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Change ... Your Destination from the publisher

Hello ChangeNOW Supporters Thank you Chanel Moodley and Stratum Benefits for embracing us on our November Cover. We are glad to have had the opportunity to feature a young entrepreneur, who embodies drive and passion. ... and an extended Thank You to all our Advertisers, Business Partners, Writers, Photographers, Contributors and Staff. It's with your collaboration and commitment, we as the ChangeNOW family, have been humbled and blessed with this phenomenal and continuous growth. ... so as another year comes to an end, remember to have fun, feel great and embrace CHANGE! This festive period, spend time with your l oved ones and don’t regret that you haven’t. Our messages and conversations to our friends and family is always, “I don’t have the time” We will never have the time until we make the time and speak it over our lives. Words have life and it's important how we choose to use them. Be around the people you love whom bring you joy, one of the reasons people travel far and wide to be with the ones they love. When I lived in the U.S., away from my family, we enjoyed our friends more than ever, as most of our friends were foreign nationals and away from their families too, so we were


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all just one big happy family and almost eight years later we are still in touch. – Thanks to social media and modern technology. Injecting the feel-good factor into your life can be as simple as spending time with special people. Take time to make time, for you and things, that would make you feel great, whether its curling up on the couch with a good book. Try your hand at painting or learn a new language. -"Vanakkam" The festive period is a time for reflection, and when I reflect on this past year, I feel a heartwarming glow of happiness. I am so pleased that I have extended my contact list since publishing ChangeNow Magazine and I have made some great partnerships and friends and for which I am forever grateful. However you and your family are spending this festive season, I hope it is one filled with warmth, love, loads of fun and special meaning. From me and all of us at ChangeNow Magazine, have an Awesome Blessed Festive Holiday Season. Be Safe & Believe in YOU! Publisher - Raj Maree

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Experience the CHANGE and REVISED ENERGY at

Damon Be Jaco Boyens to

There is new life at Audi Centre Umhlanga as innovative energetic leadership takes centre stage. Audi Centre Umhlanga has been situated at 18 Meridian Drive for more than 8 years now. This high end brand has become symbolic with progressive, sporty and sophisticated motoring. Jaco Boyens has recently joined Audi Centre Umhlanga as Dealer Principal. Previously, he spent nearly 15 years at McCarthy Volkswagen Durban, and comes with a driven ambition to excel in service excellence to his customers. “Our customers are the heartbeat and sunshine of our business” says Jaco. Jaco has recently welcomed Tony Perumal as the dealership Service Manager, and Sb’u Chilliza as Pre-Owned Manager. They are joined by Jacques Schutte as the New Vehicle Sales Manager, and Pius Ndlovu as Parts Manager. Joining a new brand and dealership is an extremely exciting chapter in any Dealer Principal’s life. When Jaco joined Audi Centre Umhlanga at the

beginning of October 2013, he knew that he is taking over a business that is currently in a challenging market, but instead of seeing the difficulties and challenges in the business, Jaco saw only opportunities in the task at hand. “A positive mind-set is all it takes to begin with. Begin with your desired end result in mind, and plot a path of excellence that will get you there with your Management team and staff. It is vitally important that every member of your staff shares your ultimate vision, buys into it entirely, and works towards it every single day. As the head of the business, it is your responsibility to switch the positive attitudes on in the morning, and make sure that they stay on.” Jaco proclaims. “We not only have to be able to bring energy into the business, but more importantly, we need to be able to energise our people, so that each member of staff realises and strives towards their true potential. This is one of the most rewarding

experiences any human being can go through” says Jaco. When Jaco moved over to Audi to take on this new venture, he brought Radio Personality Damon Beard, along with him as the dealership’s new Brand Ambassador. “Damon’s dedication, passion and hard work towards our brand have exceeded our every expectation! We could not have asked for a better Brand Ambassador," says Jaco. "Well, there are certainly big changes and renewed energy at Audi Centre Umhlanga, and they are utterly committed to customer delight. So why not give them a call for your next New or Pre – Owned Audi Purchase, to service your current Audi or even to visit their Parts and Accessories Department to experience the latest Audi Collection Apparel." - Damon If you are accustomed to dealing with ONLY the best in the Premium vehicle market, we highly recommend that you experience THIS CHANGE and REVISED ENERGY for


Audi Centre Umhlanga


The Friendly Staff of Audi Centre Umhlanga would like to Wish Everyone a Safe and Joyous Holiday Season.

eard receives the keys from o his Newly Sponsored Audi Q7

{Exclusive to ChangeNow Magazine} yourself at Audi Centre Umhlanga! “If there is any way that we can make your Audi experience any more memorable, please do not hesitate to contact Jaco Boyens yourself.

Jaco Boyens:

Cover Photos by Rika Singh Photography • 083 792 8081

Audi Centre Umhlanga Dealer Principal Audi South Africa’s market share has grown significantly for 2013, with a 21.1% increase. Audi South Africa is on a growth path although facing challenges with the Rand slipping against the Euro and the economic headwinds. What has attributed to the significant growth of the Audi Brand? AUDI South Africa is currently (and has been for a while) the fastest growing Premium brand in the South African car market. In my humble opinion, the strongest attributor to this healthy growth has been Audi’s appetite for creating the best possible customer experience when interacting with our brand. We (Audi Centre Umhlanga) certainly share and mirror this overarching strategy. Secondly, we are incredibly fortunate that we are able to deliver the most appealing product portfolio to support us in our position.

What is unique about the service offered by Audi – Umhlanga? With the current change in Management, it has afforded us the opportunity to inject

a new energy into our business. It is this change in energy and focus that is the most exciting and attractive part of our dealership. There is a personal touch with every customer interaction, and I can assure you that attention is now paid to every little detail. Our customers are the sunshine of our business, and we ensure that we make that sincere appreciation known.

of their customers in the same way which makes me even more proud to be associated with them. Their service, positive attitude and personal attention to detail is absolutely astounding.

Audi Umhlanga Brand Ambassador

What features do you enjoy most about your Audi SUV Q7? I run the ladies night shows with the Man International gents so first and foremost, the amount of space is a massive bonus. There are so many other features that I love which make my life so easy. Small things like cup holders .... then there's the parking system with the rear sensors, cruise control, memory card slot, the wireless data link for hands free phoning and the the range of high-tech safety equipment. The Q7 certainly stands out with a huge array of technology and features and I adore it.

The Audi brand is synonymous with sleek, sexy looks and an air of absolute distinction. How does it feel to represent such a classy brand? I almost feel like an Olympian each time I see the four interlocking rings on the Audi badge, but I've realized that it's not only the vehicles that make this incredible brand ... it's the people too. From the minute I joined the Audi Centre Umhlanga family, I was welcomed with open arms and taken care of like I've never experienced before. I've seen how Jaco and his team take care

What is the coolest promotion you have ever been involved in? The McCarthy Group have just had their Summer Madness Sale on the outer fields at Kings Park. 250 cars for sale in just 8 hours and it was hugely exciting plus there was an incredible vibe. I also loved meeting the customers who were looking at my Q7, taking photo's and asking questions. It's a big decision when it comes to buying something of value and I found it amazing to watch. I was so proud when I saw how special each buyer was made to feel.

