us. Please mail or call 031 83 73 794 Kanchana Moodliar is the project director and creator of the award winning charity, Saris for Good Karma, for which she has won many accolades, including: • Inyathelo Award for Youth in Philanthropy - 2011 • Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South African – Civil Society -2012 • House & Leisure Top 50 Young Rising Stars - 2013 Follow her on twitter on @kanchmoodliar. Contact: 083 77 55 755



eedaiclastion, ltexheryciseM Hloneg a and m with d diabetes

A o portant for go nutrition is im ng well-balanced meals in ti control. By ea antities, you can help keep u q t ec rr ose to co e th cose level as cl your blood glu l as possible. norma

Butterflied Grilled Chicken with a Chilli-Lime Rub

Chef & Entrepreneur

Sarah Jane Dovey

Sarah Jane Dovey's passion with food started very early in her life, introduced by her Mum and Gran. She started her working career as Head Chef at the Coffee Shop at Kearsney College. Her career jump-started a year later when she decided to take on the challenge of rural life and joined Fugitives Drift in the Midlands as Head Chef. “A whole new world was opened up to me with hospitality being unrelenting in both hours and standards,” says Dovey. Dovey’s heart and passion still being in to South Africa, she took up the challenge as Front Office Manager at Hartford House in the Midlands for a year , then her final hospitality move to Granny Mouse Country House & Spa as the Banqueting Manager. Throughout her hospitality journey and whilst working in the various departments she knew that she would never lose her passion for food. As “food became cool” and the trend of coffee shops became a global social phenomenon, Dovey became more and more excited about focusing on pastries, cakes and destination coffee shops. As coffee shop market continues to grow, owners are searching for ways to stand out from the competition and meet consumers’ rising expectations. Encouraged by friends and family she took a leap of faith in early 2013 and took over the Duck and Deck Tea Garden in Hillcrest. It is now renamed Tiksiloo coffee Shop. Tiksiloo Coffee Shop is a work in progress and serves delicious farm style breakfasts and light lunches . Whilst their primary goal is to support the Animal Farm by offering a menu that targets both children and adults, the outside catering opportunities are starting to present themselves more aggressively. Tiksiloo kitchen is home to catering for outside parties, office events and private dinners. “Where do I see myself in 5 years time – it is a visual overload of cakes, pastries, a deli range situated in a destination that becomes a must to visit.” Says Sarah.

A quick and efficient way to cook a whole bird on the grill is to butterfly it. When cooking a whole chicken on the grill, try searing the chicken first over direct heat then finish cooking over indirect heat (as instructed in this recipe). That way you avoid the all too common problem when grilling—chicken burned on the outside and raw in the center. For best flavor, let the chicken marinate in the rub overnight in the refrigerator.


• 3 tablespoons chilli powder, or paprika • 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil • 2 teaspoons freshly grated lime zest • 3 tablespoons lime juice • 1 tablespoon minced garlic • 1 teaspoon ground coriander • 1 teaspoon ground cumin • 1 teaspoon dried oregano, • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt • 1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper • Pinch of ground cinnamon • 2kg Whole Chicken


Combine chilli powder (or paprika) and oil in a small bowl with lime zest and juice, garlic, coriander, cumin, oregano, salt, pepper and cinnamon to form a wet paste. Using kitchen shears, cut the chicken down one side of the backbone, through the ribs. Make an identical cut on the opposite side to remove the backbone completely; discard (or reserve it for stock). Place the chicken cut-side down and flatten with the heel of your hand. Generously smear the spice rub under and over the skin and on the interior of the bird. Place in a baking dish. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight or up to 24 hours. Preheat half the grill to medium-high (or build a medium-high heat fire on one side of a charcoal grill); leave the other half unheated. Have a squirt bottle of water ready by the grill. Leave all the spice rub on the chicken. Place the chicken skin-side down over the heat and grill until the skin begins to colour and char marks form, about 5 minutes. (Extinguish any flare-ups with the squirt bottle.) Flip over and grill 5 minutes more. Move the chicken to the unheated side. Close the lid and cook, making sure the chicken is flat against the grate, until an instant-read thermometer inserted into the thickest part of a thigh without touching bone registers 165°F, 30 to 40 minutes. Transfer to a platter and let rest for 5 to 10 minutes before carving. Serve with Lime Wedges & Roasted Sweet Potatoes or garden salad

5 TIPS FOR RAISING MONEY Plenty of adults get into financial trouble through no fault of their own, especially in a sluggish economy with double-digit unemployment. But often, those who learned valuable financial lessons at an early age fare better when times are tough.

