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DANIEL Holland NiTSAK's Newly Appointed MD

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Change View Hello ChangeNOW Supporters Thank you Azeem Cassim and the Coalition CSTO team for embracing us on our February Cover. We are thankful and grateful ... and sincerely privileged to have had the opportunity to feature such an inspirational entrepreneur. We wish you and your team a phenomonal year ahead filled with great prosperity and abundant expansion growth. To all our Advertisers and Contributors thank you again for your support and contribution to this issue. I thought I share some light on the subject of advertising, regardless of economic times and growth of the Internet, it is believed that advertising through print media brings a definite competitive advantage. The bottom line leaves nothing to imagination. Let’s say a company chooses not to communicate with customers when it enters the market. The result is that the prospective buyer will not even consider what that company offers. This is a fundamental truth in print media advertising. In print media, the advantage of catering to specific target audience opens up countless

opportunities to enhance sales figures. Compared to websites or national newspapers, magazines enjoy the longest life span. Another advantage is that magazines have a high reach prospective. This is because magazines get passed from family to friends to customers to colleagues and so on. Magazine advertising gives great scope to glossy ads. These are usually trend setting and eye catching. The best thing is that every body loves to look again and again at glossy ads. So maximum visibility is again reiterated through magazine advertising. That is why it is stated often that consistent advertising ensures a cumulative effect. The more familiar buyers are with a brand, the more likely they would buy it.

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Art Print - DBN. GENERAL ENQUIRIES Postal Address 46 Chrisway Road, Malvern, Queensburgh, KZN, 4093 Email: DISTRIBUTION Property Junction Stands from Bluff to Hillcrest and select stands in Durban North. Participating Garages, Restaurants, Schools, Libraries and Churches. COPYRIGHT All material appearing in ChangeNow Magazine is copyright unless otherwise stated or it may rest with the provider of the supplied material. ChangeNow Magazine takes all care to ensure information is correct at time of printing, but the publisher accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of any information contained in the text or advertisements. Views expressed are not necessarily endorsed by the publisher or editor.

in 2009. The services of NiTSAK is utilized by corporates across the spectrum from government, medical, to automotive, tele-communications, and retail. Some of the company’s clients include Vodacom, Nike, McDonalds, Multichoice Africa, Ethekwini Municipality, KDG, Pharmed, and a host of others.

Looking beyond just computers and the latest technological advancements, is the view of NiTSAK, a provider of customised software, web design and development. Newly appointed managing director, Daniel Holland, believes the rapid growth of NiTSAK lies in customer relationship management, where the focus lies in building relationships before building solutions. “One of our strengths is understanding how a customer’s business works and how everything ties in. We also take time to understand their relationship with their clients. Relationship management is one of our strengths. We work towards understanding what a client requires from the outset and build around those needs,” says Holland. NiTSAK’s has since built its operations to focus on a client centric model, Holland elaborates, “We have a specific interest in bridging the gap between users and information by presenting an interface that is intuitive and useful. Our methodology is to understand our client’s business processes in order to clarify their requirements and to then propose the most costeffective and practical way forward.” Founded in 2008 by two partners: Nitesh Ramsaroop and Arvin Sakichand; NiTSAK has built a solid track record and a reputable name in the industry, the company also boasts an impressive list of loyal clients NiTSAK began to grow steadily to the point where its 15 strong customer base of five years ago has now reached 100. At present, the company employs eight but intends growing the team by another three in months to come, says Holland, “We also have a strong network of contractors that we utilize for projects that reach outside of our internal abilities or capacity. We have relationships with providers that are as long standing as our company.” One of the biggest achievements in the history of the company was winning the tender to redesign and manage a new website for the University of KwaZulu-Natal

NiTSAK’s excellence in delivering high quality services to their clients has been recognised, the company has just been re-awarded the tender to update and redesign the UKZN website. Holland elaborates on the project, “this is a massive undertaking as the entire institution is moving to a new content management system and adopting a new technical strategy. It also includes some state-of-the-art applications such as virtual tours of UKZN facilities. These are mobile friendly to the point where it seems that a user is actually standing in the centre of a virtual room and simply moving his or her phone around”. Another strength has been NiTSAK’s ability to be flexible and provide quality services simply because it is a small company driven by passion to achieve excellence. “Because this is a small business, you can walk into my office and get attention a lot quicker,” says Mr Holland. [ A ChangeNOW Exclusive ] What sets NiTSAK apart from other IT companies? The key point of difference between NiTSAK and other IT companies lies in our focus to assist our clients in bridging the gap between the client and the information technology sphere. We empower many of clients with basic web knowledge whereby they can go back and manage their site. Should there be a problem that they cannot solve, our support is always available. Therefore, NiTSAK together with its clientele grows, and becomes more empowered within the information technology (IT) sphere. How has NiTSAK contributed to the Socio-Economic development of our communities? Giving back to community has become a norm in business practices today, and NiTSAK is no different when it comes to giving back to the community. NiTSAK assists many non-profit organisations the way we know best, that is through the medium of digital communication. Our team of experts utilise their knowledge and skills to assist organisations that require assistance. Some organisations that have been beneficiaries to our socio-responsibility program include: • The Advice Desk for the Abused • Sathya Sai Organisation • UKZN Foundation • High Calling Global Ministries • Muslim Youth Movement (MYM)

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Advantages of ecommerce Fastest growing medium of doing business Extended reach to a global market Available 24 hours, 7 days a week For further information visit: or or

031 301 4797 email:



Freedom is Justice is Freedom d Fitte rom f 2 s r Floo 95/m . 4 R13 Blinds All 10% Less

Like Grandfather ... Like Granddaughter By Tasha Maree

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DYC Marketing Managers Tasha Maree (L) & Fathima Hassim (R) with Ela Gandhi (Middle)

DYC Mayor Thando Hlongwane

Kindness and compassion definitely courses through the veins of this family. On the 12th of February, the Durban Youth Council (DYC) held a press conference for Ela Gandhi to promote the Satyagraha March also known as the Salt March. The DYC Mayor Thando Hlongwane and Deputy Mayors Amy van der Merwe and Solomon Shabangu are passionate about this cause and have been engrossed in the planning of this event. Ela Gandhi is a peace activist and a former member of parliament. She has a passion for justice and equality in South Africa following the footsteps of her grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi who did this March in an act of civil disobedience. This year the Salt March would like to promote fair voting practices, peace, and non-violence. The Salt March is an annual event which will be taking place on Sunday, 6th April. The March starts at the Phoenix settlement and ends at the King Park Stadium and participants are free to walk at their own pace. Participants can stop at 5, 10,15 or 22 km. This is a wonderful event to support and involve communities to stand up against the injustices in South African society. DYC urges corporate companies, small business' and families to support the cause and make a difference.