What is your vision for Audi – Umhlanga in the next 5 years? My vision is to assist in empowering every member of our team to realize and embrace their true potential. In this way we will evolve to a better serving dealership to our community and customers.

Damon Beard:

Life-Changing Habits of High Performers

When it comes to being successful, high achievers have a number of habits in common. But that doesn't mean you can't be right up there with them. Here are three qualities all successful people share and how you can make them your own:

Say 'no' to distraction. Every Single Time.

Successful people make better use of their time because they are disciplined goal-setters. I’m referring to those high performers who experience no down-time. Sure, there are vacations and time spent with the family, but that comes after success has been achieved. Successful people have that same list of tasks to accomplish as anyone else, but the difference is they make time to get them all done with no excuses. They may not enjoy it, but that is irrelevant. What matters is that it gets done. They are disciplined in planning their work and sticking to their plan. Even when you’ve achieved that level of success, the work doesn’t stop. They are always on the lookout for a great, profitable investment. "I might be out with my family, but my brain is always aware of business opportunities around me. I don’t just shut it off when I’m not at work," says Martin Shroff - CEO

Read something new everyday. Successful

people read constantly, find mentors who can teach them and value new information that can help push them forward. Whatever field you are in, you have to learn before you earn. Learn your product, customers and competition. And then: keep learning.

Flaunt your failures like a champ. Fail as

many times as you can. Everyone fails. It’s part of life. Too many people take failure as a sign it's time for them to give up. Those people don’t get very far. What sets successful people apart is the ability to get up and give it another go with a better plan for how to be successful the next time around. If you want to embrace the habits of successful people, you’ve got to make the change within yourself first. - By BRAD SUGARS



Simple Summer Healthy Pestos Kanchana Moodliar

Basil Pesto

Goes with….Grilled Salmon, Tuna Steaks or Vegetarian Bites Toast the pinenuts beforehand in a dry pan to release their nutty oils and flavour. Be careful though, as they burn easily. *Makes 250ml • 100g basil • 1 clove of garlic, crushed • 4 pine nuts gently toasted • 100ml Olive or avocado oil Put all the ingredients into a blender and whisk to a paste. Add a little more oil for a looser sauce.

Salsa Verde (Green Sauce)

Brilliant with …. Roasted Lamb or Beef With all these strong flavours, this sauce benefits from resting for a few hours to let them mellow. * Makes 200ml • 3 anchovy fillets • 1tbsp capers, drained and rinsed • 1 clove of garlic, crushed • Juice of 1 lemon • 100ml olive oil or avocado oil • 1tsp Dijon mustard • 25g parsley finely chopped • 25g basil, finely chopped Finely chop the anchovies, capers and mix with garlic until it forms a paste, then place in a mixing bowl Pour over the lemon juice and oil, add the mustard and mix. Stir in the herbs and season to taste.

“Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food” Hippocrates Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat?” Now, more than ever, what you eat plays a vital role in your future well being and more importantly in the health of your children. Often it is the mother who is tasked with buying the groceries and I feel for these women who are faced with countless options and are not really sure of what is or isn’t good. The problem comes when they rely on past choices ie: buy what they have always bought or what their mother’s bought, without question! We need to be empowered in the art of choosing the right brands for our family’s well being. The internet, a dietician and books on nutrition are great places to start getting knowledge on how to read pack labels and understanding the GI of certain foods. Learning is fun, and it will be a fantastic topic of conversation with your friends who may not know as much as you do, after you start becoming the guru on reading labels of course. There are constantly new foods, recipes and ways of eating that are trending. Being up to date with these will ensure that you keep your meal planning interesting for your family and yourself. On everyone’s tongues right now are “super foods.” Here are a few benefits of super foods:

• Help regulate metabolism and burn body fat • Lower total cholesterol • Lower blood pressure • Help protect against heart disease • Help protect against cancer

Many super foods are said to help with slimming eg: black beans, avocado, quinoa, salmon, blueberries, broccoli, brown rice and so many others. An innovative brand in South Africa that is leading the way by including these foods in their products is Fry’s Vegetarian Foods. Try out their new black bean and quinoa bites, add a little chopped chilli, brown savoury rice and hummus and you have a powerful meal option bursting with goodness and flavour. It’s all about trying new flavours and understanding how they affect your body and its functioning. Get your children used to trying these healthy foods, even if your palette is already at the “old dog doesn’t want to learn new tastes” phase, your children are much easier to convince and will be the better for it. Follow me on @kanchmoodliar blog: Kanchana Moodliar is the author of “You can be sugar free – Indians vs Diabetes” a motivational speaker and yoga instructor.

How To Plan Your Life After Retirement by Margaret Harris, IN our younger years, we study to prepare for our careers. Apart from the financial planning that goes into preparing for our retirement, a few of us consider what life after retirement will entail. The CEO of the Retirement Network, Lynda Smith, has tried to encourage people to take more interest in what they can do after retirement. “The key message I try to get across is that each person has a unique journey. Hobbies, talents, experiences, skills and passions will dictate what your choices will be for the next season of your work. Mix these with your

current financial situation and you have a starting place of what may be best for you.” Here are some of the things Smith suggests you ponder for your after-retirement life: • Do you want to continue in your existing line of work, or do something new? • Do you want to pursue a specific dream or passion that you have been unable to during your first career? • Do you want to stay close to your family, or travel the world? • How much time and involvement do you want to commit to the work you will do

after retiring? • Your economic reality is central to any plans you make — you may be in a situation where post-retirement work is a welcome fill-up to your pension, or you may have to work to pay the bills and make ends meet. • Consider how much of a challenge you want and how much responsibility you want to take on. • You may want to earn some money or even do volunteer work. • You may need to take time to learn and become comfortable with technology and social media. Most work will require these skills.




To all our Staff and Clients, I Wish You & Your Family a Blessed Festive Season filled with Joy.

Nasheen Nattan M.I.E.A. P.P.R.E.

Top Branch Agent 2012/13 Diamond Achiever

Tel: 031 303 5527 Sol George: 082 824 7312

If you want your property listed call any estate agent. If you want your property SOLD, call Nasheen.


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Viewed 11 apartments, some 3 times each, over 20 weeks before I found my 1st home. Sent just 1 email for my bond. Ryan Morgan - Durban North We know that purchasing your first home can be a daunting experience. At SA Home Loans, we make sure that financing it is a simple, quick and happy experience. We specialise in home loans and our consultants will work with you to take away the hassle and guide you through the process. So whether you are thinking of buying your first home – or considering switching your current bond – make just one call to get the home loan you need.


DURBAN 031 576 5901

37333_ryan_ad.indd 1 Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer to our website for further details. SA Home Loans is a Registered Credit Provider. Registration Number NCRCP1735.

2013/11/15 12:13 PM



NAVEN’S Meat Market

Your Quality Butcher

Braai Packs & Bulk Orders Available on Request.