For instance, when credit counsellors at Credability help their clients develop budgets, make housing decisions and find ways to start saving, "the majority of the clients we serve always say, 'I wish

somebody had taught me this when I was younger,'" says Jessica Cecere, from a national non-profit credit counselling and education organization. That's why it's important for parents to be intentional about imparting their financial values and good financial habits to their kids. "While schools can reinforce these lessons, it really needs to come first from the parents," Cecere says. Start early talking about money It's never too early to start talking about money with your kids, says Stephen Rhodes, a former teacher, father of four, and a CFP and managing partner at Strategic Partners Wealth Management. "Begin by explaining to them why you work -- to make money for the family," he says. Explain to them the reality that the items they use each day all cost money, and you must work to make and save enough to make sure all things are paid for." The trusty piggy bank is a good tool to use to help children learn to save, or you can choose to open a bank account in their names. "When children are 5, 6 and 7, they can't really understand the idea that one day something may happen, and you may need to rely on your savings," says Cecere. "But if somebody has a habit of saving and they always have, they will get that when they need it." Rhodes suggests using three separate piggy banks for each child and labeling


them "give," "save," and "spend." When you give them an allowance, have them divide their money into thirds to learn the importance of all three. Get them involved in family shopping Rather than spend your shopping time saying "no" to everything your kids want to buy, let them get involved in the shopping. It's a good way to learn how much money is required for various everyday items and begin figuring out the importance of spending wisely. A farmer's market is an ideal place to teach a family shopping lesson, says Cyndi Finkle, a mother and the blogger behind "Practical and Meaningful." "Send (your kids) to one section of the market with a list of fruits and vegetables that you want and give them R200 to spend," she says. "They will ask questions of the vendors, figure out how much of each thing they can get and start to understand the principles of money." To put yourself in your children's shoes, think about how it feels to go to a new country and become accustomed to the value of a different currency, Finkle says. "After a couple of purchases, you start to understand and use it more freely." Give them a budget and control over spending


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Y-SMART KIDS If you want kids to learn to be smart with money, you must give them some freedom, says Susan Tordella, a parenting coach and the blogger behind "Raising Able." If you give an allowance, "allow them to spend their allowance however they choose," Tordella says. "They can

buy school lunch every day and have nothing leftover, or they can buy once a week and save for a family vacation." Finkle suggests taking your kids on a personal shopping trip with a specific amount of money to spend and no buying guidelines. "They will eke out every cent, they will be more specific on their wants, and they will end up buying more of what they really want than what their impulse buying would be," she says. To make the trip more educational, make your kids do their own math. "If they come to you in the store and want to buy three things, hand them a paper and pencil and have them add the prices



By Nancy Mann Jackson

together. Give them a big bill and ask them how much change they should expect - based on the total amount of the items subtracted from the amount of money they have. These are simple, practical and meaningful money lessons." Don't bail them out Every child will make mistakes, but parents must let those mistakes teach children the lessons they need to know, Rhodes says. "If, for example, your child was saving for a big purchase but does not have all the money, don't give in and give it to him or her. Instead, make sure they work for it or, dare I say it, make them wait," he says. If you want to help them, rather than simply giving them a handout, take the chance to teach them about borrowing and lending. "Lend them the money and then explain that when it is paid back, they will have to pay you more," Rhodes says. "Helping them to learn the discipline of money management while they are children making only R50 is far better than them learning as an adult when they are making R500 000." If your kids have spent money unwisely and beg for your assistance to refill the coffers, "parents must not feel sorry for the children and bail them out of a penniless state," Tordella says. Instead, use the opportunity for a teaching moment: "Encourage them and ask, 'what could you do next time

to plan better?'" Model good habits Allowances, rules and money management lessons won't be effective if your kids don't observe you making smart decisions about money, says Richard Bavaria. "Be a role model," he says. "Show how you have a savings

account, how you shop wisely, how you've put off your own wants until you can afford them comfortably, one at a time. Postponement of pleasure is a grown-up characteristic, learned from grown-ups." In addition to disciplining yourself to use smart money habits, make sure you point out to your kids how those habits work in your day-to-day life. "You have a budget and spending priorities. So should your child," Bavaria says. "Show how you set up a budget and stick to it. If you've had money troubles in the past, tell your child how it made you feel and the difficulties it caused. Talk about your work and how your salary is based on the work you do. Show how your earnings reflect the health of your business and the economy. If your family is enduring a difficult time, find a way to talk about it an age-appropriate manner."