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Human Rights Right Brain Thinkers by Felicity Keats



Know You Rights

Human rights entails more than having rights for ourselves! But it is important to see that those rights don’t violate other people’s rights! This is a complex situation, entailing freedom as well. People often look alarmed when they speak of freedom and I say that they really are not free at all. Why? Because true freedom is an inner state. The freedom people think they have does not exist. Why again? Because most people are actually under the control of the left brain. This is the home of the ego, of arrogance, of a demand to be right, and of problems. Problems that the left brain cannot solve and which just get bigger the more attention they get. The left brain is the home of knowledge. It is the home of the known. 10% of what we could know is what the left brain is using. It is not the home of creativity nor is it the domain of problem solving. We have two parts to our brains – a right and a left hemisphere. They are entirely different, like two different people. The left brain is linear subject to rules and regulation. The right brain is lateral, creative, innovative, with access to the unknown 90% where lies our answers to many things. This right brain is peaceful, non judgmental and non critical. It can access anything it wants from the left brain, but the left brain cannot discover its secrets at all. The right brain connects us all as one family, bringing understanding and peace. You may have your beliefs and opinions. I can have mine. There is no need for me to want to control and change you, any more than your need to control and change me. We can agree to disagree! Peacefully! How much more we will learn about each other and how much richer our lives will be. Human rights would not be a topic for discussion and for argument. People would have their rights knowing that decisions they took would be based on what would be right for that particular person. There would be nothing to argue about! Likewise let us have a look at democracy which allows us all to have a say in what is happening in our country and our lives. With more understanding and togetherness between people, democratic rights became easier to establish. Some people are more dominant with strong leadership qualities. There are others that are happy to let others lead. A democracy becomes more like a jar of big and little precious stones. If you shake the jar they all settle down comfortably with each other. Learning to find our strengths and passions and to work with them allows people to maximise their abilities. We are all good at different things. Some people are ideas people, some start things but don’t finish, some see things through, some have strong critical abilities. Put in context, a very strong team could develop from a mix of characteristics. You might say that these are basic human rights … learning to recognize strengths and to allowing people to be themselves .... within reason! … We can learn a lot about each other by just listening!

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LEGALLY SPEAKING Credit & Judgement

*One FREE 30 min Consultation

I often get calls from clients who require legal advice and/or assistance as they are being negatively impacted as a result of their credit bureau information. I decided to address a few frequently asked questions. 1.) How do I get a copy of my credit bureau report? You need to phone the relevant credit bureau and ask for a copy of your bureau report. As per the National Credit Act, you are entitled to one free credit report per year. If you want another report within the same year, you need to pay a nominal administration fee. 2.) I have been told I have been blacklisted. What does that mean? Blacklist is a misleading term, which came about when credit bureau only kept negative information. In the 1980’s, following international trends, credit grantors are now encouraged to also share positive information about their customers, as this facilitates access to credit. The perception that credit bureaus only keep negative data is therefore not true. The data is not divided into good and bad it is all on one comprehensive database reflecting all the information about person’s accounts, their total exposure and how they are paying monthly. 3.) What is a default? A default means you are in default of your obligations i.e. you have failed to make the payment as per your agreement. 4.) What is a judgment? A judgment is a court order requested by your credit provider when you have not paid your debt. A legal process is followed before a judgment is issued. A summons is issued to the individual. The summons informs the individual of the court appearance and allows them to come forth to represent themselves. Where an individual fails to appear the judgment is issued in default. The judgment is held on the system of credit bureau for five years and is then automatically removed. 5.) Once I have paid, why doesn’t the default/judgment get removed? The credit bureau will not remove judgment unless it has been rescinded in the court of law. The above information has been sourced from the Credit Ombud. The Office of the Credit Ombud assists consumers who have disputes regarding their credit reports or credit agreements such as micro loans, clothing or furniture accounts etc. Their services are FREE OF CHARGE. They can assist with advice or to investigate a dispute on your behalf. Should you wish to engage the services of the Credit Ombud, you may contact the office on 0861 OMBUDS (0861 662837). Should you wish to apply for a rescission of a judgment, kindly contact our office for us to assist you accordingly.



Skin Care Understand your skin Skin is a soft and protective outer covering of your body. It is the first line of defence from external factors like dust, pollution and extreme weather. It retains water that keeps it moist and hydrated. Studies suggest that majority of the people find their skin dry

Now at these ALPHAPHARM PHARMACIES City Gate 0315664954 Umhlanga Medisport 031 561 1227 Hillcrest 031 7653275 In-Med 031 702332

Murray Square 031 7014477 The Square Ridge 031 5662677 Northlands 031 5646933 Queensburgh 031 4646446


post bath, some extra dry and very few normal, even though our skin retains 60-70% of the whole body water! Well, there are multiple factors that lead to gradual increase in skin dryness like extreme climate, soap, medication, long and hot showers etc. To help skin maintain moisture and retain essential nutrients, it is essential to use body lotions every day.