Fresh • Lamb

Sheep • Chicken Offals 148 Stella Road, Hillary.

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Join us this Christmas for Exciting New Specials

Stockists of Chateau Gateaux

388 Main Road, Escombe, Courtyard, Shop 8

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Cafe Goa Goan Cuisine might sound complicated but it's not, it is simply, Portuguese Food with an Indian flavor. Cafe Goa is a family restaurant with great value. You will find a variety of foods on the menu like seafood, meat, poultry, pastas and vegetarian, including traditional Indian dishes. Café Goa is owned by Leon and Millie Olivier and it was their love for food that has inspired them to open Café Goa in 2009 in Queensburgh. The delectable peri-peri prawns and chicken served with their home-made signature peri-peri sauce coming from the kitchen in this traditional Goan restaurant make it a favourite with food-centric Queensburgh locals. The locals also love the pumpkin pie, an old recipe which Leon grew up on and added it to his menu. Café Goa serves an extensive menu from "Starters to Salads", "Light meals to Meat Dishes" and even a selection of the finest Wines and Desserts are available.The Goan cuisine started when the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama first travelled by sea to India and opened up the lucrative spice route, which was dominated by the Turks. Sailing from Lisbon on 8 July 1497 in his four specially built vessels, he rounded the Cape of Good Hope four months later. On the May 20th 1498 he reached Calicut - then the most important trading centre in Southern India-well prepared to tap the fabulous riches of India. His expedition opened up India to European enterprise for trade in various spices such as pepper and cinnamon along with an abundance of precious metals. Over time, the Portuguese expanded its empire in the region and Goa became its capital, thus playing a very important role in Portuguese reign in India. Goan Cuisine is a perfect blend of diverse food cultures- the Konkan, the Portuguese and the Bhammari Nawabi traditions. Goan food is simple but also hot and spicy. Café Goa is also a great venue for parties and events. “The food is freshly prepared so please sit back, relax and enjoy the experience and also join us this Christmas for a traditional feast!” - Leon

With November drawing to a close we are into the Festive Season, a time to reflect on the year past and certainly a time to reflect on the year ahead. It’s a time for family gatherings and possible travel, we wish all our patrons a joyous, safe & Blessed Christmas Season!

For Only


Bring Your Family. Come and Experience Christmas the Goan way.




Join us for an Unforgetable

Christmas Lunch



Per Person

I have taken the liberty of including our Christmas Day (Yes Christmas Day 12pm to 4pm ) 4 course menu.

Booking is essential as space is limited. All Customers will receive a Complimentary glass of Eggnog on arrival. Let us spoil you with a traditional Christmas Lunch

Christmas Day Lunch Menu Appetizer: Gazpacho (Chilled tomato and cucumber soup)

Starters: Goan style fish & prawn cakes / Sorbet

Mains: Roast Chicken / Rolled Beef / Honey Glazed Gammon Creamy potatoe bake / Pumpkin pie Seasonal vegetables / Rice / Apple Jelly & Gravy Variety of salads

Dessert: Home Made Trifle / (Layered decadent) or Cape Brandy Pudding (served with cream or ice cream) or Italian Kisses (served with a tot of Frangelico) Tea or Coffee

We also do Birthday Parties Corporate Functions Private Bookings Family Reunions

Tel. 031

464 7292 Leon 083 301 3396 • Milly 083 440 2192 Shop 6B, Coronation Walk, 6 Purity Lane, Malvern.

Most people are probably awa re of s up er food s nowadays, although they may not realize how easy it is to add superfoods that cost less than R10 to their diets. Superfoods are not all expensive and obscure; in fact, many of them may be things you eat already – but if you know how great they are, you can try to eat more! Here are 9 yummy superfoods that cost less than R10.

6. Tuna

Salmon gets all of the attention, but tuna is also a great source of omega-3 oils and is a great deal cheaper (as well as more convenient and easier to store!).

3. Tea

It may not technically be a food, but tea (both black and green) is full of antioxidants, and can cut your risk of a heart attack in half. Green tea is even better for you, but as long as you don’t fill it with sugar and only use low-fat milk, black tea is a superfood too.

4. Lentils

1. Cabbage

One of the best superfoods that cost less than R10 is the humble cabbage. As well as being packed full of vitamins C and K, fiber and antioxidants, cruciferous vegetables like cabbage are linked to lower cancer rates. Cabbage is also very low in calories and you can get 3-4 portions for your R10.

one of going.

Lentils are incredibly lowcost, versatile and easy to cook, but the high levels of fiber and protein also make them great for your heart. They’re also the cheapest superfoods

2. Oranges

Just one orange can provide you with all the vitamin C you need for a whole day, as well as plenty of fiber, water and beta-carotene to keep your eyes healthy. They’re also tasty and low in calories. Do be aware that while orange juice will provide you with the vitamin C you won’t get the fiber, so eat an orange instead if you can.

7. Apples

Apples don’t get very much attention because they don’t have a huge dose of one specific vitamin or mineral, but smaller amounts of many different things. However, they do contain a fair amount of vitamin C and research shows that apples help to keep your heart healthy.

8. Almonds

Many Americans are deficient in vitamin E, but a serving of 23 nuts will provide well more than a third of your daily allowance. They’re also a good source of calcium, fiber, folate and flavonoids. They’re great because you can snack on them and add them to both savoury and sweet dishes!

9. Oats

5. Peanut Butter

You may not expect to see peanut butter on a list of superfoods, although you probably know that nuts (in reasonable quantities) are very good for you. If you buy natural peanut butter (made with just peanuts and very little or no salt), you get the health benefits of pricier nut products for a much lower price.

Oats are a great fix of fiber and will help to lower the bad cholesterol in your body. It’s also worth knowing that quick-cooking oats are just as good as the normal variety, but avoid instant oatmeal packets that are full of added sugars. With so many superfoods for under R10, there’s no excuse not to try and add a few more to your diet.



Dr Leanne Reddy

MBhB (UCT), DCH (SA), Dip HIV Mx (SA)

Injury Prevention Be Safe this Holiday

Tel: 031 404 0457 Cell: 076 215 4638 Give us a call for quality workmanship and peace of mind


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Cell: 073 242 4805 • Email: Bellair Medical Centre 251 Wakesleigh Road, Bellair 4094 We Accept All Medical Aids



tmas time again! Ho..Ho..Ho…It’s Chris pated, e of year is much antici Though this festive tim ople pe as s rie inju tal en accid it is often plagued by er mb ce neglectful. With De become euphoric yet it ht ug tho I , TION’ month being ‘INJURY PREVEN ive tat ven pre e som ht highlig would be important to g Mrs Scrooge. hints without becomin at all p children buckled up • Whilst travelling, kee and ter wa rry ca s, ce distan times. If travelling long s– item it. Avoid high sugar healthy snacks e.g fru y. rne jou nt back=unpleasa hyperactive kids at the s ma rist Ch ting ec sel s when • Be kiddie -consciou t bu l tifu au be k loo ht mig décor and gifts. These aller hazard especially in sm prove to be a choking children. t the shine – but ensure tha • Enjoy the radiant sun with ck blo sun : sun hats + family has sun protection the appropriate SPF. erthe pool under adult sup • Only allow children in a use ase ple ol not be in use, vision. Should the po access. safety net and restrict go to to do if they get lost e.g at wh en ildr ch • Teach Also sk. kio n , the informatio the store security guard at of ers mb nu ct and conta teach them the names least one parent. sy ency numbers in an ea • Place a list of emerg the to xt ne tor door or to use spot e.g refrigera should include ers mb nu ese Th e. telephon lice. po , de ambulance, fire briga joyful, healthy and Let’s all have a happy, next year…. safe festive season. Till