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Affordable Summer Fun Back when my children were babies (sunhats on head, pails and shovels in hand) I'd drum up glorious images of summers to come. My kids would skip home from school once that final bell rang, ready for three months of fun in the sun. I'd greet them in the backyard with a badminton set and a pitcher of lemonade. They'd play, I'd pour. That's it. I never considered that my vacationing charges might reach for video-game joysticks over badminton racquets. Or that they'd want to spend their lazy, hazy days surfing the net not the waves. It didn't cross my mind that once those babies turned into kids (Braves hats on head, remote controls and computer mice in hand), my blissful imagery of carefree romping in the summer sun would give way to the SpongeBob Sizzling Summer Marathon on Nickelodeon. Couch potato syndrome is all over the modern child population Now, many summers and melted parental fantasies later I understand that I'm not alone in my plight; that the summertime couch potato syndrome is all over

the modern child population. In fact, research reports that kids today spend half the time playing outdoors than kids did two decades ago. Unfortunately, there is mounting concern over this generational shift from the backyard to the couch. A recent broad-scale study featured in the American Journal of Public Health reports that summertime inactivity among children has them packing on the pounds at twice the rate as during the school-year, while a plethora of other research links inactivity among modern kids with increased incidence of childhood depression and anxiety and traditionally adult health problems like cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. Experts also warn that the demise of traditional outdoor play could hinder children's development. "Outdoor experience isn't just something nice for kids to have," writes Richard Louv, author of the book Last Child in the Woods, "They have to have it." Neuroscientists tap interaction with the natural world as a primary player in children's sensory

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development. Ditto for physical development, as running around outside is critical in refining children's large and small motor skills and achieving "full brain activation". So how can we ensure our kids remain happy, healthy and active during their lengthy school siesta? We begin with strict rules and limitations regarding screen time (Pediatrics recommends no more than two hours daily of television, video games and computers combined), and follow up with plenty of opportunity for childoriented fun in the sun. The following list of high-interest, low-maintenance, affordable outdoor activities (some of which families can do together and others of which kids can conquer on their own) promise to help keep your crew off the couch - and out the door - all summer long.

Sporty Kids • Play Backyard Volleyball. Use a clothesline as a net (make sure it's higher than the tallest child's head) and a lightweight beach ball or balloon as a volleyball. • Make a Baseball Splash. Fill a

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bucket with water balloons. Have kids take turns pitching and batting - and getting drenched. • Have a Hula Hop. Spread hula hoops around the backyard, varying the distance between them; challenge children to jump from one to the next.

Sweaty Kids • Play Water Limbo. Use water from a garden hose instead of a stick; players bend, crawl or slither under the stream to avoid getting wet. Driest kid wins. • Build a Water Slide. Secure plastic sheeting (available at hardware stores) with garden stakes in a grassy inclined area; turn on the sprinkler and let kids slide away. (Feet-first sliding only, adult supervision required.) • Play Splash Tag. In a cool variation of the old standby, the player who's "it" uses a squirt a spray bottle or throw a wet sponge to soak his targets; once drenched, that player becomes the new "it".

Artsy Kids • Make a Backyard Mural. Soak an old sheet and hang it on a clothesline or fence. Put out various tempera paints and applicators - sponges, paintbrushes, squirt bottles - and let kids go at it.

• Create Natural Window Decor. Go on a nature hike and pick some pretty summer flowers. Have children arrange them on contact paper (sticky-side up) and seal the deal with a second piece of contact paper (sticky-side down). Trim the edges, punch a hole, and hang it in the window with ribbon. • Build Sandcastles. A couple of bags of sand from the hardware store are all it takes to make a bona fide backyard beach. Throw in some plastic pails and shovels and let the creative construction begin.