Purederm Cream Purederm is a skin cream created with 100% natural active ingredients. It is perfect for soothing the skin and its moisturising properties improves skin tone and feel. Its organic active ingredients help to give skin its natural beauty. In addition to soothing the skin, it stimulates blood circulation, reduces pigmentation, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and activating cells so that skin is smoother & clearer. Its other skin benefits include the soothing of ailments such as : Sunburn, cuts, bruises, insect bites, allergies, acne, psoriasis, stretch marks, scars. It is hypoallergenic and safe to use even on infants and children.













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Health Matters Stress & Relaxation Therapy With starting “Stress & Relaxation Therapy” we have combined massage therapy along with counselling, to alleviate some of the anxiety and stress before counselling seems to work way better as the patient becomes more level headed and can think clearly putting his/her feelings into perspective. As I got more into massage therapy and healing my knowledge of the human body and how to heal naturally just grew from there. My interests have always being helping people and doing it naturally with healing hands and natural medicine. My aim is to provide relief and aid in everything from: Relaxation, Stress relief, Tension, Arthritis, Relief of constant heads, Migraines, Chronic sinus, High /low blood pressure, heavy feet/legs symptom, Muscular pain.


To NEW Premises

We offer counselling for everything from:

Stress, Trauma, Bereavement, Student counselling, Marriage counselling, Drug abuse, Work related issues, Relationships.

We also help and teach:

Belief systems and enforcing them Techniques and combating stress Communication skills Massage Therapy is an all natural healing remedy done in ancient studies dating decades back, with the aid of massaging we increase blood flow and oxygen in problem arrears allowing relief for any of the above symptoms. We do treatments and even just a relaxation massage for stress relief or just a pamper.

We look forward to helping you in any way we can...


Stress Management through Counselling and Massaging ... • Massaging & Relaxation • Body, Mind and Soul Balance • Stress Management • Techniques to Combat Stress • Belief systems and Expectations • Enforcing Positive thought patterns • Ashnie 082 837 3808 (Registered Counsellor - PRC - 0008893) • Jessica 071 563 3776 (Massage Therapist) Health Haven, 12 Haven Road, Westville, 3630 (Contracted to most Medical Aids)

Dr Leanne Reddy


(SA) ,Dip HIV Mx (SA


Not TB TB ... ore Qu estion! That is th

social ditions classified as a TB is one of a few con h wit use it is associated disease – why?? Beca d an poor sanitation poverty, overcrowding, poor ns ... a true marker of itio nd co ng unhealthy livi it is ld, co on mm co the Like health service delivery. d an g t spread (i.e coughin also spread via drople in ed nd pe sus is infective bug sneezing whereby the big a is re the ver we itted) ho the air and easily transm common airborne patho the as ere Wh . ce differen e on t jus d on, even through gens are easily passe re to repeated regular exposu es uir exposure, TB req is it e nc He d. itte be transm the TB bug in order to it a be – g din ow rcr ove is re easily spread where the ms pto sym y etc. Suspicious home, a hospital, factor ve nsi po res ot ronic cough(n include weight loss, ch eats. It is becoming rife sw ht nig , to antibiotics) tem h a weak immune sys amongst individuals wit onest mm co the of e on is It eg. people with HIV. ose, and is difficult to diagn opportunistic infections er. nn ma ilar t in a sim as HIV itself can presen n, – TB lung, TB abdome ms for ny ma in s It come . The few a ningitis – to name TB lymph nodes, TB me ina mb co a of s TB comprise treatment regimen for of t an nd pe de t en atm gth of tre tion of drugs – the len bu the g t. Due to mutations in the type of TB presen re of the mo veloping to 1, 2 or itself, resistance is de MDR ng usi ca n, ent regime drugs used in the treatm attre g kin ma – ad ugly he and XDR TB to rear its e. ng alle ch jor ma a ment t is the Question! TB… Or Not TB – Tha s… it is TB until proven iou pic Answer – Be sus otherwise.

We Are NOW Here!

Dr Leanne Reddy


233 Main Road, Malve ve) (opp Church on the Mo

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5 Morning Rituals to Keep You Productive All Day Long Most of us work long hours: 40, 50 or even 60 hours each week. But chances are, given distractions like online entertainment, office snacking habits and ill-designed time management, we're only churning out high-quality work a portion of each day. Here are five practical steps to incorporate into any morning routine to optimize your time at the office and maintain productivity all day long:

shocked at the morning lift you can get from a green smoothie. And healthy juicing requires less time in the morning than toasting a bagel and slathering it with low fat cream cheese. I go quick and easy, blending (for about a minute): one apple, one banana, one orange, a handful of spinach, half of a cucumber, any juice or coconut water on hand, a few cubes of ice and some flax seed. It's cheap, easy and energizing.

7 minutes of exercise. Yep, not 10 -- just seven. Why? It's short enough that it won't impact the rest of your morning routine and long enough to shake off any residual sluggishness from the night before -- including that extra glass of wine. There are endless fitness routines to turn to, but the one I like best is called the 7 Minute Workout (and yes, there's an app for that). In just seven minutes, it works all major muscle groups with 12 total exercises.

Pick 3 wins for the day. While

Start your day out green.

One of the most common mistakes people make at the office is not turning to-do lists into timebound, effective project lists. I've found that people who have mastered this hack are far more likely to deliver tasks on time. It's simple: For each of the big things on your list, block off the amount of time on your calendar

Sure, we've all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it's pretty easy to reach for a bagel, bowl of cereal, egg sandwich or cup of yogurt to get your metabolism going. While all of these options are fine choices once in a while, you'll be

you're waiting for that smoothie to blend, get ahead of the evening's conversation with your significant other -- you know, the one that starts, "How was your day?" Decide on the three things that you'd like to accomplish in the next 12 hours in order for you to feel like the day was a success. Sure, not every day will be an epic win, but strategizing in this way will help to move the ball forward.

that you estimate the task might take -- and then add 33% more time just to be sure. If a project is multi-day or has dependencies, break it up into digestible chunks. Use one block to plan and a second or third block to accomplish. This simple method will help hold you accountable and immediately help you refocus on the tasks you've prioritized when you do get distracted. Too often, we let one distraction steamroll an entire morning -- now you don't have to let that client email derail you from your winning plan for the day.

