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Sony Creative Primary 2

Ballnion Escape by Soh Yan Xi (2A)

Jumping Card by Geraldine Sim (2A)

Rubber Band Powered Army Tank by Zachariah Loy (2A)

Marble Down! Down! by Lim Zhao Yi Kiera (2A)

Twist, Turn & Race by Ayden Chan (2A)

Rubber Band Powered Car by Rex Tay (2A)

Marble Maze by Desmund Loo (2A)

Spinning Light by Ng Isis (2B)


Avoid The Trap by Elias Lee (2B)

Ping Pong Ball by S. Annushree (2B)

Looping Aeroplane Floating Boat by S. Akshaaye (2B)

Spinner Musical Romance by Joey Gui (2C)

Shooting Stars by Jovan Tan (2C)

Sponge Bob Square Pants 1 by Wai Yi Xuan (2C)

Fishing Magnets by Fion Tang (2D)

Galieen T-fall by Ng Jun Han (2D)

Straw Rubber Band Shooter by Mah Ti Yi (2D)

Motor by Lee Jing Yuan (2D)

Balloon Car by Liang Wenfeng Yoshi (2D)

Ship by Liang Kai Yang (2D)

Rolling Ball by Tham Ming Cher (2E)

Rainbow Harp by Lim Yi Ming Addison (2E)

Give Me a Ride! by Joshua Ong Joon Fong (2E)

F-15 Glider by Joben Nazarene Nicholas Wee (2E)

See-Saw by Andrea Loh (2E)

Bulldozer by Tan Woon Teck (2F)

Ball Catcher by Goh Yi Xuan Eunice (2F)

Jack in The Box by Fang Yi Xin Caris (2F)

Boat Puppet by Valena Juan Miguel De Guzman (2F)

The Sticky Magnet of Moving by Cheong Jun Meng (2F)

Eye Ball Shoot Out & Air Golf by Theodore Zion Ong Xian (2G)

We-Wee Slide by Ang Yi Kai (2H)

Low-Gravity Toy by Wong Yu Qing Skyler (2H)

Lucky Box by Rachel Leem (2H)

Bright Moon by Gretchen Tan Shermayne Neo (2H)

Narrow Maze by Phua Jia Wei Hannah (2H)

Colourful Helicopter by Tan Le Hong Dylan & Tan Jun Yuan (2I)

Thunder by Tan Guan Ying (2I)

Let’s Play: Twist, Turn & Tumble by Tan Jun Yuan (2I)