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PRIVATE BUSINESS ACADEMY Petrovianska 34, Prešov, Slovakia

Lenka Vančišinová 3. OA Annamária Dzurčaninová 2.LA

Basic information  The Private Business Academy was inaugurated on 1st September 1994.

 In the next six years, the school moved from Volgogradska street to Petrovianska street and began an extensive renovation.

 The first students left the school in June 1997.

Basic information The school has two departments: 1. 2.

Business Academy Economic Lyceum

There are following forms of study: ďƒ˜ ďƒ˜

Daily study of primary school graduates in the division of Economic Lyceum Daily study of primary school graduates in the division of Business Academy

Basic information Besides standard classrooms there are also the following ones in the school:  The class of information science with the Internet connection  The class of administration and correspondence  The class for language teaching equipped with modern audio-visual aids  The class for economic practice equipped with the computer facilities  The fitness center  The school canteen with the possibilities of refreshments and regular food serving

Business Academy  Business academy is a very popular field of study. Except standard general subjects two foreign languages are being taught.

 To the most important subjects belong accounting, economic exercises, work with the economic agenda and its administration on computer.

 Students receive regular practice in a variety of private and public organizations, banks and government institutions and local authorities.

 In the last school year the department curriculum passed an extensive renovation and now it is fully adapted to the latest knowledge in the areas which are focused.

Economic Lyceum  Study is a combination of general basic grammar school curriculum with specialisation of Business Academy. This field of study was opened in Slovakia as a pilot project only by our school. This field of study is compatible with a similar type of study in member states of European Union.

 In the first and second class general subjects such as foreign languages, mathematics, physics, chemistry, civics are predominant.

 The second half of study is more professionally focused on economic subjects such as accounting, economic exercises and practical application of the business agenda - economic exercises in training firm.

Employment of the graduates Business Academy:   

In companies as secretaries, business officers, accountants, financial officers In government In banking and insurance

Economic Lyceum:   

In any economic and administrative work In public administration, government, contribution, financial and other non-profit organizations Academic study of economic and legal direction

School leaders

The Headmaster Mgr. Juraj Kredátus, PhD.

The Founder Andrej Šoltys

Mária Šoltys-Záthurecká Financial administrator

Teaching staff

Mgr.Milota Kallová Mathematics

Ing. Viera Martinková Economics, Accounting

Mgr. Richard Pisarský Administration, Informatics

Teaching staff

Mgr. Lenka Krajňaková English, Business English

Mgr. Jana Tomášová Slovak, Rhetoric, Ecology, Ethics

Mgr. Martin Škutka German, Geography, PE

School area

School interior

School interior

School interior

School interior

School activities

Football tournament Welcome To Our Region

School activities

Model European Parliament

History competition

Students´ successes

School projects

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Petrovianska 34, Prešov, SlovakiaPetrovianska34,Prešov,Slovakia Lenka VančišinováLenkaVančišinová 3. OA3.OA Annamária DzurčaninováAnnamáriaD...