Dr Leanne Reddy

sidence Female GP Now in Re ntre at Hillmed Medical Ce


375 Stella Road, Hilla (opp Caltex Garage)

464 1388 031 463 3930 / 031w.d




For the Fashionistas

To the girl who loves to make a statement in fashion, the earing cuff is a must have. With a variety of different styles and colours, people cannot help but stare. This new fashion trend is perfect for her whether you choose to wear it as a formal, classy piece or to give your look a rocker, sexy appeal. Simple or bold this accessory is perfect for the trendsetting, bold fashionista. The earing cuff is available at Mr Price from R39.95 Being a girl, we love feeling beautiful so buy her something that makes her feel this way with the new fragrance by Taylor Swift called Taylor. Taylor is a sweet, floral-fruity scent with a woody base. The girly fragrance contains extracts of tangerine and magnolia petals as well as vanilla orchids. The modern, retro style of the bottle plays on Taylor’s fun personality with pearls and bold prints.

Techno Nerds ... this ones for You!

Control your PC or Mac with a touch of a finger with the Leap Motion Controller. This awesome device senses the movements of your fingers and correlates them to work with your laptop. This device does not replace your mouse and keyboard but instead works with them. It grants people the opportunity to interact with their desktops by just waving their hands and fists. Experience gaming and technology in a whole new way with this cool device. It costs around R800 and can be bought online.



For the Music Lovers

Whether you’re a lover of pop or EDM, I have the 2 must have albums for a teen. If you’re a party animal by heart then the Avicii album True is a must, filled with the dance floor favourites like “Wake me up” and “You make me.” This album will have you throwing parties in your own room. Now if you’re going to be bobbing your head to Avicii, this has to be done in style so why not blast his tunes with the Beats Pill by Dre. These wireless speakers allow you to take that call using Bluetooth conferencing as well as change tracks from your phone. The small device that fits in your hand allows premium sound without feeling tied down, best part is you can take it where ever you want to go.

By Tasha Lee Maree

If you have any requests or ideas for topics to be featured in our next issue or just to give us feedback contact me at

Game time ...

Assassins Creed IV Black flag takes part in 1715 where pirates ruled the land and seas of the Caribbean. The main character of the game is Edward Kenway who has a skill with a sword but a disdain for authority, but is soon put into an ancient conflicts that threatens to destroy everything. If you love adventure and action this game is definitely the game for you.

Sweet Tooth ... Sugar Rush!

If you have a passion for sugar and are looking for something different then Zolitas Couture Cakes is the place ti be. With outrageous and quirky designs and delectable treasures you’re bound to find a delicious treat that’ll have you visiting on a regular basis. Treat yourself to these custom delicacies this Christmas, and a little secret they sell those delectable toffees as well.

7 Amazing Ways

to Get Radiant Skin for Summer ... Discover the different ways to get radiant skin for summer and you'll be feeling confident and looking your best in no time! Summer time means swimsuits, shorts, and sun dresses - all requiring us to bare a lot of skin. Beauty comes from the inside out and what better way to show your beautiful soul than to have beautiful, glowing skin? Here are 7 amazing ways to get radiant skin for summer!

1. Hydrate

The absolute best of all the ways to get radiant skin is to drink plenty of water! When you're dehydrated, you loose moisture and elasticity. Combat this by staying hydrated which replenishes and improves your skin cells!

2. Diet

A good diet full of fruits and veggies, beans and lean meats, supplies your body with the proper vitamins and minerals needed for healthy organ function. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and for it to be healthy and efficient in protection, elasticity and absorption, it must be nourished with the proper nutrients!

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliation brings heat and increased blood circulation to the skin. This also means reducing the appearance if cellulite, which is fat deposits underneath the skin. It also sheds

dead skin cells, revealing smooth, soft and younger looking skin. Experiment with different salt and sugar scrubs filled with essential oils and you'll be on your way to more beautiful, radiant skin!

4. Moisturize

Well moisturized skin makes a world of difference in its glowy appearance! Lotion smooths out any dryness giving it an even, supple look. For extra dry skin, try deep moisturizers like a body butter that contains vitamin E and Shea, and jojoba oil. For everyday use, a fresh, lightweight lotion is perfect.

5. Sun Exposure

If you have very fair skin (think red hair and lots of freckles) sun exposure without sunblock can be extremely damaging to your skin. For those who are more olive toned and don't burn easily, 15-20 min of sun exposure without sunblock is great for both taking in vitamin D and getting a little bronzed. Make sure to apply sunblock of at least SPF 30 after 15 min to prevent sunburn and skin damage. Too much sun exposure, even if you're not burning, can prematurely age your skin and dry it out! So, take precautions when soaking up sun rays!

6. Sunblock

As mentioned above, sunblock is essential for achieving youthful,

radiant skin for years to come. It not only protects you from skin cancer, it keeps you skin from getting sun spots and drying out which depletes the elasticity in your skin. Take extra special care of your face and neck because those are the most sensitive areas and are also the areas that show sun damage the most! Also, sunblock is not to be confused with sunscreen. Sunscreen only acts as a "screen" and does allows some harmful UVB/UV rays to penetrate the skin!

7. Self-Tanners

Self-tanners or spray tans are an instant way to achieve glowing and bronzed summer skin without damaging it from the sun! There are so many great products out there that do not look fake and last for 1-7 days! There's also a wide variety of tanners, like gradual tanners, spray on tans, and sprays that literally wash off with water! Find your perfect one and you'll have radiant, summer skin instantly! I absolutely love summer and warm weather! Swimming, hiking, going to the beach, having a picnic in the park- these are all lovely summer activities. I also love tanned skin and natural, sun-kissed highlights that totally show you've been enjoying some sun-love. With the tips above, it's easy to achieve that summer glow we all love!