Exploratory Kids • Search for Buried Treasures. As long as you've got a pile of sand in the backyard, bury some inexpensive goodies (or even a bunch of pennies) in it and let kids dig for the loot. • Go Geo-Caching. This amazingly cool family activity is an outdoor treasure hunt in which the participants use a GPS receiver (or GPS-activated cell phone) to hide and seek containers (called "geocaches") hidden all over the world. Find details at http://www. • Have an A-Z Scavenger Hunt. Write the letters of the alphabet in a column on a piece of paper. Take an urban hike and search out items


that begin with each letter.

Eco Kids • Plant a Butterfly Garden. Summer is the ideal time for this beautiful family project. There are great resources available online which show you how to design and plant a butterfly garden. • Make Bird Feeders. Plaster a couple of pinecones with peanut butter. Roll them in bird seed and hang them from a tree branch with yarn or ribbon. • Tap Your Resources. Books like The Earth Book for Kids by Linda Schwartz offer oodles of kidfriendly, environmentally-conscious activity ideas.

Kids • Have a Car Wash. Kids will love getting wet and sudsy, and they can donate the profits to a cause of their choice. • Dog Walk. Have children lend a hand to an elderly neighbour or frazzled new mom by taking her favourite four-legged friend on a walk. • Open a Refreshment Stand. Help kids set up shop with some lemonade and cookies so they can provide sweaty passers-by with cool, sweet treats.

Where Will You Be in Five Years? Focus on learning and development You run the risk of coming off as arrogant if you answer this question by saying you hope to take on a specific position in the company, especially if the interviewer is currently in that position. Butler suggests you avoid naming a particular role and answer the question in terms of learning and development: What capabilities will you have wanted to build in five years? For example, "I can't say exactly what I'm going to be doing in five years, but I hope to have further developed my skills as a strategist and people manager." This is a safe way to answer regardless of your age or career stage. "You don't want to

ever give the impression that you're done learning," says Weintraub.

Reframe the question Research has shown that it's less important that you answer the exact question and more important that you provide a polished answer. Enter the interview knowing what three things you want the interviewer to know about you. Use every question, not just this one, to get those messages across. You can also shorten the timeframe of the question by saying something like, "I don't know where I'll be in five years, but within a year, I hope to land several high-profile clients." You can also use the opportunity to express what excites you most about the

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job in question. "In any competitive environment, the job is going to go to someone who is genuinely interested and can articulate their interest," says Butler.

Principles to Remember Do:

• First, do the contemplative work to develop a personal answer to the question . • Understand what the interviewer is trying to gather from your response • Shorten the timeframe of the question so you can give a more specific and reasonable reply.

Don't: • Make up an answer you don't believe in. • Provide a specific position, instead focus on what you hope to learn.

• •


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Denim & Diamond Ladies Breakfast Getting ready for the Denim & Diamond Ladies Breakfast in association with Miglio and The Spa at Breakers are Miglio Jewellery Consultant Tanya Tostee, Michelle Kriese from Jagged Edge & Beauty in Motion and The Sunflower Fund’s Stephanie Berry. Tanya Tostee and Michelle Kriese are hosting a ladies breakfast on Wednesday, 20th November to raise funds for The Sunflower Fund. The event will be held in the Lagoon Room at The Breakers Hotel in Umhlanga Rocks and the organisers are hoping to sell all 120 tickets. Ladies are encouraged to dress in their best ‘Denim & Diamond’ as a prize will be awarded to the best dressed.

Chrisin Holdings (Pty) Ltd Computer and Network Specialists We offer:


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It is the time of the year when the Jacarandah trees flower. Purple patches might lift the spirits with their beauty but they are also a significant reminder that it is study time. Exams are just around the corner. I have some surprising news for students. The brain doesn’t remember too much after two hours of study so it is better to take a complete break for ten or fifteen minutes. Find a hobby you enjoy. Do a bit of gardening, listen to music, take a quick walk or maybe do some baking to relax and refresh yourself. Rather keep away from reading or words as you need to give your mind a rest. Then when you get back to studies, your mind will be ready to absorb your studies. A tip about examinations. Worrying and trying hard are attributes of the left brain which aims at perfection. The problem is that it often freezes in fright. You become blank and can’t remember a thing. It also makes problems bigger so that they consume a person and bring about panic.