Power up after lunch. Take the 15 minutes right after lunch to refocus on the day -- a kind of professional meditation. Get away from your computer, turn it off, go sit in a conference room and determine what you have on tap for the rest of the day. Think about how the list you set in the morning is shaping up. Are you ahead of schedule? Behind schedule? You'll find that these 15 minutes help you identify how you got derailed, what's causing you distractions and help you to rediscover a rhythm to be productive all day long. Give this simple formula a try for a week and I think you'll be pleased with the results. Here's to a more productive year ahead!



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We are OPEN Saturdays until 1:30pm Specialising in: • Home addition & Maintenance • New Homes • Industrial Factories & Project Management • Plans and Engineering Plans Drawn • Plumbing • Owner Supervised • Member of NHBRC



Why is Fiber so Important?

I’ve long been interested in the health benefits of fiber. In fact, when I was in medical school 33 years ago, I was so convinced of fiber’s many benefits that my nickname was Dr. Fiber. I’ve since come to appreciate that the type of fiber in your diet, as well as your gut health, play a major role in harnessing fiber’s health potential while avoiding its potential pitfalls. Before I explain, let’s go over a bit of fiber basics… It is actually because your body can’t digest fiber that it plays such an important part in digestion. Soluble fiber, like that found in cucumbers, blueberries, beans, and nuts, dissolves into a gel-like texture, helping to slow down your digestion. This helps you to feel full longer and is one reason why fiber may help with weight control. Insoluble fiber, found in foods like dark green leafy vegetables, green beans, celery, and carrots, does not dissolve

at all and helps add bulk to your stool. This helps food to move through your digestive tract more quickly for healthy elimination. Many whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, naturally contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. 9 Health Benefits of Fiber There’s no shortage of research showing how fiber may boost your health. Some of its top potential benefits include: • Blood sugar control: Soluble fiber may help to slow your body’s breakdown of carbohydrates and the absorption of sugar, helping with blood sugar control. • Heart health: An inverse association has been found between fiber intake and heart attack, and research shows that those eating a high-fiber diet have a 40 percent lower risk of heart disease. • Stroke: Researchers have found that for every seven-grams more fiber you consume on a daily basis, your stroke risk is decreased by 7 percent.

By Dr. Mercola

• Weight loss and management: Fiber supplements have been shown to enhance weight loss among obese people, likely because fiber increases feelings of fullness. • Skin health: Fiber, particularly psyllium husk, may help move yeast and fungus out of your body, preventing them from being excreted through your skin where they could trigger acne or rashes. • Diverticulitis: Dietary fiber (especially insoluble) may reduce your risk of diverticulitis – an inflammation of polyps in your intestine – by 40 percent. • Hemorrhoids: A high-fiber diet may lower your risk of hemorrhoids. • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): Fiber may provide some relief from IBS. • Gallstones and kidney stones: A high-fiber diet may reduce the risk of gallstones and kidney stones, likely because of its ability to help regulate blood sugar.

What Are the Healthiest Sources of Fiber? If your diet could use more fiber, resist the urge to fortify it with whole grains. Instead, focus on eating more vegetables, nuts, and seeds. The following whole foods, for example, contain high levels of soluble and insoluble fiber.

Chia Seeds


Vegetables such as broccoli and Brussels sprouts

including onions and sweet potatoes


Psyllium seed husk, flax, and chia seeds

Green beans



Root vegetables and tubers,


r e p p o t s w Sho Recipeasrties

Prawns with Garlic & Wine


for your dinne


Steak au Poiv

Prawns with Garlic and White wine is something much quick and simple to prepare. It’s something you can always fall back on – something with very few ingredients, but a dish packed with flavour. A crowd pleaser, show stopper and queue jumper all in one. Ingredients: Steak au Poivre is one of those gorgeous meals that fills the house, and is a show stopper to make in front of guests and makes you want to curl into the couch after dinner, completely content and satisfied. Tenderloin filets are pan fried and then added to a rich, creamy pepper sauce. Ingredients:

• 4-6 tenderloin medallions about 3cm thick • salt to taste • 2 tablespoons coarsely ground black pepper • 1 tablespoon butter • 1 teaspoon olive oil • 1/3 cup cognac • 1 cup heavy cream


• Evenly salt the medallions and roll in black pepper. • Melt butter and olive oil over medium heat and sear the steaks about 4-5 minutes per side and remove to foil. • Drain off excess oil and butter then deglaze the pan with the cognac. Ignite the cognac and swirl until the flame goes out. • Add the cream and heat over a medium flame until the sauce thickens. Return the steaks to the pan and flip to coat. • Serve with additional sauce over the top. • Optional: Can add sautéed mushrooms to sauce before serving

• 700g king prawns (heads off, shells and tails on) • 1/3 cup olive oil • 5 garlic cloves (peeled and finely grated) • 1 1/2 cups good quality white wine • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter • salt & pepper • 4 tablespoons fresh parsley • 1 teaspoon lemon zest • 1 lemon (cut into wedges)


• Heat the oil in a deep frying pan until hot but not smoking. Toss in the prawns and spread into one layer – cook for 1 1/2 minutes each side without moving. This will create a nice crunch to the shells. Add the garlic and stir fry for 30 seconds before adding the wine and stirring well. Season well with salt and pepper and let the sauce sizzle and bubble for 2 minutes until reduced. Add the butter and shake the pan until it’s all melted and the sauce thickened, about 1 minute. Remove from the heat. Tumble the prawns into a large serving bowl, along with the sauce. And sprinkle liberally with the parsley and lemon zest.

• Serving:

Top with lemon wedges and serve alongside lots of crusty bread to soak up all the delicious sauce.