5 Curly Hair Tips That Will Change Your Life Deciding to go natural is only half of the battle. Getting your curls to look their best can often be much more difficult and just plain frustrating. The trick is not to give up! And research all the techniques and tricks for getting your hair looking its best. Luckily, we've got your back. We put together a list of 5 curly never fail hair tips that will completely change your life and the love you have for your curls. 1. Stop Straightening Curlies in numbers agree that the hardest part about being natural is simply doing it. We are often accustomed to changing the texture of our hair, so it is hard to quit and embrace how we look with the hair we were given. Once you can put down the straightening tools and products, you can embrace who you are and work to get the best possible curly version of you. Say "goodbye" to heat damage! 2. Deep Conditioning Moisture is key when being curly and one of the best ways to get moisturized curls is through deep conditioning. Conditioning daily is important, but deep conditioners are made specifically to penetrate your hair’s many layers and give your roots the moisture they need to stay frizz free. 3. Trims Every Six-Eight Weeks The length of time that you can go without a trim depends on the length of your hair, but most stylists will suggest that you come in every six to eight weeks. Once you get in the habit of getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis, you will notice your hair looking healthier; something many curly girls strive for. 4. Sleep on a Satin Pillowcase Second day hair is not something every curly girl can get, but one way to improve your odds is by sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Just as you don’t want to use a typical towel to blot your curls, you want to take that same care at night when you are rolling all over the place. The right pillowcase will reduce your frizz in the morning as well as keep your curl pattern intact. 5. Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo or Co-Wash While all of these habits are extremely important, this one will make such a huge difference in your curls that you’ll never go back to your old ways. If you shampoo in order to cleanse your hair, switch to a sulfate-free shampoo, since sulfates can be drying and damaging to the hair. Some curly girls are lucky enough that they need no shampoo at all and can get away with only using conditioner (co-washing). If you are not sure if you fall into this category or not, spend one weekend finding out. Your curls might love you for it and you can put that money you typically spend on shampoo towards other great products!


Stress Management through Counselling and Massaging ... • Massaging & Relaxation • Body, Mind and Soul Balance • Stress Management • Techniques to Combat Stress • Belief systems and Expectations • Enforcing Positive thought patterns • Ashnie 082 837 3808 (Registered Counsellor - PRC - 0008893) • Jessica 071 563 3776 (Massage Therapist) Health Haven, 12 Haven Road, Westville, 3630 (Contracted to most Medical Aids)

Hair & Beauty

by Raeesa Karrim

You will leave our Studio visibly Changed! 8 Glendale Drive, Malvern

031 463 3853 • 073 116 6454

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G’Studio UNISEX HAIR SALON & POSH MAKE-UP & BEAUTY HAIR SPECIALS Perms / Spirals / Tints from Wash / Cut / Set / Treatment from Blow Waves / Flat Iron Sets / Haircuts from Up-styles / Relaxers from Brazilian Permanent Straightening from Hair / Beard Shave / Hair Tattoo Art from Pensioners Mon – Fri S/C/Set All Human Hair Extensions Clips Tape / Micro Bond from

R100 R100 R50 R100 R700 R50 R50

COUPLES SPA – FOR 2 PEOPLE + FREE HOLIDAY VOUCHER Full Body Massage Parafin Pedicure, Manicure & Facial


R1500 – R3500

HAIR DRESSING COURSES OFFERED Enquire Instore For More Information Full Body massage Manicure / Pedicure Waxing – Eyebrow / Upperlip Acrylic Gel Nails Facials

from from from from from

R250 R80 R15 R80 R80

Stockists of:Kryolan & WOW Cosmetics (Make Up) Planet Nail / NiSim / L’ Oreal / NSI Wella / Brazilian

Operating Hours: Mon – Sat 9am to 7pm / Sunday – by Appointment Only

119 Stella Rd, Hillary (Opp. Dirks Spar)

Tel: 031 464 6876 • 031 837 5859 • 082 329 2394 Michelle

Good Grades

Linked To Exercise Regular moderate to vigorous exercise improved their marks. There was an even greater impact on results when the exercise became more intensive. Exercise in early secondary school years can help girls get better grades in science, researchers say. A study found the amount of physical activity undertaken by children at the age of 11 was linked to academic performance. University researchers from Strathclyde, Dundee and Bristol tracked the progress of 5 000 children in the South West of England. The duration and intensity of daily physical activity were measured at 11, using a device

Hair & Beauty Studio 175, Fifth Street, Stella Road, Hillary

076 383 8757

Professional Hairstylist Specialising in:Cutting, Tinting, Blow Waving, Flat Ironing Many In-Store Christmas Specials

Contracts & Gift Vouchers Available By Appointment Only

Mon - Fri 9:00 - 17:30 Saturday 8:30 - 16:00 / Sunday 9:30 - 14:00

called an accelerometer, worn on an elasticated belt. The children’s academic performance in English, maths, and science was then formally assessed at the ages of 11, 13 and 15/16. The analysis showed that at the ages of 11 and 13 better academic performance across all three subjects was linked to the amount of physical activity undertaken. Such activity benefited girls’ performance in science in particular. By the age of 15/16, GCSE exam results also showed a link to exercise, with an increase in performance for every additional 17 minutes a day (boys) and 12 minutes a day (girls) spent doing more intensive exercise at the age of 11


ISO: 13485




Call us 084 864 0696 BBM Pin: 28435F70

MICRO NEEDLE DERMA ROLLER 540 NEEDLES ... for wrinkles, scars, acne, pigmentation and hair loss.


• Free operation. Non Anaesthetic • Wound less will not influence the normal working + living • No Bleeding & Bruises • No ruggedness • No side effects


Pointy Pumps all Colours, Sissy Boy & Guess Heel Boots, Handbags, Guess Jewellery, Adidas Track Suits, Guess T-Shirts, Eco Jackets

by Dead Sea Premier


PREMIER RANGE Biox Thermal Beauty Experience Mask Pearl White Cream Complex

• Non-invasive, No Downtime Pain Free • Fat and Cellulite Reduction, Body Contouring & Skin Tightening • No Diet Dependant • One Procedure Only, Depending on Your Body fat • Fat Freeze Normally R1500 Now R600 per area



Hair Removal • Clinically Proven, 50% Specials Safe & Non-invasive Still On • Fast Treatment Time • Visible Results, No Downtime


• Upper Lip or Chin R100 • Underarms R150 • Many More Finally a Safe Affordable and Effective Method in Treating Pigmenation, Uneventone, Dull, Acne and Ageing Skin. We

• AHA Treatment R50 would like to Wish all our • High Frequency R45 Clients a Happy & • Eye Treatment R30 Safe Holiday • AHA Package Deal R505 Season.