Try making friends with your lateral right brain. It has problem solving abilities, is a happy positive side of yourself and doesn’t expect to fail. To find it, and exercise it, well before the exams, on a daily basis, close your eyes and breathe in deeply for a count of two, and out again also on a count of two. Do this twice, then with your eyes shut, just look at your thoughts. You will find that they have disappeared. You have a peaceful quiet mind. Keep that quiet mind for a minute or two then open your eyes and look around, be conscious of where you are, stay in the moment. Keep in this quiet mind which is peaceful and positive. You will find yourself in a much better frame of mind to read the examination question and to answer it correctly. If you get anxious, remember, close your eyes, breathe deeply a few times, look at your thoughts, then open your eyes. Be aware, be conscious, be peaceful. Then answer your examination question. Expect to pass! Expect to do well! Believing in yourself is important. Squash any worry thoughts or doubts the second they appear. Do this by shifting your mind to something that has make you laugh. This will lift your mood. Now keep it happy. Even exams can be enjoyable if you approach them with the right attitude – and this does mean keeping away from others who put doubt and negativity into that peaceful positive mind of yours! Remember you are a winner!


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How to Rock the Shades this Summer Finding the right pair of sunglasses may not always

be easy especially when a variety of new trends hit the season but we were all created differently and there are certain accessories that suit us better. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when shopping for that new pair of “sunnies.” • For the girl who has a heart-shaped face, the wide forehead and high cheekbones. A pair of cat-eyed shades will definitely accentuate your face. • For those whose face-shapes are longer and oval shaped with narrow forehead and jaw line you’re the easiest to find shades for. A pair of classy and sexy aviators and you could never go wrong. • If you’re the girl with the round face and soft curves then a more square shaped pair of sunglasses, which will add more definition to your face. • Lastly but not least if you have the square shaped face then the oversized round-about “sunnies” are a must, as they tend to highlight your best features.

Change is

Changing Thoughts ... Thin and Sleek Apple will soon be adding a new edition to the iPad family, introducing the iPad Air. Light and convenient with a ton of advanced technology, the iPad Air should definitely be added to your Christmas wish list. It’s 7.5 centimetres thin and weighs a pound and the apps are fantastic, specially designed for the iPad so you get the best experience. It’s also updated with the new iOS7, which means faster software, multitasking and convenience. The iPad Air Smart Cover is a super cool accessory and is designed to automatically switch your iPad on when it is opened and to put it to sleep when its closed, they also come in a variety of colours. So if you’re an apple fan or a lover of the latest technology you have to get your hands on the iPad Air.

where ever your are Change is


The Girl on Fire The fierce and brave Katniss Everdeen has returned home after winning the 46th annual Hunger Games with the “bread boy” Peeta Mellark. After winning and surviving the biggest game of their lives Katniss and Peeta are off on their victory tour where they learn that District 13 may secretly still exist hosting a rebellion base. For the fans of the adventurous and thrilling trilogy, Catching Fire the sequel to the Hunger Games is definitely a must see. May the odds be ever in your favour. Opens 22 November 2013

Essential ... A Royal Voice She may not be a queen but this 16 year old does not need “Royal” blood to have the world screaming her name. Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor better known as Lorde could just be the next big icon. Whether it’s her unique voice or quirky songs she’s hard not to love. Lorde was born in Auckland, New Zealand on the 7th of November 1996. She made her debut with her hit “Royals” which reached number 1 in the New Zealand Top 4 and on the Billboard Hot 100. Lorde writes her own songs and says her biggest influence came from reading. I guess reading can make you famous in some ways.

If you have any requests or ideas for topics to be featured in our next issue or just to give us feedback contact me at


By Tasha Lee Maree

My Delicious Secret I think I can say I’m like any normal teenager to the extent where I definitely have a sweet tooth. Recently I’ve discovered the most decadent and perfectly sweet little treats. “Sweet Temptations” is a company that makes soft toffee but these toffees aren’t just your normal standard toffees. The variety of flavours are endless and each one bursting with its own unique flavour with my personal favourite being the French vanilla. The French vanilla is a vanilla toffee with coffee beans and its honestly pure heaven; it feels like a sin to eat something so delicious.

Change is Beautiful ...

happening ...