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Meets Where Flavour ud Your Tasteb s. • Curries • Bunny Chows • Breyanis • Sandwiches

.95 R24

1/4 Leg, ti o Chips & R

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Money-Saving Tips for 2014 Padding an emergency fund and using credit responsibly can help you become financially fit. It's time to start thinking about becoming financially fit. A large percentage of South Africans set financial resolutions goals, but only 8 percent are successful in achieving them. Don't want to be a part of that statistic? Here are eight ways to stay on track:

1. Set realistic financial goals. You're more likely to reach your financial goals if you define them. Whether you're paying off a credit card or trying to buy a house, figure out where you can do some fine-tuning, and then create a plan of action that you can stick with throughout the year.

2. Use credit responsibly. It's easy to get carried away with credit card spending, but you'll likely accrue debt if you're not careful. There are ways to use credit cards to your advantage. Sign up for a credit card with a strong rewards program so you accrue points toward your next trip or splurge purchase every time you use the card. Keep an eye out for cardholder discounts some credit card issuers set up with retailers. Whenever possible, pay off your balance in full and on time each month.

3. Create an emergency fund. Regularly putting money

everything is turned off. Your wallet (and the Earth) will thank you.

aside in a savings account is crucial in case of an unexpected bill, car repair or loss of income. This is easier said than done, so start with a small amount and get into the habit of putting money away. Cash on hand can spare you from having to use more expensive options such as short-term loans or high-interest credit cards. Automate the process by setting up weekly transfers from your bank account so you don't have to think about it.

5. Tackle your taxes. Don't wait until April to start working on your income taxes. Start now by setting aside all yearend documents, including tax certificates and bank statements. Collect all your charitable receipts, and organize any business expenses that you plan to write off. Preparing in advance is one of the best ways to maximize your return.

6. Lower your energy usage. This is an easy solution. Turning off the lights when you leave a room, using dimmer switches and keeping the thermostat set at a reasonable temperature are all easy ways to lighten your utility bill. Get in the habit of doing a nightly check of the electronic devices in your home before going to bed to ensure

Lindie Grobler l 074 588 4549 l

7. Share the road. If possible, try biking to work, carpooling or using public transportation. Beyond saving on fuel costs, automobile wear and tear, and parking, you also might accomplish your New Year's resolution to exercise more!

8. Skip the latte. While a R20 morning coffee can satisfy the soul, it can also hurt the budget. Consider buying the equipment needed to make your beverage of choice at home. It's a larger outof-pocket expense, but it will easily pay for itself over time. Having a financial goal in mind doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of life's little luxuries, especially as the holidays come to an end. If you know where to cut your budget, set money aside for savings and always have your longterm goals in mind, you'll likely see your short-term holiday wishes come true as well as your future ones! Hitha Prabhakar is a consumer spending and retail analyst and spokeswoman, the leading web and mobile money management tool that helps people understand and do more with their money.

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Veronica Mars Veronica Mars left behind her teenage detective days and is lured back to her home town, when her childhood friend and old flame Logan Echolls is accused for a murder. Veronica also coincidently arrives back in town just before her high school reunion. The movie stars Kristin Bell and Jason Dohring, if youre interested in a good mystery or have been a fan of the television series this is definitely a movie to watch. A little bit of romance, action and comedy, this movie premiers on the 14th of March

By Tasha Lee Maree

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Beats that bring out the “Animal” Young, talented and handsome, Martin Garrix has the package. Martijn Garritsen famously know as Martin Garrix was born on 14 May 1996, is a Dutch DJ and producer who has the world dancing to him. Martin always had a passion for music and learnt, to play the guitar at the age of four. He was inspired by Tiesto at the age of eight and from then on he dreamt of becoming a DJ. This guy made it big with one single, “Animals” which made the top 10 in more than 10 countries. We look forward to more awesome mixes when it comes to this up and coming talent.

The Fault in our Stars

There seems to be a new novel craze developing in the world of hormonal, young beings. “The Fault in our Stars" is a novel that has all teenagers talking and here’s the best part, no more blood sucking, skin glittering non fictional characters.The story is narrated by a sixteen year old cancer patient named Hazel who is forced by her parents to attend a support group where she meets seventeen year old Augustus Waters who attracts quite a lot of her attention. As their relationship deepens the two teenagers take a trip to Amsterdam to visit their favourite author Peter van Houten who wrote the book "An Imperial Affliction". A story of two teenagers moving through the obstacles and the hard trials that face them in their lives. You will definitely be needing a box of tissues for this book.

Sweet History of Sugar Bay Everyone is interested in their families history, where they came from, and how they got to where they are today. Sugar Bay is our very own Holiday Camp situated right here in Durban, which most people have read about, heard about, and more so- visited. But how many of our campers and parents actually know how this wonderful paradise came to be? I'm going to let you in on this secret.... Zoe (Director of Sugar Bay) was an attorney in Cape Town, dissatisfied with her job, and had no inspiration from her partners. Some people live their life like this, but others change it. Zoe was one to change it. She did a lot of soul searching and asked herself, “What would make me really happy?” Have you ever had a 'Eureka!' moment? How life-changing those moments can be! And that's what it was for Zoe, life-changing. While sitting on Glen beach, Camps Bay, in Cape Town, she thought about what she loves; kids, holidays, sun, activities, teaching, water sport. EUREKA! Together? Sugar Bay. In 1999, after getting married on Zinkwazi beach, Zoe and her newly wed hubby, Nic, both left their jobs. After spending a year looking for property, full time, with no income, and no guarantees, it became quite tough for them, where a lot of will power, determination, and positive expectations were needed. They kept on keeping on!

KAY’S ELECTRICAL The anywhere anytime kinda service!

• Complete Appliance repairs/reconditioning • Trouble shooting earth-leakage trippings • Complete house wiring and C.O.C

Ask for a quotation on lightening protectors and day/light options!

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Decor & Catering for all those Small or Big Occasions, Wall Draping, Ceiling Lighting & Home Lighting

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BBM Pin: 2733E2e3 “With us at Young Forest no Dream is too Big, the Sky is the Limit!”