natural beauty enhancing your natural beauty

3 Conabor Road, Malvern, KZN 031 464 6434 • 083 207 1157

Young Entrepreneur

Tashan Arumugam on the Road to Success and Making a Difference in his Community Young Forrest Deco & Lighting is owned and managed by Tashan Arumugam. With a huge passion for deco & lighting and great work ethics, Tashan started Young Forrest Deco & Lighting . We are an innovative events company where clients can experience a one -stop shop for their events. “We also offer the following services namely catering, décor hire, wall draping and lighting and we cater for both indoor and outdoor events, such as government, corporate and private events. It’s not a hassle whether the event is small, big, traditional, modern, conservative, or wild. We do custom made exclusive designs that set the tone of the event and captures the memories being created.” Says Tashan. The company prides itself to always be in tune with the client’s needs and has the capacity to innovatively

deliver on promises made. Their mission is to provide a reliable, efficient and affordable service. 1.Do You Have Any Background Education In Terms Of Catering And Events? No, I did not study catering or hospitality but I have worked in the hospitality and events industry and gained immense knowledge and experience and ensured that everyday that I worked, I would challenge myself to learn something new and practice on my own and through my passion and perseverance Young Forrest Deco & Lighting was launched. I believed in myself and knew that I had the potential to create new ideas and expose them to my clientele. 2. What Has Attributed To The Success Of Your Business? My team and I work long hours and

make many personal sacrifices to boost the company’s image and it is this drive, passion and innovativeness that has made Young Forrest Deco & Lighting the success it is today. 3. Have You Had Any Mentors That Have Assisted You In Starting Your Business? My mentor is my Uncle Ivan and Aunt Essa. They gave me the opportunities to explore myself whilst working in their events company. They have also introduced me into the lighting industry, which I now own. 4. You Have Done Great Social Upliftment In Your Community, Tell Us About This Initiative? Due to the fact that I myself did not complete school and was often ridiculed, I refused to be ashamed of myself. My community is filled with school leavers and delinquents, so I decided to “pay it forward” and give them a chance as my mentors did for me. My company provides job opportunities to these youth in my community so that they are kept off the streets and get experience to one day start their own business.


Decor & Catering for all those Small or Big Occasions, Wall Draping, Ceiling Lighting and

0 81 5 1 4 3 9 9 3

With us at Young Forest no Dream is too Big, the Sky is the Limit!

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Raise an Eager Reader How to teach your child to love books By Barbara Rowley

Each summer about now--and without really meaning to--parents everywhere start turning books into vegetables. We transform something that is naturally quite good on its own into something that is "good for you." And while this distinction might seem meaningless to parents, it is critical for kids. We don't tell our children to go Facebook or watch television or eat dessert. And so our kids instinctively know that these things are treats. By telling them to "do their reading," then, we are making it a chore. "In the end, the good readers are the ones who absolutely love it," explains Susie Rolander, a reading specialist in theand a mother of three. "Summer is a great time to let go of those pressures and really jump into the luscious, magical world of a great book." To turn your reluctant reader into one smitten by a good story, well, keep reading! The ideal books are simply the ones your child will actually enjoy. To find them, focus on what she likes, not what you think she should read.


Chatsworth Homework & Tuition Centre (CHAT-C) This centre will help children whose parents are too busy or who are not familiar with the contents of the revised curriculum viz. CAPS. It’s a service catering for “Stressed-out “ working parents. Reputable, experienced educators who are either retired or unemployed will offer the tuition in Physical Science, Mathematics, Accounting, Afrikaans, Biology. We will cater for learners from Grade 10-12 (Note: other grades may be considered if the number of requests is feasible.) Assistance will also be provided (Grades 8-12) with homework, assignments and projects and with preparation for tests and examinations on Monday to Thursday. Tuition will be offered to pupil from grade 1012 in all subjects depending on demands. The new curriculum provides for a greater degree of self-study and independent thinking. Children are, therefore given more tasks; assignments and projects to be completed at home. Parents are, in turn, increasingly pressurized to assist their children. Parents are spending each night and weekends teaching their children reading skills, word recognition, vocabulary, comprehension, maths and projects tasks. Parents are ones who have to deal with homework set for their children. PARENTS, DON’T DESPAIR- CHAT-C WILL HELP YOU!

We Wish You All a Good Holiday and a Prosperous New Year



Tuition in all Subjects: • Mathematics • Physics Tuition by • Afrikaans Qualified • Biology Educators • Accounting

Suppliers of Complete Stationery, Safety Wear, Office Furniture & Rubber Stamps, Name Badges etc. A4 Books - 72 Page R2.50 A5 Pen Carbon Books R20.00 0 Casio FX8224 Calculator R170.0 A Hard Cover 2 Quire R10.00

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Many More in Store

031 464 7304 Tel/Fax: 031 464 7318 Email: Shop 1, 410 Main Road, Escombe, 4093

• We provide supervision and guidance by qualified educators and experienced educational personnel. • There will be full coverage of the syllabus with emphasis on relevant information. • CHAT-C offers learners instruction in small classes. • Close individual attention and supervision. • On the spot remediation available. • Feedback to parents. • Free Internet access to all students enrolled at the centre. • Tuition in different learning areas/subjects under one roof (you don’t have to travel to different venues).


Kindly note that numbers will be restricted. Limited space so please enrol your child for our 2014 classes. 30 Ironstone Road, Silverglen, Chatsworth For more information please call Tel: 031 401 3830 / 031 401 3829 Cell: 082 456 0005 / 072 592 9606 / 083 387 8358

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5 Essential Ingredients to Doing what You Love for a Living. by ALIYA LEEKONG

1. Treat goals like recipes.

Remember to take it one step at a time.
It’s easy to get mired in the day-to-day, and though you may be doing something you love broadly speaking, that doesn’t mean you will love it all the time. Segmenting my goals and having a clear vision has allowed me to stay calm and focused on the process. Keep your ultimate objectives in mind, but try to appreciate and not look past where you are today. I often remind myself that I'm always learning and getting a little closer to my dream.

2. Get to know the people who came before you.

When I changed careers, I studied star chefs like Jean-Georges and Thomas Keller as well as people with successful food and lifestyle brands like Martha Stewart and Giada de Laurentiis. I wanted to better understand the landscape as well as the successes and mistakes these guys had made. I never expected to take their exact path, but I did gain an understanding of what went into their level of achievement.

3. Always have something to offer.

I do a fair bit of traveling, learning from chefs and home cooks around the world. When I visit a new location, I like to shadow cooks in professional or home kitchens to learn their techniques and dishes. This has been a huge challenge as both a foreigner and a female. I usually start small, asking if I can watch service for the day. In exchange, I offer to prep and make something, whether that be the staff’s family meal or a recipe the chef may not know. Taking a little more time to build trust and having something to offer helps open people up more.

4. Seek help from those who do it better than you can.
 Use your network and resources thoughtfully. If you don't have a skill, you likely know someone who does. For example, I wanted to photograph the recipes from my book myself but I wasn’t a pro food photographer. I bought a great camera, reached out to a talented photographer and friend who was willing to teach me and prepared myself for trial and error.

5. Prepare to be uncomfortable, both physically and mentally.

Some of the greatest lessons and most gratifying experiences have come from times when I wasn’t entirely comfortable with what I was doing. I'm not just talking about having to lift 40 Kg vats of stock in some of the kitchens where I worked. When I signed on to write my first cookbook, I was pregnant and already working full-time. I had to write, cook, test and photograph the entire book. This idea terrified me. There were days when I was so exhausted it was hard to get off the couch. But the book is done and will be out this year. It just goes to show: When you’re pushed, you push back. Rise to the occasion because success might be waiting around the corner for you

"There is a difference between passive goodness and active goodness, which is, in my opinion, the giving of one's time and energy in the alleviation of pain and suffering. It entails going out, finding, and helping those who are suffering and in danger, and not merely in leading an exemplary life in a purely passive way by doing no wrong." - Sir Nicholas Winton.