Local Westville Entertainer

Nadine Oberholzer

set to WOW Durban in her role in Nadine Oberholzer

West Side Story

{Exclusive to ChangeNow Magazine}

After Nadine Oberholzer completed her IDTA dance exams with Honours & Distinction she's travelled overseas, danced for The Sharks Rugby-The Sharkettes, and soon after joined The Barnyard Theatre in their Hit Show-The Big 5’. Nadine is the owner of an events company as well as dance, act and sing full time and loves every opportunity to do what she loves.

ated on stage by this gorgeous orchestra is enough to give you goosebumps. This production is very stylized so we are working very closely with what we call 'The Bible".. Every step is from the original piece and keeping every beat the same, according to the script, is of most importance. The pieces are edgy, full of character and again so specific to the genre of this production as well as the story in which it tells.

Oberholzer is a professional dancer for what seems like a beautiful eternity, is involved in many productions, corporates and launches and works with the countries top Producers, Directors and Choreographers, voice trainers and acting coaches and now has landed one of the best roles in re-invented West Side Story.

If you had to choose between singing and acting, which one of the two are you more passionate about?

How do you feel about being part of an internationally acclaimed Broadway show-West Side Story?

Honestly it is such an honour to be a part of this production! Anyone coming to watch this show is going to be blown away by South African talent. I have watched numerous Broadway shows that have been brought to our shores in Johannesburg and Cape Town and now to be a part of one and in my home-town I feel so incredibly lucky. The script is set in the 1950's and shows ties to the epic Shakespearean love story of Romeo and Juliet, its amazing to see how relevant it is to our time, our generation. With such a talented cast and production team I feel it can only be a success and most definitely maintain a Broadway show standard.

Tell us more about the role you are playing?

I'm playing the character Graziella one of the female Jets and Riffs girlfriend. She is slightly unfazed by the boys and their havoc so to speak, however she is very head strong. My best friend in the show is Velma which is not difficult to act out considering she is played by one of my close friends in real life! I love this character along with the beautiful dance sequences that come with playing this role. We are very fortunate to have live accompaniment by the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra, and Ralph Lawson as director.

Tell us about the Music and dance featured in this production?

Firstly it is such a privilege to be working with Ralph - he is undoubtedly a genius and we just love him to bits! As for the orchestra, they are fantastic! There is nothing better than acting, singing or dancing along side a live orchestra and/or band. Before we have even begun, the energy cre-

(oef) Thats a tough one! I am a born dancer and with that acting and singing was introduced to me at an early age. Musical theatre is about loving all three disciplines (acting, singing, dancing) equally so you cant really choose? I'm passionate about being a triple threat.

What role would you love to play that you haven't yet?

You really do ask tough questions! At this point in time I would love to play Evita Peron in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Evita. The music is beautiful and I think she would be a diverse and strong character to play.

What has been your biggest achievement in the field of acting or dancing? Can I be 'lame'? Everyday I get to dance I feel like its an achievement! I love what I do and I am constantly surrounded by unbelievably talented and amazing humans so I couldn't say one thing- its everything I have done collectively.

Please share with our young readers, what kind of things should an aspiring actor or dancer be involved in to prepare themselves for this field of work? Firstly I was not a lover of school however I look back now and think "sheesh if I had just put in a little extra effort I could have achieved even greater things", I say this because as an artist of any form you tend to want to start your career immediately and forget about the building blocks... having a good education and or qualification will really help you achieve this and put you in good stead for the future. Most artists I know, including myself, have their own business and are creating work wherever they can so study hard, you're going to need it! Above all else love what you do, always perform like its the last time you will perform and believe in yourself.


Mark Banks


is Banksrupt!

Romeo & Juliet An East Side Story

The Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre: 6-24 November 2013

The Zone Suncoast Casino: 12 November – 31 December Jacobus Van Heerden & Clinton Small from Romeo and Juliet, the East Side Story. Photo by Val Adamson