In January 2001, they presented the plan to the banks, and got the money! They had 4 months to build it, and that's just what they did. In July 2001 they opened for the first time, with 30 kids. Zoe, with so much spirit and excitement in her eyes, said, “30 kids. 30 kid's parents trusted us with their children. It was amazing.” That's when she knew it had all come together.

Top Branch Agent 2012/13 Diamond Achiever If you want your property listed call any estate agent. If you want your property SOLD, call Nasheen.

The first 5 years of the company was the hardest, but they made it. The best part for Zoe was that she could now make money from people's happiness instead of their suffering (being a lawyer), and have good karma. Sugar Bay started with 30 activities, where they now have over 100. They started with 30 kids for a holiday, where they now have over 200! Every year they do more and more to expand, from the activities to the buildings. Since they first opened, their stats have sky rocketed! They take in 200 kids a week, approximately 2000 kids a year, and 40 school groups a year! Their hard work and perseverance has really paid off for them.


MARCH 2014

082 465 9467

Nasheen Nattan M.I.E.A.




Here comes the real secret though, where did the name 'Sugar Bay' come from? Nic was the one who came up with the name, based on the fact that their location was in the sugar cane fields, by a private bay/beach. So together, Sugar Bay arose! Zoe's last heart-felt comment before I left was, “This is quite honestly a very unique business where parents spend R5000, and end up sending us a thank you letter, which is so special. We should thank the customers, but they thank us.” Sugar Bay has grown immensely into a wonderful paradise where children from all over the world come to visit, and have non-stop fun with trained counsellors who teach them, listen to them, and go completely crazy with them. Nic and Zoe have provided a beautiful home for campers who are always welcomed back here with a huge smile and open arms.

at! F y Shape ! Lose Bell Up Gain control of your weight! FREE Assessment Guaranteed Results! Professional Coach Patricia Moodley 0748985196

Incredible Journey ... Back on Track Pavilion First Phase Handover by Senzo Dhlomo

With the completion of the Pavilion Shopping Centre’s Master Development Plan (MDP) scheduled for end for March, some of the shops in the newly established food court and entertainment area were handed over to their owners for shop fitting, with the food court set to be opened for trade in April. With the rush of the festive season over, construction is in full swing. Last year, the Pavilion Shopping Centre welcomed more visitors than previous years, again cementing itself as a premier shopping destination in KwaZulu Natal and highlighting the shoppers’ heightened levels of interest and curiosity during the build. Phase one of the revamp saw the launch of the iconic, revamped Nu Metro cinemas (which includes two luxury Scene cinemas) and the balance of this project will see large chain takeaway outlets and entertainment establishments, such as The Fun Company and Galaxy Bingo, opening their doors to Pavilion shoppers. With the construction, The Pavilion Shopping Centre aims to deliver a value-based experience, using successful retail construction trends and infusing them with new ideas to deliver the best product for the shoppers. Strictly adhering to health and safety standards and regular communication with shoppers has ensured a safe shopping environment for patrons and a sense of privacy for all workers. Pavilion Management would like to take this opportunity to thank their shoppers for their patience.

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ONCE OFF All in 1 • Wireless phone calls to all networks. Flat rate of 70 cents a minute anytime,anywhere to any Network on prepaid

• Sell airtime, electricity • Country wide • Very quick and easy • On board printer • Trouble Free • FREE Business Trolley



00 FULL WARRANTY A-grade refurbished Computers also available with Full Warranty




A-grade refurbished Laptops also available with Full Warranty



ONCE OFF • Flat rate of 70 cents a minute anytime,anywhere to any Network on prepaid

Repairs/Maintenance/Upgrades On All Phones, Pay-Phones, Computers, Laptops, Airtime/Electricity Machines 30 Albert Street, Corner of Queen Street-Nedbank House Look for the Cell C sign on building • Casual Parking Also Available 031 3051632 • 031 3057866 • 084 786 4357 • Nompilo 0761702716 •


We’ll Remove Spots & Stains Remove Gum • Revive the Carpet Fibres


Tuition in all Subjects: • Mathematics • Physics Maximum • Afrikaans • Biology Per Class • Accounting • EGD & IT


• We provide supervision and guidance by qualified educators and experienced educational personnel. • There will be full coverage of the syllabus with emphasis on relevant information. • CHAT-C offers learners instruction in small classes. • Close individual attention and supervision. • On the spot remediation available. • Feedback to parents • Free Internet access to all students enrolled at the centre. • Tuition in different learning areas/subjects under one roof (you don’t have to travel to different venues).

Why wait for the sunny days From as Little as to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned when we can do it for you any time of per/sqm. the year...!? T’s&C’s Apply Our methods are quicker and efficient, no water on your service, carpet which prevents the For a Professional essionals bad smell that comes after... call the Prof



Kindly note that numbers will be restricted. Limited space so please enrol your child for our 2014 classes. 30 Ironstone Road, Silverglen, Chatsworth For more information please call Tel: 031 401 3830 / 031 401 3829 Cell: 082 456 0005 / 072 592 9606 / 083 387 8358

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Facebook,Twitter, Social Network

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking sites are a godsend to kids and teens who want to get in touch and know what is going on with their friends or relatives. By just opening a website, they can communicate with and learn about all the people who are important to them (at least those who are signed in to the same network). But like many things that people are passionate about, there are detractors to social networking. When it comes to kids and teens, an Oxford University study argues that social networking has bad effects on the kids' intelligence - and the damage could be longterm and irrevocable. On the other hand, defenders are quick to point out that kids on social networking are increasing their social interaction while wiring their brains to adapt to new technology.