Stainless Steel Gates Gate Automation Burglar Guards Steel Fabrication Awnings / Carports Maintenance Structural / Engineering Home Improvements

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Industrial Roofing Domestic Roofing • Waterproofing • Palisade Fencing • Construction • Structural Steel • Shadeports • Carports • Awnings Cell. 083 502 7419 Tel. 031 464 2344 • Fax. 086 275 4410 • •

email. Shop 21, 120 Stella Road, Hillary


• DSTV • CCTV • Home Theatre Systems


• Plasma, LCD & Led TV Screens • Extra View & HD PVR upgrades • View 2 to 3 Channels at once. BALEN 072

635 6108

bbm. 273DA2D0 •



Gain control of your weight! FREE Assessment Guaranteed Results! Professional Coach Patricia Moodley 0748985196



Stay Safe on the Road Always make sure your child is safely buckled into a car seat or is wearing a safety belt. Cape Town - Car crashes are the second biggest cause of child injuries over the festive season. Professor Sebastian van As, president of Childsafe and head of the trauma unit at Red Cross Children’s Hospital, said they treated about 10 000 children a year. Most of them are injured in falls, while motor vehicle accidents are the second biggest cause. Childsafe’s statistics reveal that the number of trauma cases seen at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trauma Unit climbs at an alarming rate during November and peaks in December. The rise in the number of motor vehicle accidents in summer is due in part to the increase in long-distance travel over the holidays, and the main cause of these accidents, around 70 percent, is speed. Pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur when children are left unsupervised. “If you haven’t been touched by the tragedy of a child accident it is difficult to understand the turmoil associated with it,” said Van As. “Yet when this happens, entire families are caught up in the loss with feelings of guilt and a sense of failure – all due to one careless incident.”


Here are a few essential tips for keeping children safe while travelling – both as passengers and pedestrians: • Buckle up your child for every journey, even if the trip is really short. Kids up to the age of five should be seated in approved safety seats. Car safety seats reduce the risk of death of passengers by 71 percent, for infants, and 54 percent, for toddlers. Holding your baby in your arms instead is extremely dangerous. • Always ensure the car seat is secure and all harnesses are correctly fastened. Car seats for babies younger than nine months should always face the rear end of your car. • Never let children stand in cars or unrestrained on the back of bakkies. If the vehicle is travelling at just 25km/h a small child can be killed in an emergency stop if his/her head hits the windscreen or pavement. • Never drink and drive. • Make sure your children are wearing light-coloured clothing and reflective strips when walking on streets in poor light conditions or fog. The same goes for their bicycles – make sure they have good, working lights. • All younger children should always be accompanied by an adult or child older than 8. Teach older kids to always walk on the side of the road facing traffic. • At home, children should always be supervised and only play in a fenced area with a self-latching gate – all latches should be out of reach of tiny hands. Accidents often occur when kids run into the road to retrieve a ball. • Check your car regularly – brakes, lights, shock absorbers, tyres etcetera, to reduce the risk of accidents. • Don’t underestimate the value of good old-fashioned advice. Teach kids from a young age to always look left, then right and left again when crossing a road. • Stand clear of buses or parked cars before crossing the road so drivers can see you. • Always walk on the sidewalk; if there is no sidewalk, walk facing oncoming traffic. • Do not cross where a road bends or leads to a sharp curve. • Do not wear headphones or talk on your cellphone whilst crossing the road. • Cross at pedestrian crossings.

Tution Code 8 {Manual} 12hrs - R1000 Code 8 {Auto} 12hrs - R1400

Learners License = R300 {Incl. Study Aid & Transport} Hourly Rates on Request. T & C's Apply

Those Christmas Letters This year has gone past in a flash. Suddenly we find it is December, and time to write to family and friends about the year’s happenings. Some people labour when they have to write letters. I remember chuckling to myself when I heard two sales ladies in a haberdashery shop talking about the annual letters they needed to write. The one was saying in distress to the other, “I have written the first paragraph but now I am stuck. I don’t know what else to say!” Where to start… what to say… One tip is to start with your good and cheery news, and end in an upbeat way. If you have anything sad or downbeat to talk about, put it in the middle. Then the person reading your letter is delighted to hear from you and happy when the letter finishes. In this way the sad news you shared with them is not the last memory they have of your yearly letter. Friends and family are mostly interested in personal news. How you are, what you have been

d Fitte rom 2 rs f Floo 95/m . 4 R13 Blinds All 10% Less • Blinds • Decorative Wall Paper • Laminate Floors • PVC Wood Wannabe Floor CK 2008/244890/23 - Al-Qaswa t/a Custom Wall & Floor Centre • Vinyl Floors Shop 12, 7/11 Crompton Street, Pinetown • Rubber Studded Mats Call for a Quote • Wall Sticker Décor Email:

031 701 3410

doing, how the family is progressing and what you aspire to do in the following year. Where you have been on holiday, how your garden is, or how you have redecorated the house. Funny incidents are always good to include. You can also use your right brain to help you. Do this by closing your eyes and watching your thoughts. In a very short time you will find your mind is empty of thoughts. Good! Now just put the thought Christmas letter into your head and wait. Your right brain will pour ideas into your head. Things you have forgotten but which help you write an interesting letter that paints a picture of your life and what you have been doing. Have fun when you write those Christmas letter! That way the reader getting your letter will have a smile on his or her face, be glad you wrote, and live in your world for a brief time. This is what letters do. Bring people together, share their happiness and lift their spirits as they remember you with pleasure!

Annerleys Brick-n-Block

Suppliers of Sand, Stone, Bricks & Blocks Call Suren Today 031 409 8743 or 084 490 9474 Email:


Interested in Generating Online Sales? Packages from R3000 Ex VAT (terms and conditions apply)

Advantages of ecommerce Fastest growing medium of doing business Extended reach to a global market Available 24 hours, 7 days a week For further information visit: or or

(031) 301 4797 or email



Historic Christmas Markets, held in cities, towns and villages throughout Europe, and are becoming increasingly more popular in KZN due, no doubt, to the enchanting Festive Season atmosphere they evoke. Instead of trawling the malls this year looking for Christmas gifts, why not go to a Christmas market? It’s much more fun and you’re bound to find something unique. You will also be supporting local entrepreneurs and artists. Another plus is that you can indulge in tasty market fare and locally brewed ale while you search!

KwaZulu-Natal Christmas markets Baynesfield Vintage Christmas Market

Where: Baynesfield Estate, Pietermaritzburg When: 9 December Tel 033-251-0001 • Do your Christmas shopping in an historical garden with background music from the bandstand. Quality crafts, plants and produce for sale as well as leatherwork and rattan weaving. There’ll be antique woodcrafters demonstrating their crafts, vintage tractors, cars and machinery. Kids will love the putt-putt, jumping castle and trailer rides.