Go for broke with Mark Banks - South African comedy legend Mark Banks is back – and this time he is going for broke in his new one-man show Banksrupt! which comes to the Elizabeth Sneddon theatre in Durban from 6 – 24 November After several years of working on the biggest comedy line-up shows in South Africa, Banks makes a triumphant return. After several years of working on the biggest comedy line-up shows in South Africa, Banks makes a triumphant return. The legendary multi-purpose improviser and lighting speed anarchist just keeps getting better! The Royal Albert Hall, the Hammersmith Apollo and the PE Opera House are better off having hosted this iconic showman. Banksrupt! has been years in the making and in consultation with two wise men, a babbling gnome and Kobus Wiese, the show promises to be his greatest comedy work yet. ‘The title is about where we are as a nation – we’re broke – financially, morally and mentally and I want to sketch out the villains behind this sorry state we’re in, obviously with a tongue in cheek flavour to keep it interesting,’ says Banks. According to witnesses the show is described as ‘Screamingly funny ... Up to the minute’ and ‘technically, libel’. This production has even been rated as ‘Blazing’. The show, which is being produced by Whacked: Special Project, incorporates stand-up, sketch and video making it one that the world could not ignore. Catch Mark Banks live in Banksrupt! He takes no prisoners, and your money! Shows are Wed - Fri at 7:30pm; Sat at 2:30pm and 7:300pm and Sun at 6pm. Tickets are R100 per person. Bookings through Computicket. The show carries an age restriction of no under 13s. Mark Banks Facebook Page: Mark Banks Twitter: @markdotbanks Illa Thompson - Publicity Matters

The long-standing theatrical tradition of the saucy festive season adult panto continues – this time the team tip their hat to the greatest love story ever told, Romeo and Juliet, which will play at The Zone, Suncoast from 12 November until 31 December.... except this version is probably not quite what Shakespeare had in mind... It has long been a tradition in Durban to celebrate the festive season with a trip to the naughty adult pantomime: a well-known story with a decidedly grown up twist, a smorgasbord of well-known, sing along songs; saucy ensembles; boisterous fun and a fair amount of risqué one-liners. This year it’s one of the world’s most well-known stories “ Romeo and Juliet- an East Side Story” … and needless to say, nothing is sacred. Under the scripting and direction of Darren King it is set right here in Durbs - the east coast - of the late 1950’s - the time of rock ‘n roll!! Come and meet: Anita, the shop girl from Garlicks department store played by the glamorous Anthony Stonier; Chubby from Chubby security (Rowan Bartlett); Tie Balt, a surfer dude from Toti (Clinton Small); Gladys - Juliet’s nurse (Thomie Holthausen); and of course Romeo and Juliet themselves, played with starry eyed devotion by Jacobus van Heerden and Katy Moore. With plenty of irreverent humour, local references, songs you all know and all the glitz and glamour synonymous with the Adult Panto, it is a wonderfully grown-up night out for office-parties; companies, clubs and associations as well as groups and couples looking for a fun way to celebrate the festive season. Booking through Computicket. Block bookings, party groups and enquiries – Contact Ailsa on 083 250 2690 / Illa Thompson - Publicity Matters



• Take advantage of seasonal bargains. Many stores begin year-end sales during the holiday season. • Shop by catalogue. This will help you stick to a budget since you are not enticed by the many choices offered in stores. Shopping by catalogue also helps you avoid the holiday crowds.

• Allow time for planning and comparison shopping. Keep your budget in mind and shop carefully to get the best selection and price. In other words, budget for purchases. Write down names of people you are going to shop for along with a number of gift choices, including estimated costs and actual price paid. • Borrow wisely. Credit cards and loans are frequently used to make up for a lack of holiday cash. Both allow you to repay the amount owed over a period of time, although you pay for this advantage in finance charge. You also need to remember to budget for the credit card and/ or loan payments that you make.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. You will begin to notice stores displaying holiday decorations, increasing inventory, and gearing up for the rush that comes with holiday shopping. Nevertheless, before rushing out to begin your seasonal shopping, take time out to access your financial situation. Check to see how much money you have available to spend for the holidays. Ideally, you have planned and budgeted for the holidays throughout the year. Perhaps you began last January by developing a spending plan (budget), deciding how much you wanted to save by the end of the year, and putting money aside on a weekly or monthly basis. Or perhaps you did this through some type of a Christmas savings account with a financial institution or a social savings club. If you did, you're way ahead of the game. If this holiday season has caught you without adequate money to spend for a joyous holiday, start now by correcting this situation for the future. Plan to have money for your holiday spending for next year and follow these tips.

• Save in advance. Discipline yourself to save a few dollars from each paycheck during the year. • Moonlight. Take a part-time job for a couple of months or work overtime. This is a great way to earn extra spending money for the holidays. • Draw names. This will reduce spending, especially if your list of family and friends is long.