BAD EFFECTS OF SOCIAL NETWORKING ON KIDS Baroness Susan Greenfield , a top neuroscientist of the Oxford University warns about the lifelong effects of too much social networking:

inability to empathize. • These sites make kids prone to sensationalism. • Pedriatricians observe that some teens suffer from "Facebook depression". After spending a lot of time on Facebook and other popular social networking sites, some teens become anxious and moody. Also, a vulnerable teen may suffer from depression when he reads great things happening to his friends, and his life is not so great in comparison. Teens who experience "Facebook depression" usually have trouble with social interactions in general. Other educators also note the following: • Facebook and other networking sites “are infantilizing the brain into the state of small children who are attracted by buzzing noises and bright lights, who have a short attention span and live for the moment”. There is hardly any concentration skills required in participating in these social networking sites, and these train the brain to have poor attention span. • Kids are detracted from learning to communicate in the real world. There are reports from teachers that social networking is affecting kids’ comprehension levels. Also, if kids communicate primarily through the screen they do not learn the subtleties of real life communication - such as body language, tone of voice, and subconsciously sensing the molecules that other people release. • Social networking sites make kids more self-centered. Since Facebook and other sites give kids their own page which is about them, it leads some vulnerable kids to think that everything revolves around them, a precursor for emotional problems in their later life. This might also result in

• For kids and teens in social networks, there are no spelling and grammar rules. In fact it is cool to misspell and not make sense. Less sophisticated children will find it hard to differentiate between social networking communication and real world communication. In fact many teachers are complaining that social networking communication with misspellings and lack of grammar are seeping through student’s school writings. • Screen relationships detract from spending time in real life relationships. • Social networks are fertile grounds for bad influencers and anonymous venoms and hunting grounds for deviants and other predators. • For kids who crave attention, Facebook and other social network becomes a venue for them to act out. These kids may make inappropriate statements, pictures and videos that could ultimately harm them. Also, posts and materials that are published online tend to be permanent and may haunt them in the future. • A study by Larry Rosen, a professor of psychology at



king: Good or Bad for Kid's Brain? California State University concludes that extended use of social networks like Facebook can result in a decrease in empathy among teens, and thus an increase in narcissism. • Young people who have a history of harming themselves or attempting suicide might be particularly vulnerable to negative messages posted online, new research shows.

GOOD EFFECTS OF SOCIAL NETWORKING ON KIDS On the other hand, other experts like the MacArthur Foundation see it differently. They claim that kids and teens are developing important technical and social skills online in ways that adults do not understand or value: • Mizuko Ito of the University of California states that “spending time online is essential for young people to pick up the social and technical skills they need to be competent citizens in the digital age”. Kids are learning basic social and technical skills to fully participate in modern society. Kids learn to adapt to permanent and public socializing and managing elaborate network of friends and acquaintances. • Social networking makes kids more peer-based. Young people are motivated to learn from their peers online. They interact and receive feedback from one another. They are motivated to learn more from each other than from adults. Teachers and adults are no longer the only sources of knowledge. • It makes kids more networked than ever. It is easier for kids to make friends with people all over the world, most of whom they will never ever meet without these technological advances.

• Kids communicate and interact more than ever. • Social networks actually make kids more relationship-oriented, considerate, and emphatic. Kids remember people’s birthday and greet them. They comment on pictures, videos and status of their friends. They create longer term friendships by being in touch online even when friends are no longer physically meeting. • Professor Larry Rosen notes that teens are developing the ability to show virtual empathy for distressed Facebook friends and that the empathy is actually well-received by friends, positively influencing their mood. This virtual empathy, he says, can even spill over into the real world, teaching teens how to empathize with others in everyday life.

HOW PARENTS CAN MAKE THE MOST OF KIDS SOCIAL NETWORKING • Encourage your kid to spend more time – considerably more time – in actual communication than “social networking communication”. • Tell your kid to spend more time in real-life friendships and activities - Real face-to-face interaction is deeper and warmer than online friendships. Your kid learn more social skills in relating to and having face-to-face communication with his friends. Online friendships does not teach your kid to listen to subtle vocal cues, interpret body language, and adapt to different personalities skills that are often important to survive in the real world. • Encourage your child's other passion or interest - Instead of constantly telling your kid to stop going online, discover his other interests and nurture them.

Examples of these are sports, playing a musical instrument, writing, crafts, etc. Support him when he is engaged on non-online activities that he is passionate about. • Suggest to your kid to take advantage of social networking to enhance learning, to collaborate with fellow students, not just for “hanging out” and spewing nonsense. Teach your kid to differentiate between what has substance, and what is mere trash. You should also warn him not to engage in the darker side of social networking like cyberbullying, stalking, sharing inappropriate materials, etc. • If possible, supervise your kid’s online activity to protect him from online predators and other dangers - Do not be deceived that your kid is online because of school research and studying. You should be constantly aware of what your kid does online or what he does in front of the computer. • Emphasize to your kid the difference between real-life and online relationships - Having 500 friends in Facebook, for example, does not necessarily mean that he is popular. • Emphasize to your kids the difference between writing and spelling for social networking and real world writing. • As in everything, use social networking in moderation. It cannot take the place of real-life relationships and other worthwhile pursuits like reading books and sports. • At an age when your kid can easily fall prey to bad online influences, have the computer screen readily visible to you by putting the computer in a place where you regularly pass by. Do not position it on a hidden corner or angle.

Need Exercise Motivation? 11 Tricks You Haven’t Tried

First, stop telling me you have no time to exercise.

to work instead of walking, and using the elevator instead of taking the stairs cause the average person to save 111 calories a day. Over time, that adds up to 10 extra pounds a year. Whenever possible, try not to motor your way through life. Use a broom or rake instead of a leaf blower, your body instead of a remote control, or elbow grease instead of an electric mixer.

It's the top excuse I hear from patients when I suggest they get moving. But you do have enough time; what you really need is motivation. Too often people think of exercise in black or white categories: “thirty minutes” or “no minutes.” In reality, any minutes of movement are better than none. Here are some of my favorite tricks to get patients started on exercise routine.

Don’t take waiting sitting down.