Shongweni Farmers Christmas Market

When: 16th December Where: : Corner of Kassier and Alverstone Road, Gillitts, Times: 09h00 until 16h00 Cell 083-777-1674 • The perfect time to get something special for family and friends, the fabulous Shongweni Farmers Market is held annually on the 16th December in Gillitts, Durban. Featuring a range of hand-made crafts and Christmas decor, you're sure to find a gift for someone special on your list! Also well-known for its yummy food and fresh produce, this is a great spot to grab some breakfast before browsing for gifts. There’s plenty of activities for children, including sand art, jungle gyms and a petting zoo. Dogs (on leashes) are most welcome too.

South Coast Christmas Market

When: 14 December – 13 January Where: Douglas Mitchell Sports Grounds, Uvongo Times: 10h00 to 20h00. Cell 072-305-2585 • With over 200 stalls you can be assured there will be something for everyone. Choose from hundreds of creative and delightful products, including jewellery, toys, décor and gifts. Open every day (except 25 and 26 December) .

Hilton's Posh Market (Hilton)

When: Monday, 16 December 2013Where: Hilton Venue: Protea Hotel, Hilton Times: 09h00 until 16h00 Contact: Desiree on +27 (0)72 654-9779 for more information. This is your chance to complete your Christmas shopping from a delightful selection of locally crafted wares. Vendors will have a wide range of items available including but not limited to baked goodies, Belgian chocolates, cookware, pottery, jewellery, cheese, sausages, pickles, preserves, books, toys, clothing, plants, crafts, kitchen gadgets, duck, trout, dried fruit & nuts, handmade soap and herbal creams. There will be fun, activities and great shopping. Do not miss out on the opportunity to find great gifts for Christmas!

South Coast Summer Market

When : Saturday 10 to Friday 30 December Venue: St Michael’s Beach Times: 10h00 to 20h00. 039 315 6347 (mornings only) / 072 305 2585 Expect jewellery, toys, décor and gifts.

I Heart Market's Christmas markets

When : Saturday 3rd, 10th and 17th Venue: Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban Times: 09h00 to 14h00 Expect handcrafted goods and homemade treats.


KickstArt presents

Jack and the Beanstalk Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre: 29 November to 5 January

KickstArt rounds off the year with a fun-filled family romp: a brand new pantomime version of Jack and the Beanstalk, which comes to the Elizabeth Sneddon theatre from 29 November until 5 January. A glorious family pantomime has become a muchanticipated highlight in the annual Durban theatre calendar – KickstArt have been presenting wonderful family festive season shows for the past decade, this being their eighth annual panto. “This time, our panto is a real adventure story with boisterous chases, meddling baddies and great visual tricks which will appeal to the boys; and with such a strong, independent princess, and lots of magic, it will appeal to the girls too!” says Stead. Written and directed by Steven Stead, Jack and the Beanstalk stars the supremely talented Rory Booth in the title role, the cast also features Jessica Sole as his feisty love interest, Princess Jillian, Darren King as his long-suffering, eccentric mother, Flora Flatbroke, Liesl Coppin as his evil nemesis, Lady Perfidia Beastly, Shelley MacLean as the good fairy, Glissanda Goldenvox, and Peter Court and Bryan Hiles reprising their hilarious performances as the two incompetent crooks, Cecil and Claude, making a comeback after their demise in Robin Hood. The larger than life giant is being played with gusto by Lyle Buxton. Jack and the Beanstalk will run from 29 November to 5 January, with performances 2.30pm Tues-Sun and 7pm Sat at Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal. Booking for all KickstArt productions is through Computicket, and for block bookings of 10 or more, or sold performances, please contact

Ailsa Windsor of Going Places: 0832502690 or

A Golden Christmas with Dolphins

by Starlight at uShaka Marine World KwaZulu-Natal’s top musical talents and aquatic superstars will be going for gold this festive season at uShaka Marine World. Dolphins By Starlight – with shows on 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15 December - is a journey through time with golden oldies like the Christmas Song, Jingle Bells and Ave Maria, contemporary classics like Rocking Round the Christmas Tree, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe and carols like Silent Night, Oh come All Ye faithful and Hark the Herald Angels Sing Audience members both young and old can sit back and enjoy a 12 piece orchestra, the Bravo string quartet, Lauren Laing, Clive Gumede, Samantha Landers, Marion Lounden and one of South Africa’s favourite divas, Lelo Zondi, as well as special appearances by Jonathan Johansen (top 16 idols finalist 2013), Reece van Schalkwyk and Julia Sutton. This family entertainment extravaganza includes dancers as well as snow. uShaka Marine World’s dolphins will be adding their special magic - queens of splash Affrika, Tombi, Khanya and Zulu, Saltwater showmen Kepie, Jula, Khwezi, Ingelosi and show stopper Gambit. uShaka Marine World’s Ocean Warrior Mascots, Slippy the Seal, Rusty the Penguin, Raggy the Shark and Delia the Dolphin will also get festive. The show wraps up with an unforgettable Auld Lang Syne bagpipe solo. Dolphins by Starlight is produced and directed by Wayne R. Scott and choreography by Shelley Haggard. Durban theatre stalwart, Charon Williams Ross, is assistant director and musical direction is by Shem Mahabeer.

Tickets - R135 per adult and R110 for children under 13 – are available at Computicket or through uShaka ticketing on 031-3288000.

STER-KINEKOR LAUNCHES THE IMAX EXPERIENCE® at GATEWAY Flagship site. The New IMAX® theatre offers the most Immersive Cinematic Experience.

The opening of the impressive new theatre is the next progressive step in the Ster-Kinekor journey, as it continues to bring its audiences ‘Great Moments at their Greatest’. In support of this commitment, South Africa’s leading cinema chain is delighted to offer IMAX® at its flagship site at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping. The IMAX Experience® is the world’s most immersive cinematic experience - allowing audiences to enjoy the biggest blockbusters as never seen before. IMAX®’s cutting-edge projection system, which delivers crystal-clear im ages, coupled with IMAX®'s customised theatre design and powerful digital sound system, create a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie. Says Fiaz Mahomed, CEO of Ster-Kinekor Theatres: “We are confident that the time for IMAX® is now. We see its return as a wonderful opportunity for Ster-Kinekor to continue to deliver on its promise to bring the unrivalled power of the

cinema experience to our audiences. “The powerful IMAX® film slate will enable us to offer a wide selection of the world’s latest blockbuster titles from Hollywood and Bollywood, which is what our audiences expect to see on the massive IMAX screen. Bollywood films, in particular, continue to be an important focus market for us, particularly here in the greater Durban region,” commented Mahomed. “As Ster-Kinekor, we are focused on providing ongoing moments of ‘impact’ cinema – the element of surpri se, launching new sites to reach more audiences, new digital technologies that continue to enhance the cinema experience, delivering a best-in-class online booking facility and providing more personal communication with customers via our various social media platforms. We need to ensure that our audiences keep coming back to enjoy more great moments, and launching this IMAX® theatre is the next evolution in our journey.”

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Change Now Magazine - December 2013  
Change Now Magazine - December 2013