As a long year draws to a close, you may be looking forward to a welldeserved rest. And while you may be getting a break from routine, your money never does. It needs to keep working for you and take you comfortably into the new year. If you are going away on holiday, you’ve hopefully planned carefully and saved up for this, and are not funding your getaway with debt. There is the temptation to buy new clothes for the holiday, often using store cards. However, you could still be paying off these purchases when winter arrives. Avoid the temptation to spend on a new holiday wardrobe and wear what you already own. If you receive an annual bonus, you can use it to fund a holiday or Christmas gifts. But before splashing out, consider saving some of this money. If you invested some of it into a retirement annuity (or injected a lump sum into an existing retirement annuity), it could be tax-deductible, so you score on two fronts – you are saving for the day when you’re too old to earn a salary, and the taxman is giving you an extra bonus. Try to pay some of your January expenses upfront in December, as January is notorious for being a long month. Whatever expenses you can pay double will help you get through the first month of 2014. December is always an expensive time.


Great Family

Getaways for your Summer Holidays La Montagne - Ballito's Hidden Treasure

Your dreams will come alive at Ballito, nestled along Kwazulu Natal's North Coast, affectionately referred to as "The Dolphin Coast." La Montagne is embedded on the golden sands of the subtropical bay of Ballito, offering grandstand views of the ocean from each apartment, perfectly suited for the most memorable of family holidays. This magnificent 120 luxury apartment resort - is a step from the silky sea sand and is set against a backdrop of sun, seagulls and surf, offering glorious days and unforgettable nights. La Montagne offers activities for the whole family from mini-golf to table tennis, a children's créche, games and entertainment arcade to squash, or the option to refresh yourself with exotic cocktails relaxing around the sun drenched pool. ...Enjoy a game of golf at one of the numerous golf courses available nearby or the excitement of vibrant Durban, a short drive away. As the sun sets and the night comes alive, dance to the rhythm of the music in the popular nightclub Sub Zeroaglow from the portholes of the floodlit pool. The self-catering apartments have large patios with electric braai facilities as well as air-conditioning, a microwave, telephone and TV with DSTV. There is also a multitude of restaurants, either on site or nearby at your disposal. There is everything nearby to keep a holiday family happy with a beach less than 100 metres away. Horse riding, golf and tennis are all within 10km, as well as tourist attractions that include an animal farm, a crocodile farm, boat trips for dolphin viewing and micro-light flights. There is sure to be enough to keep even the most active of families well-entertained. For more info visit


The 4-star Peermont Mondazur Hotel and Spa is a gem near Southbroom on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast at San Lameer Golf Estate, and is situated on the banks of the Umhlangamkulu Lagoon with access to a pristine Indian Ocean beach. The intimate hotel offers 40 rooms and suites elegantly decorated in contemporary Indonesian style. In this exclusive and secure beach and golf coastal reserve, guests are surrounded by beauty, luxury and tranquillity. The centrepiece of San Lameer's magnificent domain is the 18-hole championship golf course at the San Lameer Country Club. Guests have access to the dining, convention facilities and variety of recreational activities at San Lameer, as well as the magnificent Blue Flag Beach. Other activities include squash, tennis, cycling, canoeing and paddle-boats (equipment can be rented), mashie golf, action cricket and bowling greens. Activities offered nearby include horse riding, quad biking, bungee jumping and go-karting. The one kilometre Marina Beach bordering the Estate is a beautiful sandy beach with an adjacent tidal pool. It is one of the country’s few beaches with the distinctive ‘Blue Flag’ status. The Blue Flag is an international award given only to those beaches that meet excellence in safety, amenities, cleanliness and environmental standards. San Lameer Estate is a conservation haven with over 200 bird species and herds of impala, reedbuck red and grey duiker and bushbuck roaming the Estate, often encountered on the network of walking trails through indigenous flora and protected forest and dune areas. The gracious 4-Star Peermont Mondazur Hotel with its tranquil lagoon, Blue Flag beach and magnificent golf course is proud to announce the addition to its already sensational offering, of a brand new Camelot Spa - the only true spa experience on the South Coast, with an all-encompassing holistic approach to health, beauty and wellness. The Lagoon Bar and Grill, overlooking the swimming pool and the unique San Lameer lagoon with its myriad of bird species, specialises in fresh seafood and sumptuous buffets. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Light meals are available on the pool deck – the perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon with a sundowner, enjoying the magnificent view of the lagoon. For more info visit

Change Now Magazine - November 2013  
Change Now Magazine - November 2013