Don't ignore exercise

It's powerful medicine for your heart and arteries. It strengthens your cardiovascular system, allowing the heart to pump more blood with less effort. It keeps your arteries elastic and flexible, which allows them to expand to accommodate blood flow, which reduces blood pressure. It makes your tissues more sensitive to insulin, which means cells throughout your body more easily absorb and burn blood sugar for energy. It helps lower levels of triglycerides, tiny packages of fat that float around in the bloodstream. Exercise also helps tamp down inflammation and prevents blood clotting, which can lead to stroke, heart attack, and other problems. Finally, exercise creates physiological changes in the brain that lead to an increased sense of wellbeing, confidence, and an improved mood. And it’s not as hard as you might think.

Take a 5-minute walk.

It is recommended that we plan 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise. But if you can’t always meet this goal, should you do none at all? No! Less activity than the AHA guideline is still beneficial. Even a five-minute walk will bring you some health benefits. What’s most important is this: get started. For one study, researchers followed the health habits and outcomes of more than 400,000 people for eight years. They found that the people with low levels of physical activity (they averaged about 15 minutes of exercise a day) showed a 14 percent reduction in death compared with the completely inactive group. People who were more active showed even lower mortality.

Never fast-forward through a commercial.

For every two hours you spend in front of the TV, your risk of becoming obese jumps 23 percent and your risk of developing diabetes increases 14 percent. This is true even if you exercise regularly. You don’t need to cut out TV time altogether—you just need to learn how to multitask. Mayo Clinic endocrinologist James Levine, who has spent his career studying the effects of exercise on health, says that converting TV time to active time could allow some of us to shed 50 pounds in one year! How about a few sit-ups or pushups during commercials? How about a five-pound dumbbell lifted overhead 15 times with each arm for a 60-second break? If that seems like too much, at the very least, don’t ever take a commercial sitting down. Use every commercial as a cue to get up and move.

Stop thinking of yourself.

That is, practice active acts of kindness. Because one way to motivate yourself to get in small, regular bouts of activity is to do them for someone else. Dedicate small acts of exercise to the good of someone you love, the happiness of a stranger, or the good of society. For example, return your shopping cart to the store rather than leave it in the lot near your car.

De-motorvate your life.

Time-saving devices (think dishwashers and elevators) save more than time: they also prevent you from burning calories. Mayo Clinic researcher James Levine found that habits like using a dishwasher rather than washing dishes by hand, driving

We stand and wait a lot: at the grocery store, at the bank, at the post office, at the ATM, at amusement parks. And that’s just the waiting we do standing. A lot of it we do sitting down. Consider a doctor’s office waiting room. Or what you do during the average 10 to 20 minutes each of us spends on the telephone each week? Try to stand and move as much as possible while you find yourself waiting. Depending on where you are, you could march in place, do a few laps around your house, try a few stretches, or climb a flight of stairs.

Get a pedometer.

Measure how many steps a day you take, then set a goal to increase the amount by perhaps 500 steps a day for a week, then jump it up again to the next level. New habits such as these will get you there: Park as far away as possible from the entrance to work. (I do this every day, and enjoy a 10-minute walk each morning and each evening). Spend half of your lunch hour walking. Propose a walking meeting with colleagues if you don’t need access to a computer during the meeting. Take a short walk whenever you arrive to a destination a little early.

Move in the morning.

It's the best time to fit in a workout, and here’s why. It makes your workout number one on your to-do list. When you exercise later in the day, dozens of obstacles and excuses are likely to come up. When you roll out of bed and get moving first thing, those excuses don’t have a chance to derail your motivation. There’s also some evidence that a morning workout can undo some of the metabolic damage of whatever fatty, high-sugar foods you might have consumed the night before. Try to going to bed earlier so you can get up earlier. Agree to meet someone at the gym to help ensure you get out of bed rather than hit the snooze button.



Judith Sephuma - Experience of… Date: 4 April 2014 Venue: Playhouse Theatre Judith Sephuma performs a mixture of Jazz and Gospel, promising to be a night that her fans will not forget. 17th Time of the Writer 17 - 22 March 2014 The written word envelops Durban as nineteen writers from South Africa, Africa and abroad, gather for a thought-provoking week of literary dialogue, exchange of ideas and stimulating discussion at the annual Time of the Writer International Writers Festival. The festival, hosted by the Centre for Creative Arts (University of KwaZuluNatal), with principal support by National Lottery Distribution Fund, features a diverse gathering of leading novelists, social commentators, activists, playwrights and short story writers.

Easter Sunday Concert at The Playhouse: Handel's Messiah The Playhouse Company proudly presents Handel’s Messiah for the annual Easter Sunday concert on 20 April at 3pm. With the story line covering the Nativity, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, the glorious history and enduring spirit of this Baroque-era oratorio continues to hold music lovers in awe – more than 250 years after the famous composer’s death. Featuring the talents of soloists Aubrey Lodewyk, Khumbuzile Dhlamini and Violina Anguelov, who will be accompanied by the Playhouse Company Chorale, the Durban Symphonic Choir and the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Naum Rousine. For further information please call 031 369 9456.

Havana Grill Suncoast Wine Tasting Date: 6 March 2014 Venue: Suncoast The Suncoast Wine Club is an ideal opportunity where you are invited to taste the finest wines whilst enjoying a delicious three course dinner Friends of Music Concert Series 2014 Aglika Genova + Liuben Dimitro Date: 18 March 2014 Venue: Durban Jewish Centre The sensational duo have won all the major piano duo competitions, like ARD Munich, Miami, Tokyo & Bellini. Title August: Osage County (16 L) Date: 14 March 2014 Misery loves family. The dark, hilarious and deeply touching story of the strong-willed women of the Weston family, whose lives have diverged until a family crisis brings them back to the Midwest house in which they grew up, and to the dysfunctional woman who raised them. Cast: Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Ewan McGregor Title The LEGO Movie Date: 14 March 2014 The story of a nobody who saved everybody. Emmet, an ordinary, rulesfollowing, perfectly average LEGO minifigure, is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which Emmet is hopelessly and hilariously underprepared. Cast: Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell

Change Now Magazine - March 2014  
Change Now Magazine - March 2014